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Kobach: Trump correct on immigration proposals

They have the technology NOW...but tunnels under the border still keep getting built ...and still keep getting used.

And should we build a wall across the Canadian border as well? And how about building walls along all our coasts? After all, look what's happening in Europe. All those hundreds of thousands of folks being smuggled in...or desperately trying to enter...via waterways.

And what about Alaska and Hawaii???

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Kobach: Trump correct on immigration proposals

Good grief, Richard. Have you seriously not been paying attention?

In the first place, Steve and I were talking about what the situation would be regarding Jindal *if* "birthright citizenship", i.e. the 14th Amendment, had NOT existed when he was born. Had the 14th Amendment not existed...he would NOT be eligible to run for President, so we think it's hypocritical for him to now be against the right-to-citizenship *he* has. (And, no. His current citizenship has *never* been dependent on whether his parents were here legally or not.)

In the second place, I was pointing out that Jindal was NOT an "anchor baby", so why are you arguing against me??

And, finally, are you seriously not aware that a child born in the United States does *NOT* anchor the parents who entered illegally to the country anymore??? My gosh. Where have you been? Current U.S. law prevents *ANYONE* under the age of 21 from being able to *petition* for their non-citizen parent(s) to be lawfully admitted into the United States for permanent residence. In other words, the child's family would need to wait for 21 frickin' years before being able to apply their child's US citizenship to modify their immigration status...and, then, only if their child sponsors them. Got that??? Babies born here do NOT "anchor" their parents anymore. And! There's no guarantee that they'll be accepted even once the kid turns 21.

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Kobach: Trump correct on immigration proposals

This whole 'make the wall higher' thing cracks me up. Apparently most people don't realize how many tunnels have been found *under* the border, including *under* existing walls.

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Kobach: Trump correct on immigration proposals

Ah, but they weren't U.S. citizens. So...if "birthright citizenship" hadn't existed when he was born, then Bobby Jindal wouldn't have been a U.S. citizen because, even though he was born in Louisiana, his parents weren't citizens themselves. Rather, they were citizens of India and only legal residents in the US.

(And, if birthright citizenship hadn't existed, he couldn't be running for President, even if he'd become a US citizen.)

Now, some folks have claimed he was an "anchor baby", and that's not true. But he most certainly is a US citizen through "birthright citizenship". But, since it no longer affects *him*, he apparently thinks it's okay *now* to be against it. Yeesh.

P.S. Marco Rubio wouldn't be able to run for President, either. He also became a citizen at birth through birthright citizenship.

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Just Food says it was 'shocked' by Farmer's handling of business; whether crimes were committed 'to be determined'

Good grief. The Board has just hired an accounting firm to audit Just Food's financials and now we learn that the payroll tax figure owed is higher than at first thought...and you think it's horrible that the board didn't have it down to the penny before they admitted that they'd been misled? Or that the audit regarding payroll taxes hasn't taken as long as *you* think it ought to take because...why???

And are you seriously arguing that "140 to 200 families a day" isn't an accurate figure??? Good grief! Do you seriously think that the exact same number of families are helped at Just Food every day?? That's utterly ridiculous. Indeed, to make THAT claim would be inaccurate. And misleading.

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Just Food says it was 'shocked' by Farmer's handling of business; whether crimes were committed 'to be determined'

And just WHY would a board member *not* look through the entire 990 and ONLY look at the signature? Indeed, why would they even bother doing more than glancing at the signature, if that?

You need to stop with these hindsight criticisms...and accusations...Bob.

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Just Food says it was 'shocked' by Farmer's handling of business; whether crimes were committed 'to be determined'

Out of genuine curiosity, Bob, why did you look at the posted 990s this past April?
And, even more important, were you concerned, back in April, about what you saw?

I mean, we're actually talking about only one 990 without a signed preparer...out of only two. (As you pointed out, 990s are due on April 15, with an automatic extension I'm sure you know that submitting 990s to the IRS does NOT mean they are automatically posted to a non-profit's there not being one posted whenever you looked in April isn't automatically "suspicious".)

And, if you *were* concerned, what did you do after you perused them back in April? Did you ask anyone on the Just Food board...or Jeremy...about them? Did you post your concerns to the J-W or online? What *did* you do?

Also, you wrote that "If I, as a private citizen, knew four months ago that Farmer had apparently dismissed the accountants over a year ago". So I'd like to know why you think you "knew" anything about the accountants 4 months ago?

Heck, they could have been in the middle of changing accounting firms. Or they could have decided they couldn't afford accountants. So the real fact is that...unless you have information you haven't shared with didn't KNOW *anything* except that Jeremy Farmer signed the 2013 990.

Hindsight is always 20/20.

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Lawrence City Commission to act next week on naming mayor, filling vacant seat

Jeremy Farmer's behavior has NOTHING to do with Leslie Soden's ability to serve as Mayor. Heck, she'd be mayor next year even if this Farmer stuff hadn't happened, so let's not pretend her taking over would be some sort of "crisis".

I like Mike Amyx. But I see no reason why he "must" become mayor. Particularly since he's the kind of commissioner who will HELP Soden learn any ropes she needs to learn.

And, no. Contrary to what you bizarrely think, Mike should NOT have "grabbed the gavel". HE is smart enough to know that. You, apparently, are not.

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City: Former mayor used government credit card for personal expenses, claiming his own cards had been 'compromised'

Except that he *did* "foray into politickin'".

As he, himself, pointed out earlier, he ran for state senate and lost. Now, certainly, he *was* smart enough to learn from that and not run again, but he *did* try...and learned his lesson :-)

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City: Former mayor used government credit card for personal expenses, claiming his own cards had been 'compromised'

Actually, you *are* being a wee bit obsessive. Your fact-finding is, indeed, very useful. I, for one, appreciate it. But your simply making repeated comments about the same things over and over again is NOT "exposing corruption".

And your calling other people "scared and cowardly" is absolutely rude and inappropriate. Good grief. We're talking about the Lawrence City Commission and City Hall. Why on earth would *anyone* be afraid of asking them questions and "standing up to them"??? It seems it would be more likely to be a simply lack of interest than a fear of "power".

Frankly, it *is* beginning to sound like you're more interested in publicly patting yourself on your own back than anything else. Well, that and trying to sound like Dolph's Saturday Column with his countless rhetorical questions. And *that*, Bob, IS "creepy".

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