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New plans filed for major shopping center south of SLT and Iowa Street interchange

Isn't this about where the dreaded "Corn Field Mall" of 30 years ago (give or take a year or two) that was fought to destruction by the "Beautiful Downtown Lawrence" crowd??

What we got was the Riverfront Mall (now defunct) and the Tanger Mall (now, well, whatever).

Great planning, "Beautiful Downtown Lawrence"!! Whadya gonna do to foul up this plan, eh??

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Letter: Kasold plan support

I wonder these proponents of "traffic calming" by traffic obstruction have given much thought to watching your house burn down waiting for a fire truck caught on a one lane road clogged with these city provided traffic jams. Ditto laying on the ground having a medical emergency while the ambulance sits honking at traffic where thee is NO OTHER LANE TO MAKE WAY!!


Oh, but I forgot.......Owning a car can be dangerous to your health. Yeah, in more ways than one.

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Supreme Court declines to hear Kobach appeal on proof of citizenship

One more great reason that Ted Cruz's stupid grandstanding stance that all Supreme Court judges be subject to voter recall if they do not pass Ted Cruz's notion of justice.

Don't like what he court of law does?. Out with them..........Typical GOP logic.

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Letter: Kasold plan support

“Reducing the number of lanes on this busy street (Kasold between Seventh and 14th) doesn’t make a lot of sense.”

This is completely true and sensible!!!

Ah yes, the "anti-auto obstructionists" are heard from. Cars cause medical problems! Who would have imagined?? This letter points out the presence in our town of persons who would tear up the roads and make us all walk to the stores.

And it is beginning to show. The new east extension on West 31st street is a single lane road with median on a very heavily travelled road. Louisiana street adjacent to South Middle School is presently under destruction by the city eliminating traffic lanes and an already heavily trafficked road, especially beginning school hours and after school. This obstructionist view is counter productive to any sort of sense in town. It seems that the city traffic engineers have gotten their degrees from a Wheaties box.

If this very disturbing trend continues, you can look for more traffic accidents, delay, confusion and other bad happenings from this incredibly stupid and throwback attitude.

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Tech education incentives cut for Kansas school districts

It is Koch/Brownbackwards stupid. There is no explaining the tack of the Kansas government in the maintenance of our schools. Dumber people will buy the ALEC attack ads aimed at opposition to the GOP slate and the Great Unwashed (and uneducated) will vote for the Koch Klowns. End of sermon.

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KU designates 'reflection room' for students of all faiths or no faith to pray, meditate

Christine, what I was trying (weakly) to say is that it is well and good to have the desire to conform with the teachings of your religion. But do it on your own time. Some employers will even take a pretty dim view of people trying to be "religious" on the job. Granted, that this can be problematic for some folks, while you can get the college to conform to your religious needs, you might encounter some resistance even disregard of your religious beliefs and how your behavior might not be considered that you are the right "fit" for an employee at that company. Not fair or legal, you say but who ever told you that life would be easy or fair?
Just some things to consider especially if your religion requires you to stop what you are doing in the middle of a job (or classwork) and go "meditate and pray".

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KU designates 'reflection room' for students of all faiths or no faith to pray, meditate

Wow, I figured I would get skewered for this one!

Seriously...There are many churches of many religious flavors all around the campus. Most welcome students gladly.

And on another sour note, students are in college for learning and education. When they graduate, they will assumingly go find a job (hopefully) with an employer that expects them to be spending their time they are paid for working on the job with dedication. It is not very likely that most employers will be concerned about their "need to meditate and pray". That is usually after working hours. With the goals of students seeking education and knowledge, perhaps the "need to meditate and pray" can be somewhere else that it is an appropriate time to do so.

“I don’t necessarily see that as a space that would be a safe space — as a person of a different faith, or perhaps no faith — to go inside and meditate,” Huma said.

So is there going to be a guard at the door to prevent students from different faiths in the room at once? For ten or fifteen minutes at a time? Take a number?? This is really silly.

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KU designates 'reflection room' for students of all faiths or no faith to pray, meditate

This is just plain weird. First transgender half man/half woman icons for the restrooms with locks on the door. And now a "special" place to go for students to go and waste time. Who is spending time making education more available for the students regardless of whatever religion they profess to be?

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Supreme Court declares nationwide right to same-sex marriage

Paul, the plain fact is that none of this has any effect on any of us who are single and "straight", married to a woman, or divorced. It never ceases to amaze me how many folks can get their dander up over issues that have absolutely no effect or consequences for.
To a lot of us, it don't make me no never mind.

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Supreme Court declares nationwide right to same-sex marriage

Clark..........there is no word of "God". All the stuff written in the Bible was written by men who put on the pants one leg at a time like the rest of us. (or whatever they wear)

The King James Bible was assembled by the Council of Hampton Court in 1611, by direction of King James of England to match the theology of the Church of England, which he was head of. Hence, the "King James" version.

All the stuff in the King James Bible had to pass muster by the king. Otherwise, if you failed to follow the king's specific instructions, he would have your head cut off. So all your worship of the Holy Bible is directed at material that were specifically crafted by the King of England. I don't think that the Power of the Universe, whatever you choose to call your "god" had too much to do with it.

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