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Letter to the editor: Another choice

Good grief. Yet another person who has not actually read the State Department's Inspector General's report, yet wants to use other people's (who have allegedly read it) opinions as "proof" that Hillary Clinton is whatever horrible thing he wants to think she is.

And just because a single Washington Post editorial calls the IG's report "scathing" and others start using that word themselves doesn't make the IG's report "scathing".

Read the IG's report yourself. It's online. Free for the reading. It's critical...yes. But it's certainly not focused on Hillary. Nor is it "scathing". Well, not unless you consider having a hangnail as being "catastrophic:.

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New overtime rules will be ‘detrimental,’ KU tells Congress

Harlan...You wrote: "However, the major reason that entities don't hire more employees is that they are fearful of making a permanent change when maybe a temporary solution may be preferable." And my answer a resounding "Nope!"

The reason business entities don't hire more employees is BECAUSE THEY DON'T NEED THEM!!! After all, what are these unnecessary new employees supposed to do? Sit on their thumbs and twiddle?

I would also point out that folks making the $23,660 overtime cap now are currently making slightly less than $11.38 an hour. And that additional "almost $6500 per employee" that you think "seems rather high"?

Well, after taking out the SS/Medicare costs, it actually comes to about 10 hours a week overtime, which doesn't seem particularly high to me at all. Particularly when people are willingly picking up that overtime since they're being paid so crappy...let alone being insulted by being called "salaried".

Frankly, I think KU ought to be ashamed of themselves for making this argument.

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Opinion: Sanders needs to curb divisive tone

His math doesn't work and Bernie (or his campaign staff) never corrects it.

I know you're talking about the costs of Bernie's Medicare for All plan simply as covered in this one article. But I would point out that your link...while attacking another person's calculations...doesn't provide much in the way of useful documentation of its OWN claims. (For example, data that is 3 or 4 years old; opinion pieces, anti-Hillary things, cherry-picking. You know. The same old-same old.)

Indeed, one thing I keep noticing is a complete lack of any discussion whatsoever of what happens when the health insurance industry goes kaput. 3 million people out of work. So let me ask you THIS: what is Bernie's plan for THEM??? Or has he forgotten all about them.

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Opinion: Sanders needs to curb divisive tone

Someone's opinion doesn't make it a fact. Someone's liking or not liking something doesn't make it good or bad. Blaming a President for everything doesn't make him responsible for everything you don't like. And claiming Hillary was "co-president" doesn't make it true. Or even meaningful.

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Lawrence City Commission rethinks citywide fireworks ban, open to softening enforcement

I want to know why tiny chickens the height of a toothpick going pfft, pfft, pfft and ""laying eggs" aren't legal. No...why they (and novelties like them) can't simply be an exception to the ordinance.

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Gene Bicknell, longtime GOP activist, speaks out on $50 million Kansas tax dispute

Come on, Dorothy. What parts of the article did you miss??? The guy moved to Florida in 2003. Kansas is trying to say he was a resident in 2005 and 2006. (Sounds like a variation on Kris Kobach.)

He appealed to the Board of Tax Appeals (all members of which are appointed by the governor) and lost, then appealed to the Kansas Court of Appeals...where the burden of proof was on HIM...and he WON.

His appeal got referred back to the BOTA which then appealed the Appeals Court ruling to the Kansas Supreme Court. They haven't ruled yet. is this any evidence whatsoever that the accountant filed his taxes incorrectly? I mean, the Court of Appeals disagrees with you. And Brownback and his cronies are frantically trying to remove that right of court appeal from the people of Kansas.

Oh. He (his company, NPC) opened his first Pizza Hut franchise in 1962. By the time he sold NPC in May 2006, it had over 1250 Pizza Hut franchises in 28 states. (And that's not to mention the Wendy's franchises. And the company is still growing, even though he's no longer involved.)

So you think his employees were left high and dry...why? And you think that KANSAS made him rich...why??? And, out of curiosity, except for Southern California, what non-conservative southern state are you referring to? I can't think of one. (And I've lived in southern California, so would personally pass on living there.)

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Lawrence City Commission rethinks citywide fireworks ban, open to softening enforcement

One guess what the first celebration of the 4th of July...held on July 4, 1777...included? Yup. Fireworks.

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Lawrence City Commission rethinks citywide fireworks ban, open to softening enforcement

Carol - This issue came up before the Commissioners because some people *DID* want a total ban. Plus some people in this thread have been arguing for a total ban. So I'd argue that it's quite appropriate for Greg to make points against a total ban.

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Lawrence City Commission rethinks citywide fireworks ban, open to softening enforcement

Oh, stop it. You often make decent points. This post doesn't have ANY of them.

Do you seriously think that banning the sale of fireworks in Douglas County will keep people from driving a few miles to Shawnee County and buying them there? Or driving to Missouri? (That's where *we* always a wholesaler.)

And just WHY is it "nonsense" to also ban the Jaycees' display? Why don't THOSE booms bother veterans with PTSD?

Personally, I'd MUCH rather the veterans with PTSD be able to get the help they desperately need because, like it or not, we can't ban things like...oh, backfires? Dropped plates? Deer hunting? 21 gun salutes? Thunder?

Speaking of veterans, far-and-away most veterans are NOT triggered by fireworks. Plus the one thing many who are ask for is a simple warning in advance. Not a ban. A warning so the veteran won't be surprised. Veterans don't want fireworks banned. Some? Yes. Most? No.

And you don't see the significance of celebrating Independence Day with explosions??? Well, never mind that, fortunately, you're not the final arbiter of what is or isn't significant, the fact is that *you* obviously don't know your country's history very well. I'll give you one guess how the VERY FIRST anniversary of our Independence...July 4, 1777...was celebrated. Yup. With parades and speeches...and fireworks and gun salutes. So, whether you knew it or not, fireworks to celebrate the 4th has been a celebratory tradition for 238 years so far.

And please...oh please...oh please...explain to us why sparklers should be banned? Or tiny chickens that go pfft, pfft, pfft and "lay" tiny smoke eggs? Do you REALLY think they trigger PTSD?

And fires? The only 4th of July fires *I* personally know of were set off by 1) a cigarette butt tossed into a trash bin and 2) an unattended charcoal grill on a covered deck. Both of those caused serious damage. So...should we ban cigarettes and charcoal grills, too? (Or, maybe, trash bins?)

Your "solution" to not having the enforcement capability to enforce the existing to make the ban even bigger. Do you truly not see the utter illogic of that? Apparently not.

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