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KU Multicultural Student Government faces complex path to transform from student club into equal governing body

Actually, the article says that their description on file includes the following:

"We are committed to leading with INCLUSIVITY in name and practice with progressive action and empowerment of ALL students on campus. We shall foster a community of individuals who are committed to creating and maintaining a campus that reflects the needs of students, exemplifies INCLUSIVITY and what it means to be a Jayhawk.”

From that it seems to me that ANYONE *should* be able to join. I wonder if that will be true, though, including for whites. And, as you point out, can one just self-identify as something-or-other or must they provide "proof"...or meet some as yet undetermined standard beyond simply being an enrolled KU student. And how will they avoid some people being able to vote in both student government elections while others can only vote in one?

I have several other problems with/questions about this whole MSG thing,

One is that they were allocated a ton of money by the actual student senate while, as some student council members intelligently pointed out, "they didn’t support putting the cart before the horse, citing the MSG’s lack of a comprehensive plan or status as a governing body."

Then there's "Jones said MSG planned elections that would have three components, differing from the current Student Senate that elects representatives based on who receives the most votes...Popularity contests have not proven helpful in deciding how people get elected, especially people who are supposed to represent the student body...MSG elections would be decided by a combination of popular vote, interviews and a community presentation of the candidate’s choice. We’re trying to make this process a little bit more reflective of how we want a multicultural student government to be formed.”

So what does that mean? That a candidate can win 99% of the vote but still lose because "someone" doesn't like their interview or community presentation? Cuz that's sure what it sounds like. Now, if the interviews and community presentations come first...then there's an election...well, what's different from what happens now?

Frankly, all this just smacks of a very unprepared attempt at "separate, but equal" to me.

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Saturday Column: U.S. needs more quality candidates for public office

Politics in America have been rife with corruption and incompetence since...well, pretty much since the beginning.

Dolph and his "highly respected and successful news executive" ought to have known this since elementary school.

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Several years worth of forms detailing how police officers void tickets can't be produced by City Hall

I'm still trying to figure out what Ron Olin meant by:

“If we implement a protocol, you implement it and there is an expectation the part of supervision to understand policy changes implemented by the police department”.

Perhaps the reporters mis-transcribed what he actually said? Or maybe Olin did just babble in circles?

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KU student volunteers work to make big difference during The Big Event

We definitely appreciated the help we received. And our next door neighbor, who didn't know anything about the Big Event, has made us promise to let her know when the signup comes around next year :-)

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Opinion: Cyberwar redefines aggression

Will's conclusion that "it's "long past time for urgent public discussion" seems pretty silly to me.

Yes, I know he doesn't literally mean we need to discuss a Shakespearean quote. But what DOES he mean?

After all, we've already been on the receiving end of cyber-attacks as well as used them ourselves. Personally, I'd much rather most of our efforts go into preventing/stopping such attacks on us, with only some efforts focused on attacking someone else than vice versa. Okaaay. Is THAT what the "urgent public discussion" should be about? Yeesh.

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Opinion: Cruz’s foreign policy views troubling

They're not just troubling. They are SCARY!!!

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Editorial: Stopgap steps

We're STILL waiting for you to list the points in the editorial that are not factual...and WHY they are not factual.

How come you haven't done so yet? After all, you're being asked for clarification by voting citizens of Kansas. (And, again, what points are not accurate and WHY are they not accurate???)

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Kobach dismisses voter fraud charge against Olathe woman

Time for her to set up a GoFundMe account. (I'd call for her to sue, but we the taxpayers would end up paying for it. Still...)

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Kobach dismisses voter fraud charge against Olathe woman

Good grief. Can we please give the prosecutorial responsibility back to the AG's office??? PLEASE?????

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Kobach dismisses voter fraud charge against Olathe woman

Uh. You might want to check your link again. It looks like their domain name has expired :-)

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