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Kansas officials react to Charlottesville violence and Trump's comments

Andrew Applegath . It is obvious that you honestly don't grasp the difference between communism and socialism, much less the difference between them AND capitalism AND democratic socialism. Heck, you don't even seem to understand what Bernie Sanders "supports". (And, no, I most certainly did NOT vote for him.)

Instead of grasping at straws and trying to make valid arguments based on make-believe and ignorance, why don't you do something simple like, say, actually read about them? Here's a basic article that should clarify things for you:

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Opinion: Trying to decipher the ‘mark of the beast’

Rational? Thoughtful? "Very real, and very-present, meaning of 'the mark of the beast'???" Good grief.

Mary Shelley wrote a novel. So did some guy named John. A novel he (or someone) called "The Book of Revelation". Just like L. Ron Hubbard wrote a book and tons of people fell for it and started a cult religion, so did tons of people fall for Revelation.

But I've often wondered why "6" (well, "666") is assumed to be the magic number, considering that this almighty, all-powerful god had to rest on the 7th day. And, nope, Skepneck's writing "the number 6 being a symbol of imperfection (one short of 7, the Days of Creation in Genesis)" makes no sense for this all-powerful, all-knowing, almighty god. Why should there be imperfection involved at all? Sounds moe like an excuse than anything else.

Now I understand why their god becoming tired could be seen as a sign of imperfection. But, if that's what it means, then why worship this particular god??? And, if this god WANTS you chipped, then shouldn't you happily go along with His wishes???? Yeesh.

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Kwik Shop employee shot; police seek public's help in locating 2 suspects

I'm so sorry for your friend, but it sounds as though he is OK.

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Political friends and foes try to assess Brownback's legacy as governor, fitness for ambassadorship

Are you mad??? God didn't fight against abortion...or against gay marriage. But Jesus certainly spoke out against people like Sam Brownback...and you.

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Opinion: Kansas’ old tall tale takes new form

It sounds like you really aren't familiar at all with the pros and cons of getting rid of state income taxes. For some reason, you want a regressive tax system that hurts the poor. Why is that?

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Opinion: Kansas’ old tall tale takes new form

So how do YOU plan on paying for...say...public streets? Or for police services?

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A look at what is in the city's proposed 2018 budget, and how much it will increase your taxes

Let's build an appropriate records storage facility...which is ALL that is really needed...and stop with the " multi-phase, multi-year enforcement campus" baloney.

This is the 21st century. Meetings can be streamed live, so people don't have to walk 900 feet. Waaaa.

It does not matter that police have to drive 10 minutes...oh! the horror! get to the shooting range.

And we simply do NOT need to "co-locate" with the Douglas County Sheriff's Office, even though certain city managers might love the sound of a "law enforcement campus".

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Two affordable housing projects request city funding; $200,000 in grants still unspoken for

Unfortunately, 4-5 affordable housing homes are currently being torn down on the 300 block of Michigan so that LMH can put in more paved parking spaces. Kinda hard to get more affordable housing if you keep tearing it down (including allowing demolition by neglect).

LMH has needed to build UP for so long, but noooo. They just claim "this will be the last time"...till the next time.

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Man charged with stealing animal lab equipment at KU

Wow! Just...WOW!!!!

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City Band concert moved inside because of heat, humidity

And just how many audience members did that room at Murphy hold?

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