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Man critically injured after three-story fall from balcony

And once again, observant is wrong!! Having worked property mgmt for a long time in the Lawrence area, for mostly "student ghettos" as you call them, I can name several reasons our maintenance would be called to a tenant's apartment in the middle of the night: heater is out, water is leaking somewhere, there's a heavy gas smell, major infestation of a stinging or biting bug, fire issues, alarm issues, unit was robbed-glass was broken-maintenance must cover until repaired, etc. As a manager I had to go out personally in the middle of the night to deal with parking problems and to have cars towed, because of police complaints in the complex, major party complaints, etc. So, as usual, you don't know what you're talking about and yet you continue to spout off at the mouth. SMH!!

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Letter to the Editor: Look at science

Excellent analogy!

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Wichita man appeals 27-year sentence over 'sexting'

First, cite your source. I would like to hear about all of these children being tried as adults all over the US (for crimes that aren't murder) and second, you're soooo creepy. Remind me to keep all of the young people in my life away from the likes of you and others like you who obviously think it is okay to exploit a 14 year old for pornography. <shudder at your grossness>

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Wichita man appeals 27-year sentence over 'sexting'

A: You're a vile person to attack me when you don't know me from Adam.
B: We don't charge children for adult crimes unless the severity of the crime calls for. As a matter of fact, if you'll gladly check your stats, you'll obviously see that very few juveniles are charged as adults unless the crime is capital murder, so your point is badly made and amounts to nada.
C: This man wasn't looking for a consentual partner. He was looking for a child to get naked pics from. To me 14 is still a child. Maybe to you, 14 is old enough to exploit and maybe that means we should look into who YOU are as a person. If you feel like this man is okay then by all means, let's hook him up as FB friends with your kid or niece or granddaughter. No? Hmmm, wonder why not?

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Do you know who Carrie Nation is?

Can u believe that's Carrie Fisher? I saw her on Roseanne's Roast and was all like um, what happened? Doesn't look like this anymore!! LOL

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Wichita man appeals 27-year sentence over 'sexting'

Maybe to some of you the sentence seems harsh, but think of it this way. Maybe the judge saw this guy for what he seems to be. A sex offender. Maybe a mild one at this time, but what about the future? We all know how it goes down with these freaks. It starts with images, and then that's not enough. Then they move on to touching and molesting kids, until they get caught. They do a little time and are let free but they need to offend again. Well, the last kid talked, so whaddya do about that? You kill the next kid so they can't talk. I'm sorry but this guy seemed to be well on his way to all-out child sex perv. Now, if the judge had given the a**hat a year or two and then the guy got out and raped and murdered a girl, everyone would be all "why did the judge let him out the last time? It was obvious he was a sex perv". Can't have it both ways, folks! :)

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Group criticizes Lawrence school district over open records request

I send financial reports to people all the time, in my position, and it is customary to create in excel and convert to pdf so that people on the receiving end cannot manipulate the data in any way. Considering the guy who's requesting the data is a minion of some of the biggest money grubbing, dirty, rotten scumbags of all time, I see exactly why they sent it in pdf. Makes perfect sense to me. Sounds like this guy just likes to snivel.

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Kobach sues Obama administration over immigration amnesty plan

Oooh, brown people scare us. LOL. Kris, don't go away mad.....just go away!!

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Romney reveals little about himself

And she dresses it up real pretty and takes it to horse proms. LOL. Thanks Jon Stewart for that info. I also know what she spent on horse proms in the last 5 years could fed, housed and clothed 25 American families for close to a decade. But whatever, as long as Mitt and Ann are happy, right? ; )

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You hit it right on the head, tomatogrower! The baggers and righties don't have an alternate plan, they just don't want to approve ANY Obama plans. Some of them have even said their whole purpose is to shoot down any of Obama's initiatives. How is that helping anything? I don't mind people disagreeing with the way he wants to do things but have an alternative we can discuss like adults before throwing yourself down on the floor, crossing your arms and having a temper tantrum! "NO NO NO I DON'T LIKE THAT BROWN MAN'S PLAN SO I'M NOT GONNA DO IT!" And the part that really kills me is that no other democratic President has had this much of a hard time getting bipartisan legislation passed in our history! That tells me that a: the plans he has really affect the money boys and they are dead set against anything that might take money out of their fat cat pockets and b: they just can't cotton to having a man of color in office. So sad and pathetic. That as*hat Romeny doesn't have a chance of winning, so couple their really bad candidate with their horrible sense of what's right and wrong and I'm almost sad for all of them.

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