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State seeking proposal to develop resort at Clinton Lake State Park

Interesting how the administration doesn't take any of KU, Lawrence, or Douglas County's other concerns seriously. But if there's a chance to turn a profit (from this thread, it sounds like a slim chance) they're on it!

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Report says schools underfunded $657 million in FY 2015

If that were the case, wouldn't the estimate be much higher than $657 million?

That's about $225 per Kansan.

Without the state's recent irresponsible tax increase on the poor to pay for even larger tax cuts for the wealthy, the state would have enough to pay for it.

Your Detroit comparison is ill-fitting and lazy.

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Regents blast higher education budget cuts approved by Legislature, say tuition will increase, call on Brownback to veto portion of cuts

Is Lawrence really underperforming Topeka?

Not that you would really care, I understand you are just on here to get your frustrations out about people who you don't agree with.

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Regents blast higher education budget cuts approved by Legislature, say tuition will increase, call on Brownback to veto portion of cuts

Considering "anticommunist" has not left the 1950s, it probably doesn't acknowledge the fact that the state funds a much smaller percentage of the higher education institutions in Kansas than it did back when communism could credibly be called a threat.

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Kansas science and math teachers easily recruited away

Like wrecking the economy with toxic hedge funds?

Many of those people even enjoy the benefit of the carried interest tax loophole (and others) that Republicans fight so hard to defend.

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Legislature makes no progress; Brownback leaves state to tout tax cuts

Illinois is also "ripe" in the sense that it is full of wealth. Just like many of the other blue states whose Federal taxes basically subsidize those red states that take more from the Federal government than they contribute.

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KU makes sudden change in Statehouse presence

Did you notice this part?:
"Damron started lobbying for KU in 2005 and has helped guide through the Legislature numerous initiatives including expansion of the School of Pharmacy, increasing the number of engineering graduates, the annual $5 million appropriation for the KU Cancer Center, and many others."

If the state wasn't giving out multi-thousand dollar tax cuts to the wealthiest of the wealthiest Kansans, we could begin to make more investments in our state's education system like other states and countries have begun to do again since the Great Recession.

But with the current lot in Topeka, I doubt it. The benefits of cutting theirs and their buddy's taxes are just easier to grasp.

I mean, is a University going to write them a reelection check? Are college students going to buy them a vacation?

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Senate approves bill banning use of tax dollars to advocate for gun control

Right, but current law allows local governments to place restrictions on gun use in their jurisdiction, and this would prevent representatives of local governments to lobby against efforts to change those laws. (Local governments in the United States had an almost unchallenged ability to restrict firearms until 2008's Heller decision. In recent Kansas history, it has become more limited, but local communities still have some leeway to reflect local values in their policies.)

It's very strange that you seem to think the right to bear firearms, which has only been recognized for a couple hundred years, to supercede the right of local representatives to freely voice their interests before the central government--a speech that would seem to be more fundamental.

Perhaps local governments should be fully funded by local taxes. But that would require a major overhaul of government in the state.

In the meantime, it's probably best to simply let local governments freely voice their interests before the state government without declaring any topics "taboo".

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