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U.S. Sen. Pat Roberts criticizes Obama, Clinton during Lawrence visit

I'm just so happy to learn that this spineless slimeball is a K-State fan. I could care less about anything he thinks or has to say.

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Gary Bedore’s KU basketball notebook

I'm glad to have that one out of the way. I thought Weber and their big guy were a couple of the biggest babies we've faced all year. Every call that went against them was met with rolled eyeballs and looks of total disbelief on their faces. I hope they continue to have those same looks as Coach Self and the Jayhawks lift the Championship Trophy in a few days.

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KU's Bill Self named Big 12 Coach of the Year again

When Coach Williams left I was really concerned about the future of the Jayhawks. I now believe Coach Self will go down in history as the best coach KU ever had. I fully expect to see him win more National Titles and several more conference championships. He recruits better than Roy ever did and is a humble and honest man. Congratulations coach Self. You make the Jayhawk Nation very proud.

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Danny Manning’s father, Ed, passes away at 68

Mr. Manning played a key role in bringing us the championship in 88. May he rest in peace.

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Bill Self clears Kansas senior Mario Little for competition

The young man made a mistake and no doubt regrets it and is doing his best to make amends. None of us know the entire facts of the incident. But from all accounts I've read he didn't hit anyone. He pushed a female into a sink. As far as I know she wasn't injured. As anyone looking at this honestly knows, young men and young women often allow their hormones and emotions override their good judgement.I wasn't there so can only imagine that the young lady was likely getting in his face and may have been guilty of over reacting just like Mario was. His testosterone and youth got the better of him and he reacted inappropriately. Its easy for all of us to critize his actions and look down our noses at him. But I'm guessing under the same circumstances and at the same age most of us would have responded similarly. I think we are very fortunate to have a man like Bill Self who carefully weighed all the facts (most of which are unknown to the general public) and made a responsible decision based on what is best for Mario and for the University of Kansas.

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State Rep. Anthony Brown criticizes Lawrence, KU

I hate to break it to Rep. Brown, but the rest of the country and world considers the state of Kansas to be out of touch and an embarrassment . Lawrence and the University of Kansas do far more to show the great things about our state than some narrow minded right winged fool in the House of Reps.

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KU basketball player Mario Little arrested after altercation involving girlfriend, suspended indefinitely

There is no doubt Mario had a serious lasp in judgement . All facts have not been presented and until they are the law of the land demands innocence be presumed. Most young men in his age group (even the very best of them) are not noted for using sound judgment 100% of the time. Especially when a female is involved a normally sane and responsible young man will sometimes do things totally out of character. I trust HCBS to evaluate ALL the facts at the proper time and make a fair and intelligent decision about what Mario's future with the Jayhawks will be. Until then I'll give them the benefit of a doubt and not believe all I read in the LJW (KU AD Bubba?).

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Gill engineers Jayhawks’ reversal

Although I didn't go on any message boards or talk shows last week I am guilty of being one of the naysayers. I'm ashamed I didn't give Coach Gill more of a chance. I still believe we have a long way to go before we win another Orange Bowl. However, I think the future looks bright for the young players and their new coach. I hope people will give them a chance to develop and grow and enjoy the experience by supporting them no matter how the rest of the season goes.

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NDSU coach rips KU

Unfortunately, nice guys seem to finish last, especially in college football. I hope I'm proven wrong but I can't see us winning a single game this year.

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Ex-Jayhawk Jackson cut by Cavs

Darnell was my favorite player on that team. The way he always patted his heart for his Grandmother after making a shot showed what a loving son and grandson he is. He was a good example of Danny Manning's coaching abilities. I wish him well and hope some other team will pick hiim up and take advantage of his skill and work ethic. Good luck Darnell.

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