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Local priests praise selection of Argentine cardinal as new pope

Wow. The low-information, "tolerant" liberal trolls never cease to amaze me. Your only knowledge of the Catholic Church is from CNN and the Onion. You are no experts on the Catholic Church...if you were, you would intelligently be able to respond without judging the Church old and out of touch. It society that is clueless and your ignorant, response only proves the point. Nice work haters.

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Catholic Cardinals choose 266th pope

Okay...don't be haters.

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Catholic Cardinals choose 266th pope

Why don't you drive across town?

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Heavy snowfall set to begin later tonight; forecasts call for 10 inches by noon Tuesday

Just heard a National Weather Service rep on KMBZ. The NWS is being conservative but reality is they are thinking 13-15 inches for us.

Could the city do what KC is doing? Get cars OFF the street so the snow plows can just move through the streets more efficiently. If your car HAS to be on the street, park on the West side for North and South streets and on the South side for East and West streets.

Cities in the east do this and they open up the streets much faster.

Good luck everyone.

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Snow more: Winter storm warning issued for Monday, Tuesday

I saw we do like Boston...order all motorists and cars off the streets. The city crews could clear the roads much faster and more efficiently.

Just something to think about. They DO know how to handle snow.

Thanks for the city crews for working so diligently. You are barely going to breathe before this next one hits.

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Snow storm hits Lawrence

Hey. drquack. Lighten. Up. It snowed and we needed the moisture. It came down fast and by the foot. Lower. Your. Expectation. Thanks to the city crews who are out working in the cold so you can get your street plowed. They are working on it. You must be very important.

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Menards files plans to build store east of Home Depot near 31st and Iowa

There is a God in Lawrence Kansas! I've been driving to Menards since they opened for all my home improvement stuff. HD doesn't hold a candle to them.

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Former Lawrence police officer turns DUI accident into life mission

Seriously? We are going to bash this guy for trying to do something good? You are insane.

...And the natives go back to the cave to roast one of their own. Here on Gilligan's Island.

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Developer, proposed Rock Chalk Park partner Thomas Fritzel involved in company that owes $3.4M in back taxes, fees

Chad-perhaps some disclosure about the relationship between the Simons, the Fritzels and the purchase of the 645 New Hampshire Building in 2005 by Postal Investors, LC. Did something go wrong with that deal so the Simons are out to get Fritzel?

Something smells funny.

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