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Doug Compton's latest project and the debate over downtown parking; high tech traffic solutions presented to City Hall

I don't know how the boundaries were determined, but according to the current zoning map, downtown (or the CD zoning district) is generally (with some zigs and zags) between 6th Street on the north, 11th Street on the south, from the alley between Vermont and Kentucky Streets on the west, and from either the middle of Rhode Island Street or the alley between New Hampshire and Rhode Island Streets on the east. Before the 2006 change, downtown (now CD) was zoned C-3, and it was this C-3 zone that was originally exempt from the off-street parking requirements. The Pachamama's property was, at that time, zoned C-4A. The C-4A zoning area was rolled into the CD zone, and exempted from off-street parking requirements.

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Doug Compton's latest project and the debate over downtown parking; high tech traffic solutions presented to City Hall

Thanks as always for your excellent reporting, Chad. I have to quibble with one point you make, though: your assertion that "for decades, city code has allowed downtown development to occur without off-street parking." That may be true, but the finer point is that it is only fairly recently that the Pachamama's building was rezoned to be included as part of the central commercial district. Prior to the city revamping our entire system of zoning in 2006, the Pachamama's property was NOT part of the central commercial district, which is exempt from parking requirements for new building projects. Instead, it was part of an "overlay district" which did require off-street parking for new mixed-use developments with residential components.

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Largest drinking establishment in the city goes up for sale; City Commission plans listening sessions about police headquarters

Perhaps the venue choices are because the folks in West Lawrence largely voted for the police headquarters, and the folks in East Lawrence largely voted against it (i.e., the commissioners want to hear from the people who weren't convinced)?

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Proposed apartment building near KU seeks another parking exemption from City Hall; WOW in negotiations to keep Discovery Channel; city to host food/toy drive Monday

From the KU Parking website: "Note that owning a permit does not guarantee that a student will be able to park in a particular lot at any given time of day. Permits are oversold and parking stalls are available daily on a first-come, first served basis." A limited number of permits are available for parking in the parking garages, but again, having one of those permits does not guarantee you a spot.

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East Lawrence residents raise new concern about proposed Ninth Street ArtPlace project

Why can't the Arts Center just redact the names of the donors, and of the employees whose salaries would be revealed?

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Lawrence wants property to house multimillion dollar police headquarters

What do police do in a building that is so "unique" that it can't be accommodated in a retrofitted structure? I imagine they mostly need office space, maybe some lab space, secure storage, rooms for meetings and interrogations, etc. There is a place for shooting guns in the community building downtown, so even that function can be shoehorned into an existing space.

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Lawhorn's Lawrence: 150 years later, Quantrill's Raid is still personal

Certainly Lawrence's abolitionists were right when it came to the question of slavery. But Kehde's statement is a little bit simplistic, and to sweepingly claim the moral high ground ignores the long and shameful history of segregation that permeates Lawrence's history.

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Once home to a university-run high school, nearly century-old KU building demolished

If this building was structurally unsound, it became so because KU ceased to maintain it. What I don't understand is why the local preservation community allowed this building to fall with so little interest/protest?

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City balks at plan to allow motorists to use credit cards for new downtown parking garage

The KU parking garage IS gated. The machine at the exit accepts only credit/debit cards; if you want to use cash, you have to prepay through a machine in the stairwell of the garage before you leave. KU makes a profit by charging 1.25/hr to park in the garage, and by not pro-rating partial hours--if you park there for 10 minutes, you are charged for a whole hour.

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