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Letter: Animal advocate

I am sorry that your post did not identify you.

Thanks for the heads up. I have several cats and we have regular trips to the vet.
I will try to locate some of these sellers. The "insurance" you get for "free" when you adopt at the humane society is worthless, I have tried it with a thyroid problem I have had with a cat that I adopted there. No luck at all.

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Letter: Animal advocate

Great letter!! You did not address veterinary care in your letter. So many times an animal that needs care is ignored. Veterinary care can be as expensive as regular medical care and there are no health care insurance plans (that I know of) that cover such care. Some veterinary care clinics will allow you to pay out a vet bill, some insist on immediate payment.
But it is outrageous to let a pet suffer when it is apparent that they need care.

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Panel rejects bill to repeal Common Core in Kansas

Wow, this is great news!! A stick in the eye to the anti-education Koch Industries Regime Kansas government!! We can only hope that some manner of sanity can overcome the Koch billions and their damaging effect on Kansas politics.

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City Manager David Corliss finalist for job in Colorado

Good b good luck, and good riddance. Maybe we can find some real leadership for the city who does not have roundabout visions stuck in his head.

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Letter: Federal dysfunction

The Commander in Chief is just that. He has the authority to "govern by fiat" as a responsibility of his job. The GOP (government of the privileged) republican idiots in congress do not like this. These dolts were elected by clueless voters who bought the political attack ads in the last election, we are stuck with the likes of Ted Cruz and his cohorts. This, of course, is the result of the free ranging money of the Koch Industries Regime and their crusade to take over the Federal Government. As a result, your observation of the obstruction of the Federal Government (and that is really what it is) is caused by Big Money who are really becoming the power. The "dictators" are really the Koch brothers, and the country is falling into a dictatorship of Big Money and the ambitions of the Kochs to rule the country with their dysfunctional regime.

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Kansas House panel endorses effort to change US Constitution

If you do not want an abortion, DO NOT GET ONE!!!

If you want to stick your stupid nose in to other peoples business and situations, and prevent others from having a LEGAL and SAFE abortion, IT IS NONE OF YOUR DAMNED BUSINESS....!!

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Kansas House panel endorses effort to change US Constitution

The GOP (Government of the Privileged) in Kansas continues to tilt against windmills.

The Koch Industries Regime is in full force in attempting to take over the Federal Government, in the same fashion that the Weimer Republic was destroyed by Nazi Germany.

You elected these idiots. Live with it.

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McLinn trial: Years of sexual abuse caused multiple personality disorder, defense says

I agree with James Garvey. "Sarah Gonzales McLinn, 20, of Lawrence, suffered years of sexual abuse"

Why would ANYONE "suffer" through "years" of abuse and not just GET OUT??

Something is missing here..........

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Kansas closer to allowing concealed carry with no permit


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Kansas closer to allowing concealed carry with no permit

I think that if the founding fathers could have been aware of the horrible situations that have resulted from unregulated circulation of firearms in the 21st century, they would have been more restrained in their wording of this amendment. They could not have possibly been aware of the social dysfunctions that exist today, of the carnage that unregulated gun ownership has caused in our modern society and the terrible toll on the citizens from firearms being freely available to mentally ill, emotionally disturbed and generally irresponsible persons.

It is part of the existence of government to protect the welfare of it's citizens. That is why we have police departments. (Dysfunctional police departments notwithstanding)

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