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Second dog confirmed dead following Lawrence kennel fire; owner describes horror of finding out

Yes. She was doing her job, and I don't fault her for that.

But why does *her* doing *her* job require that people dealing with serious issues themselves have to make the time to help her do that job???

Like it or not, the alleged "public's right to know" does *not* mean the public has a "right" to know *EVERYTHING* matter how frickin' curious, i.e. nosy "the public" may happen to be. And, like it or not, this alleged "right" to know also most certainly does *not* supersede everything else.

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Judge dismisses suit over Kansas science standards

Well, they used to argue that Barry Setterfield’s "c-decay"/decaying/variable speed of light theory" explained it...until he himself admitted that his "theory" was wrong. Speaking of which, I particularly liked a comment in an article that said "Setterfield’s theory of light is not the scientific revolution he wants it to be. At best, it is a light comedy" :-)

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Few Kansas welfare applicants tested for drugs

Considering that you, yourself, have started insulting others here, perhaps *you* should answer that question?

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Kansas has lower private-sector job growth than U.S. as a whole

Right. Sure. 14 years compared to 22 months. That's a "really" appropriate comparison. NOT :-(

And, oh gee, darn...those "states that don't tax income" that grew by 15% over 14 years? They grew by only 5.78% over 22 months. I wonder what you want us to assume from that???

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Kansas has lower private-sector job growth than U.S. as a whole even the article you linked to pointed out...Amazon *did* open the warehouse in Coffeyville in order to *AVOID* taxes.

And they are closing the warehouse *now* simply because they've decided it's inconveniently located and the tax avoidance is *NO LONGER* worth the cost of the distance anymore.

But doesn't that tell you something REALLY important about Kansas today??? Maybe tell you something like "while the tax policies are changing...Kansas is STILL inconveniently located"???

Frankly, simply eliminating state business taxes on all corporations but C corps is NOT "setting a policy to enable businesses..." Quite the contrary. Businesses GROW because of increased demand...and cutting businesses taxes does NOT automatically increase customer demand. Indeed, often those lost taxes must be replaced by reducing the disposable income of potential customers...and that is NOT an intelligent tax policy.

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Kansas has lower private-sector job growth than U.S. as a whole

He apparently doesn't realize that there has to be something for those additional workers to do before businesses will hire them.

I sincerely doubt that *you* have ever hired anyone just to sit on their thumbs and twiddle. I know darned well that *I* never have :-)

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Proposed apartment building near KU seeks another parking exemption from City Hall; WOW in negotiations to keep Discovery Channel; city to host food/toy drive Monday

"Ridiculous obstructions from the Planning Department"??? Just what "ridiculous obstructions" are you referring to? Personally, I think we can justifiably point our fingers at another source for our "cost" problems.

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Editorial: Sobering report

Yup. I would LOVE Dolph to tell us truthfully all about the "sound, respectable retailers who would employ thousands and pay millions in taxes". But I won't hold my breath.

Does he truly not know that retail wages rank at the bottom of the income scale??? So it doesn't matter how many we have. The pay still SUCKS.

Or does he truly not know that those "thousands" (yeah, right, Dolph) of jobs are not thousands of NEW jobs but, rather, jobs simply moved from one set of retailers to another?

And has he truly missed the negative aspects of the constant 'give us millions in tax breaks over decades or we won't come/build/hire here" requests we've been getting? Promises of job creation that NEVER happen...with no penalty to the businesses who got the tax breaks BASED on those claims?

Does he really think we should cave in to even more of this nonsense???

Well, those were stupid questions. Of course he knows. Because he truly doesn't care that giving away the farm in order to buy a couple of chickens is *NOT* a good deal for the farm long as *he* isn't the farm owner and *he* gets a farm for those two frickin' chickens.

But, hey. Dolph almost hit my car last year because he apparently didn't think a stop sign applied to *him*. After all, while there was a vehicle stopped in front of him (the vehicle whose turn it was), the fact that *he* had also stopped behind it surely meant that he, too, got to drive right through the stop sign without taking turns at the 4-way stop.

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Letter: Not 'marriage'

Actually,you need to do some more research about marriage because marriage as a contractual relationship long precedes religious wedding ceremonies and the role (if any) of churches.

But you do make some good points.

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Letter: Not 'marriage'

Don't you mean "Tradition, Mr. COOK...", not Mr. Herbert???

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