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Saturday Column: Clinton coronation may not benefit party, nation

Dolph continues to live in a delusional world. But that, of course, explains why he never offers any concrete suggestions but, rather, drowns us in pointless rhetorical questions...and fantasizes about an America that never existed.

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Eudora man charged with aggravated assault in alleged croquet mallet threat

Are you nuts, Garth? Or are you seriously one of those sad fools who thinks that, once a marriage breaks up, all love and affection for ANY member of the "other family" needs to be tossed out the window...and that none of the "ex-family" members get to make decisions for themselves???

Our daughter married a man we still love with a beautiful little girl. We fell in love with *her* and became Gramma and Grandpa. 17 years later, our daughter and our beloved granddaughter's dad got divorced. Were we REALLY supposed to turn that love for her (and him) off??? Seriously???

Fortunately, our beautiful granddaughter knew better. When *her* husband found out the divorce was in the works, one of first things he asked her was "What about Kendall and Steve?"

And our beautiful, absolutely adored granddaughter? (Who we have *NEVER* thought of as our "step" granddaughter...EVER.) She said "Oh, that's Gramma and Grandpa. *THEY'RE* not going anywhere".

Because our sweetie *KNEW* that we loved her to pieces and that she would ALWAYS be OUR granddaughter...regardless of the marital relationship between her dad and our daughter.

So, sorry, Garth. But the ex-wife did NOT "suck for visiting his mom with her new boyfriend". Indeed, that's a decision that the MOM gets to decide...not her son, the ex-husband, whether or not he...or it. After all, love is love.

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City Commission supports hiring firm to conduct residents survey

Excuse me????

We *ARE* giving you our feedback, Matthew. We *ARE* "voicing our opinions". We *ARE* telling you what we think... right here on this public forum. there really, truly some honest-to-gosh reason that *YOU* think we need to be PHYSICALLY present at a Lawrence City Commission meeting (where we are limited in how long we can talk, much less that we are able to attend) in order to share our opinions??? Do *YOU* honestly see a need for us to be there PHYSICALLY???

Wow. You've just been elected...and already people are shaking their heads and wondering what ever happened to common sense.

April 23, 2015 at 6:06 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Potential deal to bring gigabit Internet service to Eudora may delay plans for Lawrence; city committee rejects plan to demolish East Lawrence Quonset hut

And I'm still trying to figure out why anyone actually believes this is a Quonset hut.

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Parks and Recreation has long list of projects that could be affected by police headquarters plan; weight room at Rock Chalk to close temporarily

Yup. She should have used "credibility" rather than "credence". However, had she used "credibility" (which I do believe she meant), her point *is* valid and you really should consider it.

And I'll bet a number of us would like to know why you believe that those cars were specifically for parties at Dolph's house. Do you REALLY want all of us calling you at all hours to get an answer to something you could, one would think, easily explain here?

April 17, 2015 at 4:06 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Parks and Recreation has long list of projects that could be affected by police headquarters plan; weight room at Rock Chalk to close temporarily

Plus they need more NuStep machines. They only have one...and there's often several people waiting for it.

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New Kansas law would limit spending of welfare benefits

Prove it, Charles. Please? Prove that "much assistance money is spent on the wrong things". And please prove how easy it is for people who are able to work actually *can* work *and* earn enough so they don't need food stamps. Thanks.

April 17, 2015 at 3:38 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

New Kansas law would limit spending of welfare benefits

Have *you* tried lately to live on $29 a week for food? If not, why don't *you* take the challenge?

Keep in mind that you CANNOT use any food you already have, and that includes salt, pepper, sugar, ketchup, etc. You also CANNOT go to a food pantry for free food or use soup kitchens for free meals (after all, those are NOT available to everyone).

Indeed, why don't you try it for TWO weeks? See how long you last before wishing the darned challenge were over your case...there *would* be an end.

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Bad weather forecast prompts cancellation of KU's Big Event

We were looking forward to their coming and helping us at our house. The students have done great jobs in the past. Oh well. Wait till next year! I guess we need the rain.

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Kansas State Board of Education to vote on allowing 'innovative' districts to hire unlicensed teachers

Huh?? Exactly what "hoops" were so hard that you didn't jump through them? You had to take tests? Oh! The horror!!

You *do* realize that you're actually saying that you're only willing to be a teacher if it isn't hard. Yeesh,

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