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Yoder fares poorly in wealth ranking

Hi Kevin,

I chose them because they are the most nationally well-known members in the top ten.

Aaron Couch

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Mother gets probation for role in child abuse case


Here is an earlier story. He plead guilty back in October:

Aaron Couch

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Are fathers more involved in daily family life today than when you were young?

Sorry, our mistake. The poll is now open.

Aaron Couch

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What is your favorite Christmas carol?

They were native Kansans back in town for the holidays.

Aaron Couch

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Suspect in shooting at bar parking lot arrested

When the police were discussing the incident on the police scanner, they used the McDonalds as the reference point. That's why it was used in the story.

Aaron Couch

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County Commission clears way for Sadies Lake Addition plans

The property is owned by a group that includes architect Mike Treanor and Doug Compton, a Lawrence businessman.

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Woman flown to hospital after stabbing

We'll keep asking for more information, but have been told it may be until Monday until police have more to share with us.

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City hopes to land more retirees

You can find more information about the push to attract retirees, here:

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PETA members provide unusual reminder about importance of spaying and neutering pets

Thanks for the comment. I should have mentioned this, but PETA accounts for the babies those babies will eventually have, and on down the line through the generations.

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Two Leavenworth men arrested in connection with gunfire near convenience store

Thanks, the headline has been changed.

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