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Super 8 owner who stabbed his wife gets probation; family's religion played role in judge's decision

I did...and now I have tears rolling down my cheeks. What is WRONG with the human race?

But I'm still puzzled. These folks live in the US, don't they? So any ostracism would be severely limited. Is it that the family itself will be doing the ostracism?

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Opinion: Language ‘guidelines’ defy our common sense

I'm 71 and had have no problem whatsoever over the years going from, say, "policeman" to "police officer" or "fireman" to "firefighter" or "stewardess" to "flight attendant". Nor, back in the day, did I have any problem going from the 'n word' to "black".

Language changes. Constantly. Heck, can YOU read "Beowulf" in the original? I can't...even though it's written in English. But it's the English of 1,000 years ago.

And what about today? With all the texting, 140 character Twitter limitations, SMS, emojis, etc, etc. the word "language", for example, is written "lngwij", "change" is "chAng", "English" is "eng" and so forth. So, what do you think English will look like 1,000 years from NOW? Assuming it even still exists.

Again, as the Beowulf poet would have written..."ágenspræc bret ánrædlic"...or "language changes constantly".

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Opinion: The problem with the bribery standard

What "courting of donor money"? Seriously. Please tell me you haven't fallen for the AP's 85 out of 154 cherry-picking?

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Opinion: The problem with the bribery standard

I actually hope you DON'T agree with Bart.

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Opinion: The problem with the bribery standard

Except that the charity has NOT been shown to be a slush fund. My gosh. How often does that "slush fund" nonsense have to be debunked for the debunking to get through to people.

In an effort to "prove" it's a slush fund, the right points out to the fact that the
Clinton Foundation has only donated 10% of the funds they've raised to other charities, claiming that "proves" that 90% goes to the Clintons. The problem with that argument? It completely ignores the fact that the foundation funds its own initiatives (plus the Clinton Health Care Initiative used to be part of the foundation, but was spun off into its own foundation in 2010) that provide DIRECT assistance. And THAT is where the money goes...NOT into the Clinton's pockets. (12% of the funds they raise go for overhead while it only costs them $2 for every $100 raised.)

As far as "Hillary gave out favors for money"...I sure wish someone would PROVE IT! My gosh. The AP story with its 85 of 154 has been shown to be INCREDIBLE cherry-picking. And the people she met with? Gee. Meeting with Elie Weisel. Or with Muhammad Yunus, Nobel-prize-winning founder of the Grameen Bank. Oh! The horror!

The AP ignored over 97 percent of the meetings Hillary held as secretary of state and more than 98 percent of Clinton Foundation donors.

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6-year-old Lawrence boy shoots self in foot while playing with gun, police say

Do you also believe that Obama took all our guns, Bob? If so, *he* is responsible for this little boy getting shot, right? RIGHT???

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Editorial: Bad beginning

"The multistory building certainly is an improvement over the aged apartment complex that previously existed on the site."

Really??? That "aged apartment complex" provided affordable housing to numerous Lawrence residents...and we taxpayers are now paying to swap it for "luxury" housing. Lucky us. (I thought we had an issue with a lack of affordable housing here in Lawrence. Did I miss something?)

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Letter to the editor: Protect Social Security

Unfortunately, what people like Bob want is to privatize Social Security as if THAT is the solution. But it's not. Quite the contrary.

Most people simply aren't financially savvy. And they don't KNOW they aren't. . Indeed, how COULD they know?

Many people lost most of their life savings back during the Great Recession because they believed that financial retirement advisers knew more than they did. But business was going so well that people just as ignorant as they were got hired, given brief training which was primarily focused on how to get folks to invest in things that were profitable for them and the companies they worked for, NOT necessarily for the common folk trusting them as "experts".

Plus the fact is that many people simply don't make a lot of money in their lives. And,'s not automatically because they're lazy and can make more money on the dole.

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Kansas jobless rate jumps to 4.1 percent in July

Let's hear YOU explain why ANY successful business owner would hire employees s/he doesn't need simply because s/he can afford to due to lower state income taxes?

And what are those unnecessary employees supposed to do? Sit on their thumbs and twiddle?

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Hays police officer shoots, kills suspect after traffic stop

Except that this was a tongue-in-cheek video. You know. Satire. Did you truly not get that???

As an aside, Chris Rock created this video because he was getting pulled over repeatedly by the cops for apparently doing nothing more but "driving while black".

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