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Trump's attempts to prove widespread voter fraud appear to have stalled

'But, alas, the stupid rules say the team that scores the most points wins."

That is how it works...........except for the most important office in the United States of America.

Hence.......we have an un-elected "president" in charge of an illegitimate "government".

So what does it matter whether the illegitimate "government" is "open" or "closed" is simply "fraudulent".

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Trump's attempts to prove widespread voter fraud appear to have stalled


You folks wanted this unqualified, ignorant, retarded, racist jerk. You got him.

Congratulations!!!!!!! You lose.

President Hillary Clinton should have been inaugurated, She won the popular vote.

Don't scream at me about the stupid "electoral college. It should have been abolished long before this colossal fraud of who is the legitimate winner of the election.

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Federal government shuts down; Dems, GOP blame each other

To Richard's post.......AMEN!!!

"Conservative" is simply a moniker for the throwbacks jerks, and other obstructionists in our country. Their attempts to hold the DACA children hostage to their stupid and callous political crap are reprehensible. There should be a constitutional provision to deal with useless so called conservative throwbacks.

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Trump creates path for Kansas, other states to require Medicaid recipients to have a job

What else would you expect from the racist, bigoted, s--t head jerk that the electoral college has brought on this country?

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What has become of the art for East Ninth Street?

You mean that there is not enough junk in the junkyard for the local "artists"??

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U.S. Senate panel narrowly backs Brownback for religious freedom post in Trump administration

Religious freedom.............if you happen to be Brownback's religion.............

No LGBT rights

No birth control

No abortions

No gay marriages.

Really great freedoms!!!!!!!!!!!!..............What a crock of "you-know-what!!!!

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Trump declares opioids a public health emergency

Trump is a public health emergency........and there is no pill for that...

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BuzzFeed sues Kris Kobach over denial of records requests

Someone ought to sue him for impersonating a qualified government employee.

Kansas should have him return the portion of his salary that is wasted on his trips to Washington to suck up to Chump.

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Letter to the editor: Trying times

The "insanity" being the willingness to accept the disgusting, degrading fool who was (un) elected to the White House.

People willing to express their racist hatred of the "real" black, Muslim, non-citizen President of the United States (according to the "winner" Trump) and his bought and sold candidate (and their endless blather that Mrs. Clinton would be worse) is beyond reality and belief. She was Secretary of State, very well versed in the operation of government, and very competent in all of her previous positions such as being elected Senator in the state of New York.

Maybe she made a few mistakes in handling so called "classified information" but do any of you who have never been in the military what they are really talking about and just how "information" is "classified" and transmitted?

How many others in government service might have done the same or far worse??Do you have any idea of just what your are making your decisions on? We now have a disgusting, debauched, degraded fool with his fingers on the nuclear codes and in a war of words with a very dangerous enemy in North Korea. Would Mrs. Clinton hazard our country with this crap?? I think not.

But the foolish voters bought the "real" fake news that she would destroy the government, establish "Liberalism" (whatever the hell that means) and reveal all our government secrets to our enemies. This along with other massive hogwash on a clearly competent government servant has caused the fraudulent election of a damned fool and jerk in the White House.

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Trump voting commission criticized for lack of transparency

This is any surprise that Kobach has his fingers in??

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