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Message of hate

Doesnt it seem strange that the KKK is backing Obama just for the simple fact that they dont like Hilary. How is that possible?

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Downtown concert plan seems to have city leaders' support

I think they also ought to look into having Willie Nelson come and play some tunes. LOL...Also this will be very close to the homeless shelter, surely it's going to be a free event and they arent going to charge those poor homeless people.

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Message of hate

The white house is called the white house for a reason.
It's full of white people. I guess there is a reason why there has never been a black or woman president. Why is that?

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Message of hate

I think Fred Phelps has all these guys beat with a message of hate.

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E-mail scam artists prey on trusting souls

Come on people, do you think that anyone would give you money. Okay im going to give you a million dollars, is that okay? Come on wake up girls.

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E-mail scam artists prey on trusting souls

I do think it is kind of funny that both of these girls are blond. How ironic. No pun intended.

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Who do you think has been the best player on KU's basketball team this year?

Darnell most improved by far and probably the 2nd best on the team in my opinion. I think hands down with the exception of the last couple of losses Mario is the best in my mind. Seeing him fly through the air and take off and dunk from far out seems to me to be a major example of what some of our big guys should be doing. Take note.

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Tax rebate checks will be in the mail by spring

This money will certainly let deadbeats off the hook that owe back child support being they still wont have to pay a dime of their own money and their free money will relieve them of their financial responsibility. I know it's a good thing because alot of kids will get their dues finally. But overall it sure sounds like in alot of ways a way to get people off the hook oweing either back taxes or child support.

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Tax rebate checks will be in the mail by spring

Thanks BUsh, the one thing that you try and do to make yourself look good and while it's on your way out. I'll take the money but I'm not going to thank Bush for it. It's something he signed but not his money so it doesnt do much for me to give anybody credit for it. FRee MOney????? Arent there currently a small percentage of people in this world already getting free money or the hand out as I call it?

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Steffes calling it quits at Last Call

Kooter posted this on Larryville and I had to get it in.

That's too bad .

And on the night when the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is having their big exstravaganza celebrating diversity.
Blanston says,

"Please do not post on my threads anymore, kooter."

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