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Kobach defends role in drafting 'most conservative platform' in GOP history

It's like watching those political ads for Missouri Att. Gen. by Republican conservative Josh Hawley against the horrible!...Kurt Schaefer. The ads keep repeating "moderate...moderate!...moderate!...moderate! if that were the world's worst thing to be.

Oh. Except that, even worse, Schaefer is willing to...oh, the horror...COMPROMISE! How dare he???

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A look at the city manager's recommended budget, and the heat he is taking for it

I agree, Janet.

But we've only had a city auditor position since 2008 which doesn't sound like a "we've always done it that way" position.

Indeed, Markus' "I've never worked in a city that had its own auditor" sounds FAAAAR more like a "*I* have always done it this way" argument to me.

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A look at the city manager's recommended budget, and the heat he is taking for it

Has he, though? Presented a "sensible balanced budget"?

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Armed man robs Dollar General in North Lawrence; suspect at large

That's why "eye witnesses" are so unreliable. Jeez Louise, they aren't expecting to have to describe a total stranger they see briefly, so stop blaming the LPD.

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Audit: City Hall has 'gaps' in process for economic development incentives

Actually, the city auditor is DELIBERATELY *not* on the city manager's "team"...and that was a deliberate decision made when the position was created. So, nope. Markus did NOT "inherit some staff that are not team oriented players."

Frankly, I think having an independent city auditor position was a good decision and a good approach to take, even though Mr. Markus doesn't like it. (And so what if the tiny number of small cities he's worked for didn't have a city auditor? All that demonstrates is HIS lack of experience working with one, not that they aren't a good idea.)

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A look at the city manager's recommended budget, and the heat he is taking for it

I don't think Mr. Markus deserves your praise. He seems to be running things from a "well, we didn't do it this way where I come from" approach which rarely bodes well for the future.

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Are taxes too high here? A look at some numbers and how Lawrence stacks up to other cities

Well, you obviously don't understand it at all.

1) The Lawrence property tax rate is most certainly NOT 131.054 mils. You seem to be confusing the Lawrence mil rate with the combined Lawrence/Douglas County/State/USD497 mil rate.

2) The Lawrence mil rate is only 29.534 (The entire property tax mil rate is 124.808)

3) If the land is valued at $5,000, then your Lawrence property tax is a whole $18.11. (Your ENTIRE property tax would be $77.05)

4) If you build a house and the land/house becomes worth $500,000, then your Lawrence property tax is $1,810.56 and your entire property tax would be $7,704.54

Give away 80% of $1,810.56 and the City gets only $362.11...or $1,448.45 less a year. Sure. That's more than the City would have gotten than it did for the empty lot. But what do we REALLY get? "We" referring to both the City and the rest of us.

How does that lost $14,484.50 over 10 years help the rest of us? I mean, it's not like the new house has no costs to us. Infrastructure. Police and fire. Stuff like that.

Here's a link to the City's property tax page with explanations how property taxes are REALLY calculated. And with a link to calculators using the current tax rates:

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Letter to the editor: Laying blame

"Barack Obama also deserves a little blame because of his work with ACORN"???

What utter nonsense. I mean, John McCain spoke at an ACORN rally on illegal immigration in 2006, so we should blame McCain, too...well, according to your lack of logic.

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Saturday Column: Politicians could learn lesson from city manager

Lawrence actually really needs to remember that "listening to his assessment" doesn't equate to his being right or that we should do what he recommends.

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Audit: City Hall has 'gaps' in process for economic development incentives

Tom Markus' response to something as simple as having the right to review company records?

"Markus noted the city could verify information when a question arises about the reliability of a company’s information. But the cost of additional staff time to look at every company’s information likely outweighs the risk that a company is reporting inaccurately, he wrote."

Is this Markus guy really that clueless? We waste a LOT more time and money trying to just get the RIGHT to look at some company records than we would by simply requiring access in the first place. Markus appears to have missed the fact that *having* access doesn't mean we have to *utilize* it all the time.

And "likely outweighs"??? Here we have the new city manager arguing against something with no FACTS to base his opinion on. No dollar amounts. No time requirements. Just his uninformed opinion.

I have an uneasy feeling that Markus has decided that, because *he* wants to eliminate the city auditor position because *he* has never worked in a city (what is it...three?) before with a city auditor positionso he sees no value in it, he's going to argue against every logical recommendation Eglinski comes up with that might also lead to saving the position.

P.S. I wonder who he means when he says "staff have decided..."

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