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Gun found after 'tense incident' downtown

If they were interfering with police business, or making terroristic threats, then charge them with that. Of course LPD would have to come up with the evidence. "Unlawful assembly" just seems like another step along the road towards a police state. That may be a goal for LPD and its supporters, but I don't want to live there!

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Gun found after 'tense incident' downtown

"Unlawful assembly"? So any time LPD want to arrest two or more people they can come up with this? I never knew standing on the street with a group of friends was unlawful activity. Only in Lawrence!

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Illegal immigrants discovered during traffic stop

How can anyone, or why should anyone, defend their ancestors' actions? I am sure that some of your ancestors, as well as mine, committed hideous acts, that today we would all condemn. But should we all be punished for those things that were done by people we never met and perhaps only have a few genes in common with?

We live in the present and as such can only affect the future, not the past.

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Illegal immigrants discovered during traffic stop

Hate? No hate. I would just like my kids to be able to have the opportunities I have had. Opportunities that you and I have worked for.

Think of the country as your pension. You spend a lifetime paying in and then just before you retire the company says to you that some guy who has never paid a cent into the pension is going to share your payout. So instead of $2000 month you are now going to have $1000 a month. What do you say? Great, we need diversity? Or might you say that it's not fair because the guy never paid anything? You don't hate the guy, but you would do all you could to guarantee he doesn't get a penny of your income.

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Illegal immigrants discovered during traffic stop

Anyone born here had no choice in their history and is rightfully American. Anyone not born here made a willful decision to come here and take advantage of our economy. And we are stupid enough to let them!

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Illegal immigrants discovered during traffic stop

There is no reason for any foreigner to be here. If this continues we will not recognise our country in 20 years.

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Helpful report

Let's all thank the snitch!

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Female teacher charged with taking aggravated indecent liberties with a minor

I'm surprised she got involved with anyone - she seems to be really into herself!

"About Me: i am really cool.

Who I Want to Meet: someone like me, only better."

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D.A. clears detective in shooting

Goldenboy - being highly respected in the LPD is hardly a badge of honor. You have only to ask what would have happened if you or I had cowered behind a car and shot a disturbed woman DEAD as she came out of her home shouting? That's right - we'd be getting the Squire inquisition and then be spending spring in the county jail.

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Niagara's typos

And this trash wins awards? Pathetic!

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