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Lawrence Superintendent Doll answers questions about mail-ballot election on local option budget

Well, since it's not going to INCREASE our taxes, my husband and I are going to vote to continue paying that "extra" $14 or so a year.

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Opinion: America’s spirit in need of revival

By the, from 2004 in his own words, is Cal's description of *his* military service:

"In 1965, I enlisted in the Army in order to avoid the draft because I was told the chances of getting a good assignment (non-combat) were greater for enlistees than for draftees. <b>I pulled some strings </b> [emphasis mine] and was assigned to Armed Forces Radio and Television in New York where I fought Commies at Broadway and West 57th Street. When the bureau closed and moved to Washington, lower ranking enlisted men like me were to be shipped to Vietnam, not to serve in combat roles but to broadcast to troops from Saigon, which I was already doing from New York.

"I was married with kids by then and had served about half the time I had promised the Army when I signed up. I requested and received an early and honorable discharge."

So Cal did everything he could do to avoid making any actual sacrifice for his country, but that was OK for *him* to do. But those people who were born 3 or 4 years after him? Those damn selfish, greedy baby boomers. How dare THEY???

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Opinion: America’s spirit in need of revival

Here is a very interesting commentary from one of the .01%ers. Cal ought to read it...but he won't.

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Opinion: America’s spirit in need of revival

Personally, I see no need for us to be an "empire".

And, while Cal rails against everyone, the "wealth and power, selfishness, love of money" becomes concentrated in fewer and fewer hands. Yet he seems wants to blame the masses for the results.

Cal seems to have forgotten that we *had* a draft during Vietnam...and we lost *that* war, too. My gosh. We waste *our* money on pointless wars while other countries spend *their* money on better things cuz they know we'll do it. And who benefits? The holders of the wealth and power...yet, again, he wants to blame the masses.

Typical "empire" nonsense.

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Opinion: ‘Unbroken’ film misses key plot point

Cal apparently doesn't realize that Zamperini was talking about the FILM not forcing religion down people's throats...which is actually true. After all, Zamperini's comment was *not* about Zamperini finding religion for himself.

But,'s Cal. Why should I be surprised that Cal should get so caught up in trying to proselytize.that *he* misses the key point.

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TV options abound for cord-cutters, old-school and newfangled alike

I'm truly very glad *you* have had good luck,. Leslie.

We, on the other hand, are sooooo tired of having our cable TV cut out for no reason several times a night (and we have their most expensive package!) and having to talk to someone located in another state who has no suggestions whatsoever.

And Internet access??? Our formerly dependable wireless ALSO cuts out regularly...but not for both our computers at the same time - even though they're only 4 feet apart! Plus we've now had to set up static IPs for our printer because it almost *never* would print anymore wirelessly. (We NEVER had these problems with either Knology or Sunflower. And our equipment is all pretty new.)

And, when talking to friends, THEY have had the same problems and are just as annoyed at WOW as we are! (We've walked countless people through setting up that static IP for their printers lately.)

Plus it's gotten more and more expensive...and now we're told prices are going up even more! We're sorry, but a 10% increase? Anyway, Steve and I are looking into alternatives. (Our daughter has already given us access to her Netflix.)

So, again, I'm really glad that *you* are happy with WOW. But they're already planning on cutting 9% of their staff, which doesn't bode well for the future...including their customer service.

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Editorial: Downtown grocer

Except that the proposed store would NOT eliminate a food desert. And it would charge the poor a higher sales tax. Hmmm.

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Editorial: Downtown grocer

That map actually makes ZERO sense to me. It looks like it's saying that the existing Dillons store at 18th and Mass. is, itself, in a food desert!

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Brownback announces $280 million in allotment cuts to fill budget shortfall

Did anyone else notice that the Secretary of State's office is only being cut by a measly $880???

The Department for Children and Families loses $3,980,880. Aging and Disabilities loses $599,235. And, as was already mentioned, the horribly short-staffed Sept. of Correction is losing $153,000.

But Kris Kobach loses less than $1,000 bucks. Wanna bet, though, that he'll keep wasting money on lawsuits?

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Downtown Lawrence grocery store in the works for 11th and Massachusetts

Personally I'd like to see an explanation of their parking plan diagram, including showing an overlay of the current 11th St. configuration with turn lanes, etc....or at least a comparison between the existing and proposed parking setup.

Frankly, the Checker's parking proposal seems incredibly odd for 11th St. since it takes up the entire north Mass. to New Hampshire block, apparently ignoring the existing turn lanes, crosswalks, and the fact that there is currently NO parking there on the north side.

Sure. They *may* be planning on cutting the new spots out of Compton property. But there's no guarantee that they *will*...or that their plan actually takes into consideration vehicles backing out into oncoming traffic, particularly traffic moving into a turn lane.

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