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Dog found shot along Highway 24, Humane Society providing surgery; Naked man runs into traffic at 23rd and Mass; Name released in Wednesday police chase

This is about the dog. It never ceases to amaze me at the viciousness and violence that some people can inflict on defenseless animals. This pooch was very lucky that someone cared enough to even notice the injured animal and bring It in. I hope that she has a swift recovery from her serious injuries.

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Opinion: Trump populism reminiscent of Chavez

" he has already climbed to the No. 1 spot among Republican hopefuls." No, he has not.

Let's back up here about ten yards.........Trump has a 20% lead. That means, if my math skills have not left me, he has a 80% "no lead"

51% would be a TRUE lead, not a less than a majority lead of 20%

So who are those in the "80%" going to support when all the people who are part of that 80% are out of the picture??? I seriously doubt that the supporters of the other "80%" candidates are all going to jump on the bandwagon for Trump.

This is the fraud of polls with a lot of elements in the imaginary "no go" spot"

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Opinion: Trump populism reminiscent of Chavez

"My opinion: In an ideal world, the media should ignore Trump, or put him in the entertainment section, "

Wow, what a great insight!! This creepy clown has gotten a lot of coverage from CNN, not so much from other news outlets. In any instance, in a reasonable world, such jerks would be soon dismissed.

What really bothers me is that if the polls are to be believed (and that is another issue), there is a lot to be concerned with in the general public that they could be so badly confused about this jerk. He has no experience in government at all (some regard this as "good'), and as Commander in Chief of the largest military establishment in the world, could put our country in grave danger with his raving and ranting. People who think with their emotions do not bother to think of the real hazards and consequences of such a dysfunctional entity occupying the highest law of the land and having his finger on the button to oblivion.

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Editorial: True facts

He won the election for two reasons:

The Kansas Republican establishment has never ceased to attack and denigrate the federal government, the black, non-citizen, Muslim (supposedly) president and his plot to "take away our guns".

And the shameful, disgusting, and fraudulent attacks by the Koch Industries Regime billions on his Democratic opponent, Representative Paul Davis. News about his being at a strip club isn't news for many of us , strip clubs do a land office business with many government employees.

He was elected by clueless, distracted voters who were more concerned with their computer service and cell phones.

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City approves 1,000-foot water slide event north of Sixth Street

" to allow a local company to host The Urban Slide, a two-day water slide event on George Williams Way," "event"...............This issue to me has a lot of negative aspects as well as safety concerns. The congestion has been mentioned and the safety of this "slide" along with the legal concerns seem to be overlooked. What if some kid is injured seriously at the "event", is the city obligated to this "event production company"? What is the purpose for this short term "event"? Sure sounds like the city is going out on a limb in verifying this strange and possibly liability loaded "event".

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Proposed Lawrence schools budget has first property tax increase in five years

It is too bad that all the money that is wasted in our society cannot be channeled into education.

The cost of the junk mail in my mailbox could buy a weeks worth of groceries. Or a part of a day's salary for a teacher. The internet frauds, financial scams, political scams, dating site baloney, mail frauds, all cost someone money. How great it could be if all this trash and garbage could be channeled into reducing the deficit in education spending.

Of course, the Republican government does not want this. An educated electorate is the holy terror of these debauched politicians, imagine having voters with some ability to perceive fraud, waste, foolishness and stupidity in the political realm. THEY would be out of a job instead of teachers and educators. Here locally the cost of unused bus service and unused sidewalks into the woods might be considered for foolishness in use of pubic funds. There is a great deal of money that is simply wasted in the public realm..

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Letter: Managing risks

The Second Amendment says "a well-regulated militia" Yes, yes, yes, I have been corrected with all the ways that this can be interpreted.

But I firmly believe that if the Founding Fathers had any idea what these words assuring the right of the people to defend the new country from the British king would have created in a country awash in gun theology, they would be aghast. The misreading and hyper-interpretation of this amendment has created a ,massive "un-regulated" mindset that everyone should be armed and ready to shoot anyone who might present a hazard.

I think the Founding Fathers must be turning over in their graves.

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Promoter not sure now on canceling 1,000-foot water slide event in west Lawrence; city gets report on its financial health

Thanks Austin. Checked it out. "Event production company" Hmmmmm. That is a new one on me.

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Promoter not sure now on canceling 1,000-foot water slide event in west Lawrence; city gets report on its financial health

Thanks Chad. Who is Silverback? I really have never heard of them. I have seen their location where a steel fabrication company used to be located and trucks around town. Who are they???

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Editorial: Hub hubbub

Now, now, David, we need something to keep us entertained. The Empty Bus company has been a noteworthy waste of local funds for some years now. Right up there with the. many miles of useless "sidewalks" into local forests and brush locations around town. I have never seen anyone ever using these wasted walkways to nowhere.

The city would have been much more financially sound in providing free taxi service given the lack of utilization and placement of many "bus stop" locations planted around town.

But that is the way it is in Larryville.

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