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House approves budget, includes across-the-board cut to state agencies

Notice how my son, Sam, is blessing all Kansans in this picture. He is truly an annointed one (well, not on the same level as me, but...). It's like he's the priest on the altar ministering to the lowly congregation!

Sam knows that my heavenly Father is going to tell him to continue to cut secular education to the bone. That way, more children will attend holy schools which teach them real truth. They'll learn about the lives of Fred, Wilma, Pebbles, and their pet dinosaur, Dino.They'll learn that there were, in fact, dinosauars on Noah's Ark.

Once our population is divinely educated, watch how the Kansas Biosciences initiative will take off. Biologists from all over the world will "flock" to Kansas! They will be so excited to have their children educated here.

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Lawrence judge gives child rapist Donald L. Brown back-to-back life sentences for sex crimes against girls

Needless to say, he'll get his punishment at the hands of the other sinners with whom he'll be residing for the rest of his earthly life.

But don't forget that even "cho-mos can be forgiven and enter the kingdom of Heaven. But my heavenly father and I will have to figure out a way to keep this one away from the cherubims! Maybe we'll have to give him a pet baby dinosaur to play with (If he makes it through the pearly gates, that is.)

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Pound foolish

My son, Sam, knows that the mentally ill are just sinners who have not accepted Me as their savior. Once they accept Me, they will be restored to health. Providing help for them is the same as enabling them to live their sinful lifestyles. That is one reason why I hate Lawrence--too many people with misguided ideas on how to help people. The only help they need is to repent and be saved.

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Christianity a strong theme during Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback's inauguration

My son, Sam, will make it his number one priority to establish my kingdom in Kansas. That means education without evil evolutionary science, no abortions even if the mother is raped by a relative, and tax breaks for those who send their children to schools who teach my message.

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Insulting view

Most of the Brownback voters understand that he is appointed specifically by Me to make sure that Kansas kids get the proper education, Kansas adults get saved, and Mr Brownback gets elected the next POTUS. Children need to learn that scientists have it all wrong. The earth was created only 6000 years ago, not 4.5 some billion like the devil (who rules science) would have you believe. Adults need to stop living in sin, plain and simple. Everyone needs to be married before having sex, every conceived child (even if by rape or incest) deserves to be born regardless of he mother's wishes, and gays are going to that fiery place below. Unfortunately, most of you educated Lawrencians will join them.

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Religious Discrimination?

Thou shouldst know that I loved my baby dinosaurs as much as my sheep.

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Gov.-elect Sam Brownback looking at tax overhaul

Because you wouldn't be rich if it was not God's plan. You deserve to have more than others because you ARE better than others! And don't worry, my Heavenly Father will keep all the roads and bridges in good repair. He'll also provide heavenly police officers (angels) to protect you and your riches from those who might want to redistribute some of your resources.

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Gov.-elect Sam Brownback looking at tax overhaul

KS Manimal, how did you figure this out? Only God's select know these plans to exalt those who follow the Family's doctrine such as the eminent Gov-elect and the eminent captains of industry, the Koch brothers.

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Statehouse Live: Brownback's budget director has recommended lower taxes, higher tuition, vouchers

Don't worry, God is on Sam's side. Lawrence is like Kansas' Gomorrah. God is going to smite the liberal Lawrencians. Just wait and see.

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