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Town Talk: Church strikes deal to move into vacant Masonic Temple building in Downtown Lawrence

Actually, Liberal, no I wasn't fired from that scab of a place I voluntarily told them to stick it. Why? After a year of: not being allowed to replace broken or in bad repair appliances and carpet for tenants, not being allowed to purchase office suppies for our office, not being allowed to use the company vehicle to take prospective tenants to view properties, being told I didn't yell at the lower staff enough and finally, the icing on the cake, this time last year being told by a member of Doug E Fresh's office staff "when you are processing a tenants security deposit at the end of their lease and you don't get more of their money than they do, you are not doing your job" it was more than I could stomach anymore. I've seen you repeatedly on these boards extolling the virtues of Doug Compton so I think instead of me being an "supposed fired ex employee" your'e probably one of the skanks that he uses to run his office while he's out and about doing god only knows what (but some of us know) with all of Lawrence's money!!

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Town Talk: Church strikes deal to move into vacant Masonic Temple building in Downtown Lawrence

Compton has money coming out of his ears, but why doesn't he put any of that money into his existing properties? As a former Mgr. for FMI I can tell you that his campus places are falling apart. The Oread and The Regency smell awful, all of the time. He refuses to replace carpeting for tenants or old, nasty, ripped up linoleum. He refuses to upgrade appliances at Highpointe or Applecroft and they are constantly falling apart. I can honestly sit here and list what's wrong with all of his properties and why he refuses to fix them having sat in on his little meetings where they say awful things about their tenants. He doesn't care if he pisses of his tenants because the skanks that run his company are always saying "10,000 new people will be here next year!" That man and his company are a blight on the city of Lawrence. I wish people would realize that and put a stop to his little projects before he owns it all and the whole thing is a slum!!

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Chick-fil-A flap is a free speech issue

The bigot that owns Chick-fil-A has the right to say/think whatever he wants to. That's what makes this country great. I, also, have the right to my own thoughts and feelings. Thinking that he is a bigot and he supports an antiquated way of looking at life, I have every right to never spend another penny at Chick-fil-A as long as I live (not that I did much anyway because their food is crap). Instead of being up in arms about this as*hat and his pathetic opinion, protest with your dollars.

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Movie choice

Violence isn't new. What is new to the past ten years is how bombarded we are with "information". Between our phones and our computers, we know way more about what's happening around the world instantly! And so do our kids. I can remember a few of the instances mentioned above happening when I was young but not clearly. I didn't sit down to watch the news at night, I didn't have a phone that alerted me to stuff, I didn't have a twitter account or instant access to videos of people acting like idiots. Our kids do. They emulate our behavior because that's what kids are all about. If we think we're raising a whole generation of lazy, whiny, violent weenies, we only have ourselves to thank. BTW, my kids don't have phones, or facebook or twitter accounts. They still ride their bikes and play outside. Crazy, eh?

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Mother charged in child’s death

It almost seems as if some of you are saying it would've less of a heinous tragedy if she had obtained these pills legally vs. illegally?! You guys do realize that there are A LOT of people addicted to pills that get them legally from their doctors every single day. Then there are these folks:

My good friend ruptured a disc in her lower back. They immediately put her on a hydrocodone/muscle relaxer cocktail and started pushing surgery on her. After three surgeries and two years of pills (which by this time are oxycontin), now she's basically an addict. BUT WAIT, the doc says you're becoming an addict, we have to take you off the pills. But she's in horrible pain because none of the surgeries did anything to help but now she has no pain meds. What's she going to do? Buy them on the street! But that makes her a damned dirty drug addict that should be flogged or something, right? If she gets caught trying to manage her pain she will go to jail. If she doesn't manage her pain she can't stand upright or walk like a normal person. What a crappy catch 22!

Prescription pills are a huge problem and the doctors throw them around like candy to whomever wants them. More and more of our populace are becoming addicted to them and no one is getting any help. Twice this year family members of mine were prescribed crazy drugs for relatively minor things. I'm talking Oxy and Methadone! Methadone!! After I had my first child I was weepy in the doctor's office at a post natal visit (because I was tired and worn out and had a new baby and lots of new hormones) and she wrote me a prescription for Zoloft. WTF? Whatever happend to just being sad?

Sorry about my rant, as far as this chick goes, she will suffer forever for what she's done. I couldn't imagine making such a stupid error in judgement and causing the death of my beautiful child. :(

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Bodybuilder Tina Hawkins lifts weights to strengthen back muscles during training Friday, July 13, 2

Okay, I can appreciate the fact that she's in great physical shape, but I have never been able to understand why a woman would want to be a body builder. It's not at all feminine, the way they end up looking is gross, I don't know any normal man who would want a woman who has pecs instead of boobs. Icky.

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Woman reports finding man in house early Sunday

Or, the middle of the night home invaders will start carrying guns, too, so that they can shoot back if a trigger happy home owner starts shooting at them. Most people that will break into a house to steal are on dope. Dope makes you do stupid things, like steal, abuse/neglect your kids or shoot someone during a robbery attempt, etc.

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100 years ago: Asylum escapee frightens Lawrence residents

I think the White School is that older white school house in north lawrence right near TeePee junction.

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Lawrence man, 29, sentenced to prison for sexually assaulting 13-year-old girl

Child raper, execute him, end of story!! He preyed on a child. He's an adult. There is no other side to it. If the mother is somehow culpable she should lose her kids and spend the rest of her life in prison for allowing this monster to be anywhere near her girls. God I hate baby diddlers!!!

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Be prepared

Cheryl, dear, don't waste your time on Liberty. The rest of us have been subjected to their posts for ages and we've all learned that Liberty is a sad, horrid, nasty little person. Kind of like a boil on the ass of humanity. Now, you being a Nurse (and thanks for that btw), you know what we do with boils. We lance them and hope they eventually go away. :)

Oh, and my bestest friend is an LMH RN and she makes nowhere near 65k, so you pukes keep talking. You just won't fess up and say it, it doesn't matter what Obama does, you aren't going to like it because he's a democrat or maybe it's just because he's a black man. Either way, you are all transparent and gross. Puke on your faces!!

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