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Child's killer expresses regret as he's given 16-year term

We have, my dear, we have.....

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Child's killer expresses regret as he's given 16-year term

What an entertaining thread THIS has been. Jannie, the only person here who is stupid is you. You have pushed a huge number of professional buttons because your posts (if you are employed in the system) have violated some very clear and serious professional restrictions, not to mention state and federal laws. And yet some of your posts suggest you have no understanding of the professional restrictions. If you are not a social worker, your posts and your own admissions make it sound like you have somehow accessed records that should be extremely difficult for anyone outside the system to access. So if you are completely outside the system and simply know this guy, then he or someone close to him would have had to share records with you that only he, himself, is legally allowed to request. Which means you are sure awfully close to a very smarmy person. But, ah, yes, you are claiming to know him, aren't you? Hate to have to explain this to you in such simple language, but it seems you don't get anything more complex.


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Professor blasts KU, sheriff's investigation

It's amazing all the folks on the right who have been calling Miercki (and the folks defending him) bigots and worse, immediately jumped to the conclusion that he faked his beating, is faking his bruises, etc., etc., ad naseum. The hate expressed here is beyond incredible. And by people who call themselves "Christians". Christiaons beating people up laughable? Have any of you ever heard of Timothy McVey?? Seems to me he defended his god just a state south of you. That's just one fanatic of many. Christian hate is just as ugly as any other kind. You folks are makeing Kansas look like Iran.

Native Kansan in Washington (the world is watching, folks)

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Mirecki resigns from KU department post

Well, that's just EXCELLENT!!

The American Taliban at work!

Congrats, dudes!!

{{heavy sarcasm}}

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Religion professor's e-mail outrages critics

What a lovely debate! Mirecki seems to be either the worst &*(%%#** of an instructor a university has ever hired, or the best, apparently. Several points stand out, however.

1. Miriecki is not running a political campaign or violating any laws relative to government employees using government resources. He's a professor at a university who is teaching a class under the well established precepts of "academic freedom." He has a right to his opinion and a right to express it in his classes, and if he does so in a professional and well-grounded academic manner then BRAVO!

2. His students are adults and don't have to agree with him - all they have to do is understand his point of view. If they refuse to do that, their loss, no matter what side of the debate they are on. Pilgrim is flat wrong about students flunking if they don't accept the prof's point of view. I didn't agree with a prof trying to teach his version of creationism - but I got an A in his class anyway because I took the trouble to learn and understand his point of view. And, by the way, I HAD to take that class....I'm not hearing that anybody has to take Miriecki's if they don't want to.

3. Universities, by their nature SHOULD be hotbeds of debate. And professors in departments disagree all the time. Loudly and strongly! I've been in enough of them to know this for a fact. That's ok. It keeps the brain cells moving on all sides.

4. ID has successfully avoided the crucible of academic debate up to now. It's high time this fnally happened, and if it's as great a thing as it's supporters claim, they should welcome the fire because it will survive. The angst among the ID supporters about the possibility of close examination and critical review suggests that they know they have alot to worry about. Miriecki is exactly the kind of person who should be doing the examination. Your friends won't point out your flaws and good theories don't need friends. They do need honest enemies. Evolution has always had quite a few of those, but the ID folks haven't been numbered among them.

5. Having taught at the university level, I'm (un)happy to say that almost none of the freshmen in any of my classes have had any understanding at all of the concepts of scientific method, peer review, or how to write even a marginal research paper. So enough of the upper level debates in high school...let's just try teaching some decent basic science.

Miriecki is doing exactly what he should be doing. Conspiracy theories are nonsense. The man has an opinion and the principle of academic freedom gives him the right to speak it. People shouldn't waste their money on a univeristy education if they think they shouldn't have to be exposed to ideas they might not agree with.


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