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Report: Paul Davis was at rural Kansas strip club raided by police in 1998

And I think it says something about the character of a man who argues that we should NOT abide by "innocent until proven guilty" or that the accused should NOT have adequate defense, even though the Constitution says they are entitled to it.

And do you truly not realize that *ALL* law firms defend clients who turn out to be guilty???

By the way, whatever happened to "let he who is without sin cast the first stone"?

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Report: Paul Davis was at rural Kansas strip club raided by police in 1998

Chad Taylor has pulled out of the campaign. Please respect his decision.

No, I'm not saying Greg Orman is better than Chad...but any vote for Chad is a vote for Pat Roberts. I personally think I would rather take a chance on Greg Orman because doing so makes it that much harder for the Republicans to take over the Senate. That, alone, is worth my vote.

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Report: Paul Davis was at rural Kansas strip club raided by police in 1998

Really? When he was in his 20s and unmarried? I know *I* sure as heck wouldn't have cared.

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Kobach disputes Taylor's statement about Senate race withdrawal

I hope most people realize that a "signed, notarized statement" only means that the SIGNATURE has been validated and notarized...NOT the statement itself. Of course, Kris Kobach is hoping just the opposite.

It sure would be nice to have a Secretary of State whose staff is told to explain things to people if something is missing from a document, rather than keep it to themselves because that works in their personal or political party's best interests.

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Brownback discusses efforts to fight federal laws

Aha!! Maybe *THAT* is where that $227 million figure comes from!!! Lawyers' fees for fighting federal laws.

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Brownback discusses efforts to fight federal laws

LOL :-) Sure sounds like a typical example of Brownback's "logic". Yeesh.

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Davis keeping relatively low profile in race for Kansas governor

Scott...How about you provide us with some information about Jonathan Davis, the Governor of Kansas from 1923-1925 to support your claim regarding taxes going up with spending. I mean, I assume you're referring to Jonathan Davis when you say "It'll be Sebelius, Parkinson, and Davis all over again" since Paul Davis has never been governor.

Thanks in advance!

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Letter: Afraid of growth

Apparently the letter writer and most (if not all) of the folks commenting so far didn't read the J-W the other day to learn *why* the commissioners aren't supporting the southern development, i.e. they've committed our money to Mercato by the sports park so want to encourage retail development THERE, in the northwest part of the city...where there isn't a lot of retail development and the infrastructure is already in place, not in the south where there's already a ton of commercial development.

I'm not praising the Rock Chalk/Mercato plan. Not in the least. I wish we had gotten to vote on the issue. But the commissioners' thinking *is* logical about this other retail project.

By the way, I wish people would stop believing that building more retail space in Lawrence is going to create "700-plus jobs, millions in sales tax, hundreds of thousands in property tax" since it's been demonstrated repeatedly that it simply doesn't work that way. But, hey, there will always be people who believe that 'robbing Peter to pay Paul' is sound economic policy.

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Letter: Everyone’s rights

And it's a silly argument because Sarah Posch foolishly assumes that contraceptives are ONLY used for birth control. And that sex...even in ONLY for procreation.

If I were mean-spirited, I would wish she would get endrometriosis and see just how quickly she changes her tune. But I'm I hope she doesn't.

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