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TV options abound for cord-cutters, old-school and newfangled alike

I'm truly very glad *you* have had good luck,. Leslie.

We, on the other hand, are sooooo tired of having our cable TV cut out for no reason several times a night (and we have their most expensive package!) and having to talk to someone located in another state who has no suggestions whatsoever.

And Internet access??? Our formerly dependable wireless ALSO cuts out regularly...but not for both our computers at the same time - even though they're only 4 feet apart! Plus we've now had to set up static IPs for our printer because it almost *never* would print anymore wirelessly. (We NEVER had these problems with either Knology or Sunflower. And our equipment is all pretty new.)

And, when talking to friends, THEY have had the same problems and are just as annoyed at WOW as we are! (We've walked countless people through setting up that static IP for their printers lately.)

Plus it's gotten more and more expensive...and now we're told prices are going up even more! We're sorry, but a 10% increase? Anyway, Steve and I are looking into alternatives. (Our daughter has already given us access to her Netflix.)

So, again, I'm really glad that *you* are happy with WOW. But they're already planning on cutting 9% of their staff, which doesn't bode well for the future...including their customer service.

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Editorial: Downtown grocer

Except that the proposed store would NOT eliminate a food desert. And it would charge the poor a higher sales tax. Hmmm.

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Editorial: Downtown grocer

That map actually makes ZERO sense to me. It looks like it's saying that the existing Dillons store at 18th and Mass. is, itself, in a food desert!

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Brownback announces $280 million in allotment cuts to fill budget shortfall

Did anyone else notice that the Secretary of State's office is only being cut by a measly $880???

The Department for Children and Families loses $3,980,880. Aging and Disabilities loses $599,235. And, as was already mentioned, the horribly short-staffed Sept. of Correction is losing $153,000.

But Kris Kobach loses less than $1,000 bucks. Wanna bet, though, that he'll keep wasting money on lawsuits?

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Downtown Lawrence grocery store in the works for 11th and Massachusetts

Personally I'd like to see an explanation of their parking plan diagram, including showing an overlay of the current 11th St. configuration with turn lanes, etc....or at least a comparison between the existing and proposed parking setup.

Frankly, the Checker's parking proposal seems incredibly odd for 11th St. since it takes up the entire north Mass. to New Hampshire block, apparently ignoring the existing turn lanes, crosswalks, and the fact that there is currently NO parking there on the north side.

Sure. They *may* be planning on cutting the new spots out of Compton property. But there's no guarantee that they *will*...or that their plan actually takes into consideration vehicles backing out into oncoming traffic, particularly traffic moving into a turn lane.

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Downtown Lawrence grocery store in the works for 11th and Massachusetts

I'm still puzzled about the actual need for this particular location for a grocery store. Yes, I realize there are folks who perceive a need for or have a desire for one. And I'm not saying they're necessarily wrong. But do we really have a "food desert" that a grocery store at 11th and Mass. is gonna fix???

After all, there is no standard definition for a food desert. Heck, even the distance from the nearest grocery store definition varies from 1-10 miles. OK. But the distance from Johnny's in North Lawrence to the new proposed store is 0.9 miles, meaning pretty much all houses in North Lawrence will still be more than a mile away. Does that mean North Lawrence will still be a "food desert"?

The closer-to-downtown Dillons on 6th St. is slightly more than a mile further from Johnny's in North Lawrence than would be a store at 11th and Mass. (The Merc is just a mile further from Johnny's. As an aside, the two Dillons on 6th St. are 1.9 miles apart, while the new and old Checkers will be 1.8 miles apart. )

Plus the current Dillons on Mass. is 0.8 of a mile south from the proposed new grocery at 11th and Mass. And, as far as I can tell, the current Dillon's and Checkers will *still* be closer to many, if not most residents of East Lawrence as compared to an 11th and Mass. location.

Granted, there's the argument that Checkers is cheaper than Dillons...but it depends on what you're buying.

Frankly, I think the proposed location is lousy and doesn't solve any "food desert" issues. And I'm totally against giving away 34 parking spaces on Mass. and 11th. That's just wrong.

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Under scrutiny for Koch connection, KU director sues over records; judge blocks release

Just reword your comment a wee bit and it will post just fine. Indeed, checking what you wrote and simply changing repetitive words usually works just fine.

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Second dog confirmed dead following Lawrence kennel fire; owner describes horror of finding out

And, as I said before, Leslie S., I certainly don't fault Caitlin for trying to do her job. Not at all.

But, as I specifically wrote before, I also think our "right to know" is not unrestricted. Nor should it be unrestricted. My gosh. How can we argue, for example, against the NSA tapping and recording all our phone calls while also arguing for an unlimited "public's right to know"???

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Second dog confirmed dead following Lawrence kennel fire; owner describes horror of finding out

Hey, Lesley...And perhaps your mom...who has already talked to him before you posted this...didn't need to sound like she was accusing him of lying in this article? Or maybe she was misquoted? I don't know. So I'm not gonna blame her.

But, like it or not, I'm also not gonna automatically hold this guy responsible for not thoroughly knowing the medical status of all the dogs shipped off to multiple locations. Or for, perhaps, simply trying to be encouraging to your mom??

I'm truly sorry your mom's doggie died, and I hope her other doggie comes out just fine. Our dogs are our babies, after all.

But you aren't helping her by being angry. Or by trying to blame Cedric (whom I do not know and whose services I've never used) for not being all things to *your* family the way you apparently think he should have. After all, your mom is *not* the only person who has suffered and/or is suffering here.

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