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Letter: Wrong focus

We already did. Apparently you missed it. But that's what happens when there's nothing bad to be found. At least as far as Hillary goes.

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Your Turn: Medicaid expansion deserves discussion

Hey Barb. You and I could make a fortune selling tap water as a miracle cure "using age-old technology and know-how to deliver the cures Big Pharma has been hiding from the people". We could call it the Essence of Nostrums. Whaddya think?

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Kansas tax collections $7M below expectations last month

Maybe Brownback will argue that it's those darned atheists' fault for banning Christmas?

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Lawmakers moving quickly to balance budget

They aren't liberals either. Whatever THAT is.

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Your Turn: Medicaid expansion deserves discussion

We do...via our federal tax dollars. BUT!!! If we don't expand Medicaid, OTHER states get the benefit of OUR tax dollars while we get more closed hospitals and fewer insured people. Does that really seem like an intelligent thing for us to do?

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Women's wear 'distracts' state lawmakers

I continue to find it amazing that women continue to be blamed for men's dirty minds.

As an aside, wasn't there something in the Sermon on the Mount about "If thine eye offend thee, pluck it out"...referring to the eye of the BEHOLDER??? Hmmm.

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Letter: Prisoners’ fate

And *I* can't believe how ignorant you are!

How do you know they're terrorists, Mary Ann??? *NONE* have ever been charged with anything. Or tried for anything.

Heck, in one case a month ago, the DOD finally admitted, after 13 frickin' years, that one prisoner being held at Gitmo all that time was "guilty" of only having a similar name to the REAL person they were after.

According to you, though, he not only "deserved" the imprisonment and torture he received, but he should have been killed, too...for simply having a similar name.

Of course, he's STILL stuck at Gitmo, even though he's been cleared. But *you* would STILL have him killed. No "innocent until proven guilty" nonsense for Mary Ann Kieffer. Heck, no. Kill 'em all!!!

I sure hope you don't consider yourself to be a "Christian".

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Letter: Rising costs

Perhaps you could stop using Bernie Sanders' own website for "proof" that anything he says is true?

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Letter: Rising costs

We don't NEED tort reform!! That's just been an excuse. Heck, Texas passed tort reform in 2003 and the results have been extensively studied:

"A major study of the Texas civil justice system and its implementation of caps conclusively proves that caps do not lower healthcare costs by eliminating physician’s perceived need to practice “defensive medicine.”

In 2003, Texas adopted “tort reform” through a one-size-fits-all cap on medical malpractice victim compensation. The June, 2012 study compared Medicare spending trends in Texas and the nation and found “no evidence of reduced spending in Texas post-reform, and some evidence that physician spending rose in Texas relative to control states.”

The study also compared spending in Texas counties that had relatively high rates of medical malpractice claims (“high risk counties”) and counties with low rates of claims (“low risk counties”). The authors “found no evidence that spending levels or trends in high-risk counties declined relative to low-risk counties and some evidence of increased physician spending in high-risk counties” post-tort reform.

The study also found that caps did not increase the supply of doctors. From 2003-2010, Texas’ physician/population ratio increased 3.4%, compared to New York’s 4.2%. In 2003, Texas had the nation’s 42nd lowest physician-to-population ratio. In 2009, its ratio sank to the 44th lowest. In contrast, New York, a state without caps, had the nation’s 4th highest physician-to-population ration in both 2003 and 2009.

A 2011 study by Public Citizen on the impact of caps in Texas found that *after Texas enacted caps* [emphasis mine], both Medicare expenditures and health insurance premiums in that state rose faster than the national average. Furthermore, the percentage of Texans who lacked health insurance increased. In 2010, a major study of Medicare spending and medical malpractice claim rates in Texas after the enactment of caps concluded: “In sum, we find no evidence that Texas’ 2003 tort reforms ‘bent the cost curve’” and, “We thus offer evidence that those interested in a magic bullet that will limit the growth of heath care spending should look elsewhere.”
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Letter: Rising costs

I feel I need to point out that obesity is NOT just "caused" by being poor or eating too much.

The fact is that numerous medications, for example,can have a side effect of significant weight gain. Certain types of insulin, for example. Or certain antihistamines and blood pressure medications. Then, of course, there are medications for the treatment of a variety of mental illnesses. Medications I've even seen advertised on Elavil or Zoloft and Paxil.

So don't just blame obesity on diet. Or poverty.

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