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Letter to the editor: Christian values

What part of "I know more about the Bible than these self righteous low lives" are you missing, Richard?

Oh. Wait. Perhaps you believe that EVERYONE...yourself a self righteous lowlife, in which case you'd be correct in thinking that Dorothy was saying that she knew the Bible better than anyone else.

But that is NOT what Dorothy actually said so, unless you truly believe that everyone, including you, is a self-righteous lowlife, you're misinterpreting what Dorothy CLEARLY said.

Oh! And you wrote "You absolutely said in this space that you have read the Bible many times". Would you please show us where she said THAT???

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Opinion: Trump’s foreign policy lacks clarity

And just how do you plug a "hole" with another hole???

Indeed, just what "hole" do you think Trump has plugged? How about you name one. Just one. And I mean PLUGGED.

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Lawmaker wants Amber Alert-type system for missing foster children

I wonder just how profitable it is for those private agencies that operate the foster care system in Kansas to not mention those missing kids.

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Letter to the editor: Family values?

There's nothing misguided about it. You sound like the sort of person who would have been trying to block black kids from going to school with whites because the bible calls them "mud people"...except that it doesn't.

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Letter to the editor: Family values?

And it's so weird that so many of those Christian denominations are saying that *they* are the one true whatever.

Heck, I remember being told by a couple of people from Mustard Seed that it's wonderful that I've accepted Christ (I haven't - I just said I had for purposes of curiosity), but that I'm not truly saved unless I do it through Pastor Whoever at Mustard Seed. I even made them repeat their claim and asked if they were serious.

They gave me this convoluted "argument" to justify their position. I asked them to point out where the bible says any such thing. They began citing verses and twisted them together in a manner supposedly intended to make their point. So I asked them where the bible mentions Lawrence. They couldn't...and left.

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Letter to the editor: Family values?

Thank god for the First Amendment and the protections it offers against so-called "Christians" who behave faaaaar more like Pharisees than they do Christ.

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Letter to the editor: Family values?

P. Allen MacFarlane DID NOT SAY that the Declaration of Independence used "god" instead of "God". Sure sounds like you're bearing false witness to me.

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Journal-World unveiling revamped comics section

You could have gotten rid of "Classic Charlie Brown" and kept "Pearls Before Swine" and "Off the Mark". could have done what you've done before and ASKED US!!!

And PRINCE VALIANT??? Good God. I doubt 1% of your readers would have chosen THAT hoary old strip. It was dull 60 years ago when I was a kid!

And why on earth do we need a second Sudoku puzzle??? Or that "educational" page" right in the middle of the comics. Just because it won an award for "best newspaper illustrations" doesn't mean it belongs with the comics.

I know you're trying to save money. But giving us garbage without even asking? Come on.

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Letter to the editor: A few questions

I think #12 should probably read "Is abortion a good solution for stupid questions?"

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Letter to the editor: Free individuals

Apparently Mr. Reynolds doesn't realize that he, himself, is intolerant of dissenting views. Based on what he's written here, he certainly doesn't want the media expressing ANYTHING that he disagrees with...and is willing to give it ALL up in order to avoid the possibility of dissension.

Yet he thinks that's "free individualism:??? How bizarre. Of course it isn't...because, among other things, it requires that everyone agree about everything. And that will NEVER happen. Not with human beings at any rate.

Mr. Reynolds doesn't want to be disagreed with. OK. He can want that. It's his right. But that doesn't mean that it's his due. Or that the rest of us must cater to Mr. Reynold's bizarre view of "free individualism" or any other views he might have. He's entitled to his own opinion. He's just not entitled to everyone else's, too.

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