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Name recognition: Jayhawks get big name — Charlie Weis

Welcome CW! I hope you have a long and great coaching experience at Kansas!
Rock Chalk Jayhawk KU!

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Kansas football search takes a turn

Zenger-- Call Mike ACKERLEY Dir. of College Recruitment for the Tenn. Titans. Also a former Asst Coach at KU. He would get the job done at KU and bring back pride and strength to KU football.

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KU updates design of diplomas

It looks like a K to me!
I'll bet if you see the design in person you might change your mind.....
The photos are a terrible presentation of a nice design......

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KU updates design of diplomas

Who was the designer? It's about time for an update after 30 years
The new diploma is much better, crisp, clear and a very nice design.
To bad it was not presented correctly in photos given to LJW
Im sure the designer did not post these photo's.

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Holiday snowstorm will prove costly to city

parrotthead your missing the point.
If the firetrucks, police, or ambulance can't get through because a car is stuck in the way or because the streets haven't been plowed i call that an emergency.-response time would be awful. also the point was that plowing is PW's job.even during the holidays.. I was only offering a solution. with an added bit of common sense. Thank goodness there were no major fires or issues where vehicles weren't able to reach the scene in a timely manner
On the issue. I didn't see you comment on that--. if you will notice majority of the comments were not happy about the job done. Solutions are much better rather then ranting.Simply the city has to do a better job. The solution
I offered has been sucessful in other villages up north.and that was the point to my comment.....

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Holiday snowstorm will prove costly to city

If the city would only look at what cities about the same size as Lawrence do in the North.
3- 4" inches and above snowfall -hire private companies to plow and salt secondary streets, cul-da sac, dead ends and circles
The City and County handle primary roads. All of this
would be done by contract with a set fee on a yearly basis
Common Sense: Yes it was Christmas but also yes it is a job that needs to be done. If there was a fire would we allow the fire department not fight the fire. because it's a holiday.

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Roads finally cleared of snow

Privatize snow removal on secondary roads and roundabouts dead ends, and circles. Leave downtown and major throughfares to the city and county crews.

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Lawrence roads still treacherous

IT is fortunate that I have a 4 wheel drive truck, so I could get around. Could who ever is in charge of plowing in this town please tell the public why a plow with a salter
was used to stand idle to block the street next to the court house today instead of plowing the streets. A simple couple of cones could have blocked cars from entering..
Sorry to say the roads and plowing of this town was poor
I know it was Christmas and i do want to praise the workers
who work hard and long workers. But there should be a better way to manage your assets and equipment and put them to better use.

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Have you dropped any money in a Salvation Army bell ringer's pot this season?

I always drop my spare change in the kettle.
The Salvation Army is one of the best Chartable Organizations in the world.

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Illnesses burden Aldrich

Being raised by my Grandma i know how important they are to everyone in the family. My prayers to you and your family. I met your Dad and Mom last year at ;Sunflower
so i know you are a close knit family.
Nothing like good old Minneasota chicken soup and rest for that bronchitis...

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