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Letter: Clinton lie

*YOU* just lied. *YOU*!!!

For shame! For shame! How *dare* you???

P.S. You're probably thinking of BILL Clinton, who had his license to practice suspended for 5 years in Arkansas and was prohibited from practicing in front of SCOTUS.

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Letter: Prices out of step

Right, because learning how to safely carry and handle a gun is SUCH an imposition.

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Letter: Clinton lie

My point was that it was none of our business, so he shouldn't have been on the TV in the first place.

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Saturday Column: Provost’s exit raises questions about KU leadership

I've always thought he wanted to be a Regent and was ticked off because he was never even considered, much less chosen. Regardless, you're definitely right that his nose is out of joint because "they"...meaning just about anybody... don't listen to him

The man is like an arsonist. He sets these fires for the thrill of it and doesn't care in the least about the damage he causes.

Remember when he constantly complained about how hard it was to do business in Lawrence, then complained that companies from other states read about how hard it was all the time? The problem? A simple search consistently showed DOLPH's complaining being about the only thing in the search results. Yeesh.

By the way, Dolph, "There already is discussion about who might serve on a chancellor’s search committee and who might be chair. This could develop into a major issue"???

Sorry, but the only discussion is occurring in your head...or very briefly with people you bring it up to...people who quickly change the subject. No one else is wasting time on substantive discussion of a non-issue. You don't like the Chancellor. We got that. Now drop it.

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Brownback criticized for speaking at conservative conference

Unfortunately, since we're all in this together, he's just gonna be hurting the good people of OTHER states, so that their states go down the tubes liker Kansas.

Oh! Wait!! maybe THAT is his purpose??? To bring down those other states so that, in comparison, Kansas doesn't look as bad as it is. Hmmm.

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Letter: Clinton lie

Hilarious??? God grief. Most people simply didn't give two hoots about Monica. That lie was between Bill and Hillary...NOT the American people. And Hillary's "lies" are just as irrelevant. Heck, at least they weren't about WMD, right??? Things that actually cost us thousands of American lives?

By the way, I'm gonna bet the farm that *YOU* have lied in your life. Probably even while swearing you were telling the truth. Sure. Maybe you were a little kid when you did it. But you still did it...because you're human.

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Editorial: Lie confirmed

There are multiple possibilities.

After all, the only group taking credit was a small little-known militant group (Ansar al-Sharia) and they *could* just be taking credit for the publicity.

And the video *had* caused violent problems in other countries, so perhaps we were blaming that, rather than giving credit, in order to not give Ansar al-Sharia what they wanted.

Or perhaps it was to trick Ansar al-Sharia into thinking they got away with it while we snuck up on them?

And there likely were multiple viewpoints in the administration so maybe they really weren't sure at first.

Or perhaps they wanted to reassure the American public.

Remember...the story *did* change. It's not like the administration lied for years about this.

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Letter: Lie cover-up

Good grief. This is *STILL* the best you've got??? That, for a week after 2012, mind you...the claim was that it was "the video" (you know...the one that caused outrage elsewhere), not terrorists.

Maybe the media ignores it *NOW* (it sure didn't used to) because it's a frickin' DEAD HORSE that's been beaten so much that there's nothing left.

Heck, even Trey Gowdy has recognized it's a dead horse, so has chosen to beat another: "Why did Sidney Blumenthal email you countless times at your personal email address while Ambassador Stevens never did?"

Poor Trey. He apparently doesn't have any friends so doesn't understand the concept of friends having...and using...your personal email address (and personal phone number and dropping by your home address).

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County working to define regulations for large-scale wind farm operations

What gets me FAR more than Westar is the county commissioners (and their staff)...yet again.

They put the moratorium in place in November 2013. Two years ago. Since that time there has been one...ONE...lousy study session held. ONE!!! In two frickin' years!!!

Two years has been more than long enough to get this done. The county commissioners should tell Eileen Horn to get off her butt and get it done by the end of December because she's had PLENTY of time. And no more "she HOPES to have it done..." nonsense. Do it...or turn in her keys.

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Man injured after his handgun goes off in Salina theater

Except that there's plenty of information available online...covering the last 4 days...and the article here even links to a Salina news article with more details.

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