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Kansas wildlife commission removes snake from threatened list

You put into words all of my thoughts Mr. Cooper. I am so disgusted withthe direction our state has gone, and you are 100% correct; It is our own damned fault. Unless we pull our heads out of where we have them lodged so firmly we are truely doomed. I've watched unbelievable political adds by both our governor and our "senator" and find it amazing they can get on television and lie about every issue and the voters of Kansas will buy it. Disheartening.

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Notebook: Jayhawks 'didn't compete' in loss at Texas

The Jayhawks are young and they will bounce back. But something that's bothered me all along about Wiggins is what appears to be a lack of toughness. He has the ball stripped several times every game and seems to have trouble going to the basket against tough defenders. He's young and will no doubt be a star one of these days. But I honestly believe he would really benefit from another year of Bill Self's coaching and Hudy's strength training. The same goes for all the members of this team. They all seemed to be afraid of Texas and intimidated by their agressive play yesterday. The thing I always admired about Mario Chalmers was his cockiness and ability to never back down from anyone he faced. It's served him well in the NBA.

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Kobach urges passage of bill that would exclude Lesser Prairie Chicken from federal protection

What a jerk. Typical republican trying to stick his nose in where it isn't needed or wanted to advance the cause of rich fatcats to destroy the environment or anything else that might get in the way of their greed. what a joke this state is becoming.

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Column: Past is prologue for KU, Naadir Tharpe

My stomach still turns when I think of Johnson. I'm convinced he was honestly playing against us in some games last year. I've secretly suspected gambling issues from Las Vegas. Nobody does some of the things he did accidently. Had he been removed from the team (or benched) early in season Tharpe would be farther along than he is and we likely would have made a run into the Final
Four last season. Johnson is at the top of my list for the all time worst player ever to wear a Jayhawks uniform. Just my opinion.

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Cowboys lose emotional game at Kansas

After Embid was ejected a couple of games ago I was concerned the refs might really be after him for awhile (remember when Marcus Morris was ejected). Fred Hoiberg obviously told his players to flop every chance they got last Monday and it worked in their favor. Ford is a good coach and Marcus Smart is a fantastic player so it didn't go un-noticed by them. I don't blame the players so much for trying it as the refs for not catching it. After watching dozens of replays I can't see any convincing evidence that Smart was even grazed by that elbow. Embid and the rest of the Jayhawks will have to realize they are under a microscope and try to control any opportunities the opponets have to catch them with a stupid foul. I'm sure Bill and the assistants have been drilling this into them for several days and hope it will soon pass. P.S. How does OSU keep finding these deadly little sharpshooters?

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Scene of the crime: Hostile Hilton awaits KU

When Coach Orr was at ISU I always liked them. I like Fred Hoiberg but after last year can't hardly stand the fans.I used to think Mizzou fans were nasty(signs about Roy's mother) and the KSU fans morons (throwing chickens on the court), but now I feel ISU fans have combined the worst of both attributes and are at the top of my list for teams I just can't stand.

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Column: Jayhawks will keep things interesting in second half

They probably really are as talented as any team KU's had. They only lack the experience and maturity to put everything together. I think Bill Self is the best coach in college basketball and have no doubt he will have this team playing at their very best by March. If by some chance a couple of them stick around another year they should be as good or better again next year.

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Opinion: Wayne Selden sizes up recruits

In my opinion Dave's right. If everything else is equal KU has it over everyone else because our coach is the best in the country. I know I'm biaised but I can't think of any coach I 'd rather have on out bench than Coach Self.

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Top prospect Andrew Wiggins chooses Kansas

I actually thought he would choose FSU but am delighted he picked the Jayhawks. Congratulations to Coach Self and the staff and more importantly, to Andrew himself. I enjoyed watching Ben this year and will enjoy watching Andrew in the upcoming season. Rock Chalk!

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Aww, shucks: WSU comes up short

That call will haunt WSU fans forever. They were the better team for 35 minutes of the game. I think this season has seen some of the worst officiating in memory. KU's meltdown aside I thought Michigan got some very generous calls all through that game. Maybe I'm just a KU homer but I always get the feeling that teams from the midwest such as KU, KSU, ISU, and WSU aren't the ones CBS wants to see in the final game or the Final Four. They draw more viewers from the high population areas. Much of the time when a fan's team is out of the tournament they quit watching. If it weren't for WSU I know I wouldn't have cared a wit about it after KU went down.

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