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'The Daily Show' roasts recent Kansas legislation

Kansas with it's Koch owned "government" it the laughing stock of the Nation. Governor Brownbackwards is legendary, the bogus Secretary of State a scab on liberty and freedom.

See what you get when you believe the attack ads from the Kochs??

When Hillary Clinton announces her candidacy, the fingers are already poised on the buttons that will unleash the most disgusting, defamatory, fraudulent attack ads that the country has ever seen from the Koch Industries Regime and their hidden "political committees". Be ready for it. Keep your children away.

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Editorial: Voter apathy

Yeah, why not?? We just witnessed thousands of man hours and untold millions spent on "improving" these intersections. If these damned roundabouts are so damned great, why not at these intersections as well as 6th and Mass, that intersection is a disaster. How about 9th and Lawrence Ave?? Or 31st and the new trafficway? there is a real traffic hazard!! (Maybe THAT one is on the drawing board!)

Those intersections are about as logical as the ones that that are already out there.

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Editorial: Voter apathy

Carol...".Roundabouts are the only solution available to us" Sez who??

Any "traffic solution that allows distracted drivers to keep rolling while negotiating a curved maze is DANGEROUS!!!! I do not know who is supplying the "statistics"
about these traffic hazards. I am out daily on a school bus and the near misses and screeching breaks completely destroy any notion that these are "safe and needed". People today are in a constant state of "hurry, hurry, hurry". They are in their cars ignoring safe driving practices, they are eating, talking on the damned phone, texting, yelling at kids, adjusting the radio, putting on lipstick, reading something, yada, yada, yada ad nausium.

These stupid "traffic calming" devices are much more dangerous than a simple intersection with a stop sign where you have to STOP........LOOK......and then proceed.

No amount of quoting of "statistics" will ever convince me that these things are safe, reasonable and needed. In the last two months, I have encountered two accidents where cars have run up on the center island. Safe you say? I think not.

You can cobble up all the roundabouts you want, but until you can fix stupid and dangerous drivers, you cannot say these things are safe. YOU CAN'T FIX STUPID!!!!!!!!

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Editorial: Voter apathy

"It’s hard to understand why local elections draw so few voters to the polls." Really, now!

No it's not.

We get a slate of candidates that are carbon copies of the incumbents. We get a slate of candidates that are religiously attached to those dangerous traffic hazards, the European roundabouts. (Every one of them (candidates) endorsed them)
We elect different candidates and we still have a city government that opposes growth and development at nearly every turn. Job availability (GOOD jobs that PAY!) is nearly nil.
Nearly every decision that is made is done in accordance with accordance to the largest local employer, Kansas University.

Why should anyone be interested in voting for the same lame non-leadership??

Why, I ask you??

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Soden, Boley, Herbert win seats on Lawrence City Commission; two incumbents voted out

Great news! Throw the bums out!! Get some new bums!!

Actually, I really liked Soden, she was the only candidate that came to my house and discussed issues with me. I am happy that she won in this election.

Schumbo... how does this guy even get in in the second place given his performance in his first "run" on the city panel.

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United Way offering free online tax preparation for some households

Uh.....hey folks..... IRS has a web site and on that web site they offer a number of tax preparation programs that are free to all. I use the Free Tax site and have my tax return from the feds in about three to four weeks. The State of Kansas is another story I will not bother you with.

This seems to be a little known fact as some folks will pay up to a $100.00 to a college student in Ottawa to do their very simple tax return.

I have a number of items for my return including dividend income, earned income credit. I am also eligible to claim "Head of Household" status and all the documentation that required.

The Free Tax software makes it very easy and efficient.

You might check this out. You could save yourself a lot of money and hassle.

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Managing editor: Why we added USA Today to our newspaper

I bought exactly two issues of USA Today when it first came out. No more. I sort of regard USA Today as a "comic book newspaper" Not much in depth that you see in the real newspapers. It is the first thing that goes in the recycle pile at our house.

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Editorial: Important vote

I have submitted questions to all the city candidates and the ones that had the guts to respond all sounded the same. As far as I am concerned, and I am a big supporter of the "get out and vote" campaign there is no reason to vote for any of them. Perhaps if some candidates that are not tied to the city bible (like roundabouts for instance) were available for the voters I would be interested.

I am not.

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Saturday column: Brownback still has opportunity to move state forward

"How long must Brownback remain inflexible and not acknowledge things are not going well — in fact, going badly?"

You must be delusional. The Koch Industries Regime is not about to let the "governor" to do anything without their complete control. The Kansas governor and the Kansas legislature depended on the Koch Industries Regime's checkbook to buy abusive and ignorant attack ads they knew the Great Unwashed would swallow without any consideration.
The Koch Industries Regime owns the Kansas government lock, stock, and barrel. Nothing happens in Kansas without the consent of the Koch billionaires.

Just like in North Korea or Iran.

We have clearly given the Kansas government to fascist check-writers and are reaping the consequences of this misguided action.

"GOP" = Government of the Privileged.

That's about it, folks.

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Letter: Where is the anger?

Yes, Leslie, I know that there are many versions of the Holy Bible, some pretty much follow the language of the King James version with updated modern language. Some have gone back to the original Hebrew and Greek and tried to follow the original intent and syntax of the writer. This is all well and good. What gets me is those who slavishly proclaim that this is the "absolute Word of God, and that every word used in the Holy Bible is completely true and accurate". This is not so. Inspired by God? Who knows. It is a matter of faith and we tend to formulate our "faith" on who's ox is getting gored.
I respect the intentions of the authors of the scriptures, and the desires that they demonstrate. But these are human emotions and feelings, and while most desirable, I simply cannot accept that this is the absolute dialogue of the Power of the Universe.

None of us have any idea who or what that is.

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