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Have you ever damaged your car by driving over a pothole?

Watch out for the potholes ( many ) off of 23rd and Ridge Court. Just past First Med, I hit them in the dark the other night. Hard to avoid them when they cover most of the road.

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Closings and cancellations for Thursday, Feb. 3, 2011

Lawrence does have drop-in child care. Go the website below and see what they have to offer. A truly wonderful place to take your kids.

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Once snow melts, potholes expected to be less prevalent than years past

I have to agree, the potholes through the detour here in North Lawrence get worse each day. They did cover the ones before the tracks, but that tar is slowly going away. The war zone just ahead is getting bad. I did learn years ago to avoid them, but at times it can be hard. For sure at night when you can't see them. The drivers behind me just follow along with what I do. Its kind of like playing follow the leader. If you drive the roads long enough, you do get to know where they are.

I wonder how long it will take the city to fix them? There will be a first time, then a second , then a third after the construction is done. Filling them in doesn't do anything, and isn't it just a waste of money anyway?

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Deadly motorcycle accident causes closure of 23rd and Iowa intersection

My son just bought a motorcycle for his birthday. He bought it to save on gas from driving his truck. Every time I see an accident, I freak out and check out the color of the bike. I called him right after I had heard about it and reminded him...........Please be careful and watch out for others who may not see you. My condolences go out to the family.

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LHS seniors suspended for pre-game prank

High School pranks were real big when I was in high school. Our school had its rival and we did things through out the year to eachother all the time, but not one person ever got caught.

I remember one year ( my senior year ) we filled their pool with golf balls. I'm talking the whole pool. May sound innocent, but it was fun to do.

They did come back and toss not one but all of the bleachers surrounding our pool into the pool.

Pranks have been going on for years at schools. As long as no one gets hurt, then its all good. Schools will continue to do pranks as it has been going on for years.

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Sex shop tries new tactic to stay put

Someone out there needs to get a life and let the man be. Geez people, you let him put the store in and now you are complaining about it.

He sells things for sexual aid. Theres nothing wrong with that. Some people need a bit of extra help at times. He also sells other items for other uses. I have gone in there plenty of times to buy gifts for friends getting married.

I say let the man stay where he is, run his buisness and live his life.

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KU student attacked while walking alone

I do feel sorry for this young lady, but come on now girls. DON'T WALK ALONE AT NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!

Vince you had me just rolling...........I do feel sorry for here still.

Common sense to all young minded college girls who walk alone at night.



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Have you had any good recipes passed down to you?

My grandma's Italian Wedding Soup ( she called it ) which is minestrone. It takes forever and a day to make, so I only make it once a year. We are not the traditional Christmas turkey eating family, so we have minestrone soup and lasagna like we have had for years and years. I have kept the tradition going and will keep it going as long as I possible can.

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Young promise cut short

I have read everyones posts in here for the last few days. Each and everytime I read each one, my heart hurts and I get a lump in my throat.

I am so sorry this happened to your family. I live just down the street from where the fire was. It hurts me inside to know that something like this could happen to such a wonderful family.

God Bless all of you again, and may he help you now and forever.

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Final 3 bodies recovered, identified at fire site

May God Bless this family and hold them tightly in his arms.

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