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Letter: Poor service

Why are you calling people names because *you* made a math error? It's not like the rest of us haven't made them ourselves. There's nothing shameful about it. Or wrong with saying "whoops" and revising your percentage.

As far as other people's money, you know darned well that *you* gain from other people's money yourself. That's how an economy works.

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Saturday Column: Release of KU emails is academic freedom issue

And you actually know, for a fact, that "Loomis covertly advised the democrat candidate for governor last fall"

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Opinion: Insurance choice leads to charity plea

i just wish Pitts hadn't suggested people make *any* sort of monetary donation whatsoever since the guy has already made the money needed for his eye surgery.

But, then,. it *was* fun seeing how he got *no* financial support from conservatives and even admitted it. Of course, those conservatives agree with the rest of us that this jerk should have gotten insurance in the first place. (Apparently he thought that "you can't be turned down for a pre-existing condition" overruled the "you can only buy this insurance at certain times of the year unless you *had* insurance and recently lost it" restriction.)

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In honor of National Police Week, local law enforcement members share their career experiences

Well, why weren't *you* out there protesting their deaths??? Why weren't white groups organizing demonstrations? Why wasn't Bill O'Reilly or Sean Hannity or Mike Huckabee speaking in outrage at the scene and calling for change? Hmmm.

BTW, the Kansas trooper who died? He had a heart attack. We're supposed to be outraged by heart attacks...why??? And, as an aside, while Obama was in Kansas, he *did* mention the loss of Officer Mike Kern. Oh gee, darn.

If you truly want to know what our society has come to, how about you look in the mirror while you complain and blame others, and do nothing yourself to make things better.

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What comes to mind when you think of British culture?

Dr. Who and the Queen,.

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Douglas County says Kobach was not shown favoritism in building case; failure to be strict on building codes was result of new, unwritten policy

I agree with people who think that it's time Craig Weinaug be removed from his position.

He doesn't think he has to discuss significant rules changes with at least the county board of construction code appeals? He doesn't think he has to put code,rules, and enforcement changes in writing? And he doesn't think that people need to follow the same rules? Gimme a break.

I would also suggest that Jim Sherman start looking elsewhere. He seems like a puppet with a bit of an ego-problem of his own. Turning down Green's complaint without even mentioning it to the appeals board?

And I also hope that Sarah Plinsky NOT be considered for Weinaug's position. (Of course, she could be having GREAT difficulties trying to find pre-Kobach special cases through no fault of her own, but she sounded like she doesn't see what the problem is.)

Indeed, perhaps the County Commissioners need to put some more things VERY clearly in writing...since Weinaug seems to have gotten the idea that this is his fiefdom and he reports to no one.

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Opinion: Huckabee an embarrassment to GOP

What an incredibly odd so very many ways. The NYT article? The UK election? And you see "proof" in this...why??? Of course, wishful thinking is just matter how much some folks wish it were true.

Frankly, as a lifelong Eisenhower Republican, I agree that today's Republicans should "move away from social issues and stay on point with the economy". But do you REALLY think that's gonna happen?? I sure as heck wish it would...but I'm not going to hold my breath.

P.S. It sure sounds like you don't understand why Carly was fired by the board.

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A prominent goodbye sign from defunct Payless Furniture that labels Lawrence 'Obamaville' and much more

Except that nobody will know *his* name...just the name "Payless Furniture"...which is a name used by TONS of different cut-rate furniture stores, so it won't help *him* at all.

May 11, 2015 at 6:07 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

A prominent goodbye sign from defunct Payless Furniture that labels Lawrence 'Obamaville' and much more

Actually, ignoring the fact that freedom of speech is not unlimited and does have restrictions, I have to agree...though perhaps not the way you meant.

After all, people will google and people will find...and Bob Fyfe may just, himself, find that *his* freedom of speech has blown up in his face. Who knows. I can only hope :-)

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