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What is your favorite scary movie?

For shock & slasher value, the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre. For freak out value I love the Exorcist and an old movie I watched when I was a kid called Burnt Offerings. Paranormal Activity is good for the skin crawling thing. For jump out at you fun, I love American Werewolf in London. For campy bad B horror, any of the Friday the 13th's.

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State report shows safety, security problems in sexual predator treatment program

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For tenants and landlords, knowledge is power

Let me tell you the first rule of tenant/landlord relations in Lawrence. Stay Away From FMI Properties!! As someone who worked for, and quit working for, Doug E Fresh, I know from first hand experience that you will be completely used and abused as a tenant there. I had to ask permission with a requisition form for parts to fix appliances (and it was generally turned down), all of his properties that aren't on Mass (or Saddlebrook at 6th) are pieces of crap. Highpointe is nasty. The ones on 19th are infested!! Anything on campus is disgusting and he refused to let me replace carpets or linoleums. And that skank at his office told me once "if you're doing your job, when they move out they should get back little to none of their deposit" when she didn't like the way I let residents have their deposits back when they moved. Seriously, parents don't let your kids rent from that slumlord.

As for Paul Horvath I also worked for him for a week. When I saw how bad he was in debt and how he was robbing Peter to pay Paul I was dumbfounded that anyone could run a business like this. Then when it turns out he couldn't even pay ME, I knew it was time to hit the bricks there.

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Sound Off: Loud event

..."and you kids turn down that loud racket. And stay off my damned lawn!!"

<rolls eyes>

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Sound Off: Involuntary ear piercing

Ick, it drives me crazy when I see kids with pierced ears. My first thought is, what if that kid grows up and doesn't want pierced ears? Well, too late now! My second thought is, how hard it must be to get them all healed and ready to go. Kids wallow, play, wrestle, squirm and don't pay attention to the little things. I can imagine how much it must hurt the child to turn the earrings twice daily and wipe the area down with alcohol, etc. I can imagine that accidentally ripping them out might be an issue. It's all too much. We should wait and let them make up their own minds, when they're old enough to make an informed choice and old enough to care for them properly.

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Letter: Wrong answer

Can't believe I'm getting ready to say this, and it hurts a little (I won't lie)...Liberty is right. If someone is going to go psycho, forcing them into compulsory service to their country isn't going to all of a sudden transform them into a responsible young person. Some people are just effed in the head and all we can do is lock them away from the rest of us and try to get them some help. As for the rest of the citizens, we can't cower in our houses in fear of everything that goes bump in the night. Gun crimes are horrible, especially the ones recently, but they kill a small percentage of the population. Booze, cars, tobacco, drugs, cancer, etc. all kill tons of people every day. What are we going to pick to be most afraid of: gunmen, cars, psychos, cigarettes, the myriad cancer causing agents, sex pervs, terrorists, republicans? The list goes on and on......

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State trying to make sperm donor pay child support

Oh I'm all for that. There's no reason a gay couple shouldn't be allowed to marry, divorce, deal with custody and child support BS just like the rest of us.

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State trying to make sperm donor pay child support

In actuality, the state won't get involved unless the mother of the child applied for some sort of state assistance: medical, food, cash, etc. If she applied for assistance, the first thing the state does is determine if she's getting child support and if not, they dig into the "why" of that issue.

To me, this seems a non-issue. We're still trying to run this whole child support thing like it's 1950, when we have to get with the times. The man shouldn't be help liable at all. The mother and the "step-mother" should forever be responsible for this kid.

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100-year-old Lawrence woman recalls World War II service

Thank you, Emma, for your brave service and sacrifice. Your generation always continues to amaze me!

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Sound Off: What is being built in front of the Walmart on Iowa Street?

That's odd, every time I go to the AT&T store on 23rd I have to wait at least half an hour because it's always packed.....always!! It would be refreshing to have another location to handle some of that overflow.

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