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‘This is terrible’

Congratulations on a great season Jayhawks. You gave us many exciting memories and I'm proud to stand and cheer for the crimson and blue, win or lose. You had a bad day and that happens to everyone in life.I'll look at this team the same as I do the 97 team. One of the best to ever take the court. This just proves that to win a championship takes a certain amount of luck. Sherron made his mark in Jayhawk history and will be loved forever here. We still have the best coach in the country and next year I'll be cheering just as loudly for the new and returning Jayhawks to bring us pride and excitement. Well done Jayhawks!

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Greatest KU games: No. 5

That has to be at the top of my list too. I think all KU fans had dreamed about that game from the moment Roy deserted us. It couldn't have gone any better. Total domination! Rock Chalk!

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Fanning the flames

I've never known Sherron to talk smack (at least in public), particularly about other Big 12 players. When Cookie Miller left NU I thought he took his no class act with him. Apparently Henry found it and tried to use it against the best guard in the country. Not a smart thing to do.

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Recap: KU pushes past KSU on its way to 20-1

I've always believed the antlers to be the most disgusting morons in college basketball. But after watching those purple clad idiots shaking their heads and drooling all over their chicken suits and fake beards I have to give them the edge. Octogon of "Goons" is more like it.......

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’Cats meant to foul

The whiners will always find something to complain ab out. To their credit the KSU players and coach were good sports and behaved like winners, even in defeat. I didn't agree with every call. But I never do if they go against KU. The refs did a good job and were fairly balanced in their calls. That isn't that easy to do when you have several thousand purple slobbering idiots screaming non-stop.

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FINAL: Clutch Collins helps sink KSU, 81-79, in overtime

The Jayhawks won and they did it with class. I'm not sure even the antlers can match the unbridled insanity of K-State and their octobarn of gubers. Rock Chalk

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Changing their stripes?

Mike Anderson is a class act and great coach. Missouri's entire history is being second fiddle to the Kansas Jayhawks and it just eats their guts out. I love it. Rock Chalk forever.

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Mayhem captured on video

I don't know if that was real or not, but its was really cool!

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Face it: Morningstar belongs in rotation

Brady will b e one of the most important cogs in the wheel that rolls the Jayhawks to another National Championship. Everytime I see him on the floor I have the feeling we are more balanced and under control. The fact that he also happens to be a Kansas kid is just icing on the cake. Rock Chalk Brady!

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Buffalo player's letter provides assurance to KU players

Although I think Coach Mangino was treated terribly by the university and in the media none of that is coach Gill's fault. I'll be pulling for him to continue building our football program into the Big12 power I know it can be. Welcome Coach Gill, and best of luck. Rock Chalk!

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