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Saturday Column: Education needs stronger champions in Kansas

After reading many, many years of Dolph's columns, I'm convinced that the only REAL reason behind all these complaints is that he's annoyed that he still hasn't been named a Regent.

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Opinion: U.S. has better options in Iran nuclear talks

Krauthammer writes to frighten people. Not necessarily because of legitimate threats, mind you, but simply to create boogeymen. I wonder how much of his claptrap he really believes.

He describes Iran as "the most rogue of rogue regimes: radically anti-American, deeply jihadist, purveyor of terrorism from Argentina to Bulgaria, puppeteer of a Syrian regime that specializes in dropping barrel bombs on civilians".

Of course, he doesn't mention that he is being deliberately misleading. No mention of Hezbollah...the terrorist organization committing these acts of "terrorism from Argentina to Bulgaria". No mention of Israel...Iran's REAL target. He just wants to frighten Americans into fearing Iran personally and, what? Dropping our *own* barrel bombs on civilians?

Then, the very next sentence in his depiction of evil Iran is "In fact, the Iranian regime just this week, at the apex of these nuclear talks, staged a spectacular attack on a replica U.S. carrier near the Strait of Hormuz." EXCUSE ME???

There was no "attack". Rather, there was a theatrical performance during their war games showing Iranian troops in 100 speed boats armed with rockets, shoulder-launched missiles and mortars shooting at an utterly fake unmanned, unarmed plywood and cardboard US carrier replica, as well as cruise missiles striking this fragile make-believe model. It was "spectacular" only in the sense that fireworks displays on the 4th of July are spectacular. And he wants us to get worked about about that...why???

The Iranian bluster that followed included claims that this performance was "the most important concern of the Americans." and "We have the most advanced sea mines which cannot be imagined by the Americans." And Krauthammer fell for it hook, line and sinker.

So he writes from a position of fear...and wants us to share that fear. Wants us to continue to believe that we can, somehow, control the actions of the world...if only we listen to the likes of Charles Krauthammer. Unfortunately, he fails to see that he is literally is giving Iran what they want...fear from America.

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Opinion: U.S. foreign policy faces strategic paralysis

And just why does Krauthammer think the US has "any moral claim to world leadership"???

We are *not* the world's leader. We are NOT, nor should we be, the world's policeman. And, regardless of all our current claims to "American exceptionalism", we are *not* better than everyone else. (After all, that's not what "American exceptionalism" actually refers to.)

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Opinion: Tax policies damage Kansas

But you weren't talking about the cost of education spending. Your post specifically referred to the cost of HIGHER education...which only refers to post-secondary, i.e. post-K-12 education.

The fact is that the cost of public K-12 education since 1981 has barely doubled nationwide in the last 33 years. Heck, in 2013, Kansas' spending on public K-12 education was down by 16.5% since 2008.

Still want to claim that "education spending" can't be sustainable? Or would you like to clarify your claim?

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Opinion: Tax policies damage Kansas

Just what we need...not.

Private roads quickly become toll roads. Otherwise, there's no money to be made from them. So how are unprofitable roads maintained? Well, you apparently don't care...unless, of course, they're roads that *you* use.

And public schools quickly become private schools. Schools where the wealthier can afford to send their children, while the children of the poor become less and less educated in a never-ending descending cycle. And do you assume you'll be among the upper class? You might be surprised. In a feudal world, after all, there is no middle class.

Like it or not, there is such a thing as "the public good", and privatization does *not* work for "the public good".

And claiming that "on the market, capital flows to areas where society determines it is most needed" is irrelevant when it comes to "the public good". After all, "most needed" often means "most desired", not most necessary.

So, nope. You did NOT fix the budget or solve the funding problem. You merely decided to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

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Saturday Column: Congressional debates reflect lack of trust in Obama

Well, obviously it's because "climate change" is a hoax :-)

You enjoy the day, too! After all, it's Valentine's Day! I hope yours is as good as mine :-)

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Saturday Column: Congressional debates reflect lack of trust in Obama

"...leftists only mimicked what their leaders tell them to say"??? What a joke!!. Now your post below REALLY makes sense!!

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Saturday Column: Congressional debates reflect lack of trust in Obama

Well, there's certainly a legal difference between having to obey his laws and being obligated to be held responsible for his actions. And *that* is what applies here.

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Saturday Column: Congressional debates reflect lack of trust in Obama

Thanks for letting me know!

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Saturday Column: Congressional debates reflect lack of trust in Obama

I like that phrase..."indictment by question system". I shall definitely remember it (and probably "steal" it. :-)

Of course, we both know that Dolph never proposes anything concrete because he has no idea of what that should be.

So, instead of admitting that world leaders are often put between a rock and a hard place...of admitting that there rarely are easy answers...he comes up with meaningless remarks like "it would be great for the country if, by his actions, he could play the role of a statesman rather than a highly partisan politician" -- demonstrating to all of us that he not only doesn't have a clue what the term "statesman" means but also that he's utterly fine with the Members of Congress being highly partisan politicians. And he doesn't see a thing wrong with that. Yup. "There are none so blind as those who will not see".

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