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Kobach disputes Taylor's statement about Senate race withdrawal

I hope most people realize that a "signed, notarized statement" only means that the SIGNATURE has been validated and notarized...NOT the statement itself. Of course, Kris Kobach is hoping just the opposite.

It sure would be nice to have a Secretary of State whose staff is told to explain things to people if something is missing from a document, rather than keep it to themselves because that works in their personal or political party's best interests.

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Brownback discusses efforts to fight federal laws

Aha!! Maybe *THAT* is where that $227 million figure comes from!!! Lawyers' fees for fighting federal laws.

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Brownback discusses efforts to fight federal laws

LOL :-) Sure sounds like a typical example of Brownback's "logic". Yeesh.

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Davis keeping relatively low profile in race for Kansas governor

Scott...How about you provide us with some information about Jonathan Davis, the Governor of Kansas from 1923-1925 to support your claim regarding taxes going up with spending. I mean, I assume you're referring to Jonathan Davis when you say "It'll be Sebelius, Parkinson, and Davis all over again" since Paul Davis has never been governor.

Thanks in advance!

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Letter: Afraid of growth

Apparently the letter writer and most (if not all) of the folks commenting so far didn't read the J-W the other day to learn *why* the commissioners aren't supporting the southern development, i.e. they've committed our money to Mercato by the sports park so want to encourage retail development THERE, in the northwest part of the city...where there isn't a lot of retail development and the infrastructure is already in place, not in the south where there's already a ton of commercial development.

I'm not praising the Rock Chalk/Mercato plan. Not in the least. I wish we had gotten to vote on the issue. But the commissioners' thinking *is* logical about this other retail project.

By the way, I wish people would stop believing that building more retail space in Lawrence is going to create "700-plus jobs, millions in sales tax, hundreds of thousands in property tax" since it's been demonstrated repeatedly that it simply doesn't work that way. But, hey, there will always be people who believe that 'robbing Peter to pay Paul' is sound economic policy.

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Letter: Everyone’s rights

And it's a silly argument because Sarah Posch foolishly assumes that contraceptives are ONLY used for birth control. And that sex...even in ONLY for procreation.

If I were mean-spirited, I would wish she would get endrometriosis and see just how quickly she changes her tune. But I'm I hope she doesn't.

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Letter: Threat to U.S.?

Uh..."in a generation or two" means the children or grandchildren have become Americanized.."indeed Americans"...NOT necessarily the parents/grandparents.

In case you don't realize it, for most people, the older you get, the harder it is to learn another language. And most first generation immigrants who grew up speaking another language speak what American English they do with an accent.

But that accent is gone in the next generation and, by the third generation, almost none of the grandchildren of these first generation immigrants can even speak their grandparents' first language. Maybe a few words here and there, like calling their grandparents "grandma and grandpa" in their grandparents native tongue. But little else.

I have known countless immigrants. Neighbors. Coworkers. Friends. And family members. And I haven't noticed any difference in goals and efforts over the five generations of first-generation immigrants I have known.

Sadly, I also haven't seen a change in how far too many "real Americans" treat immigrants because those "real Americans" still prefer to stereotype, still prefer to make negative assumptions, still prefer to blame "those people" for as much as they possibly can, and do so based on absolutely nothing.

Immigrants today no more want to turn America into the place they left than they ever have. Just because some Hispanics want to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, some Chinese want to celebrate Chinese New Years, some Irish want to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. etc., etc. does NOT mean they want to change America into Mexico or China or Ireland. It merely means that becoming an American dos NOT require giving up and forgetting every shred of your family heritage...just like *BEING* an American doesn't require it. (Heck, chances are good that even *you* know what the family heritage is on both sides of *your* family, e.g. "English on my mother's side, German-Swiss on my father's side")

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Saturday Column: Football stadium isn’t the only KU embarrassment

Sorry, but Mark Mangino, himself, was a despot as well. And a number of campus employees (both students and staff) know it from unpleasant firsthand experience.

Having a winning football team is great, but it doesn't give the head coach the right to be rude, demanding and downright abusive to people when they don't cater to his every whim. Nor does it give him the right to attempt to physically intimidate people.

If Mangino was "stampeded", he brought it on himself. And I'd point out that, under completely new management, we have an athletic department that is now punishing student basketball ticket holders for the loss of a measly $350,000. So I'd suggest that this bullying, "despotic" behavior is a culture, and not something just limited to one person.

(As an aside, hiring Turner Gill was an INCREDIBLY stupid decision and I have fully expected it to take several years to get out of the incredibly deep chasm he dug for us. But we've NEVER had a topnotch football program and I never expect we will. Nor do we need one.)

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Letter: Propaganda tool

I've long wondered why my old colleague (and friend) Gary Bjorge has been writing countless letters over the years against KU's Confucius Institute without ever providing a single reason about why he's against it. That's always struck me as really strange.

So thank you, Leslie! I now understand. Both why Gary wants it shut down...and why he never gave any specifics.

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Committee fails to make recommendation on tax incentives for high-end apartments near Memorial Stadium

Jeremy Farmer has certainly turned out to be a real disappointment. He, of all people, ought to have a clue. But, no. Instead he keeps voting to spend money we don't have on things we don't need...or at least certainly don't need to spend taxpayer money on. What on earth is he thinking???

I mean, the 2014 HUD Fair Market Rent for Lawrence is $601 for a 1-bedroom unit. For a 4-bedroom unit? It's $1,253 - or only $53 more than these Chicago folks think they're going to be able to rent a 1-bedroom apartment for in Lawrence. And these new apartments are located where Berkeley Flats currently are. Are these people NUTS???

And keep in mind that this isn't empty land that's being built on. Berkeley Flats is already there. It already has tenants. And the complex already pays property taxes. So we won't just be giving "rebates" to build this new complex...but we will also LOSE the property tax income from Berkeley Flats for 12 years. (Oh, and Berkeley Flats provides affordable we LOSE that, too. Lucky us.)

Oh...and this company offered that elderly woman $600,000 for her property. That's more than one entire year of tax abatement from us. If they can afford to do that, they don't need an abatement. (Of course, that $600,000 was more than 1 year's worth of abatement, so perhaps they were counting on us Lawrence taxpayers to buy that property...which is why they were so generous???)

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