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Letter: Cars are king

And your point is??

Yeah, "King Car" is a lot more large and powerful than a mere human.
"King Car" can move much faster than the average human.
"King Car" can haul five members of your family.
"King Car" can haul the groceries for your family of five.
"King Car" can haul your need for 6 two by four boards plus two 4" by 8' sheets of plywood.
"King Car" can get you to Topeka or Kansas City for your job, or the airport. (try that on a "bike")
"King Car" can get you most anywhere in rain, snow, freezing cold, or other problems without causing great harm to your physical person.
"King Car" can do a lot more things than your bike can do.

You can be killed by "King Car" if you are not careful about where you walk, on your phone, texting, or generally day-dreaming.

Bikes are great, I agree. But when they are not operated without care and caution, (something you must do also with "King Car") you can be injured or killed. By ignoring traffic rules YOU are responsible for your accidents. I see bikers every day oblivious of surrounding hazards and ignoring traffic rules that everyone is responsible for obeying. A biker just recently ran across my path after I had stopped, looked both ways, then started into the intersection. Barely missed him, but did not miss his foul mouth.

So what is your point??

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Opinion: Outlook not strong for Romney

Oh WOW!! What could more entertaining than the re, re, re-emergence of this class clown on the political scene! I hope he picks Sara Palin for vice-president? What a team!!!

You know, about the only thing I see in the GOP is the constant harping on the Affordable Care Act ("Obamacare" for the racists out there). It is about the only thing that the Republicans seem to be in harmony on. But the plain fact is that most (I said "MOST") people have benefited from he provisions of the ACA. Yes there have been some problems but do any of you with a computer not know of the hazards of dependence on "technology". Hardly a day goes by that some stupid thing does not crop up on my computer, and I have several virus protection "plans". I am waiting with bated breath to see what new Rush Limbaugh ideas will crop up in the "new" congress, to be hacked to death (hopefully) by cooler heads.

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Opinion: Obama ambivalent to the war on terror

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Notebook: KU has little time to recover before Big Monday

Yup, gotta go down to Norman and play my nasty ole Sooners. OU has a pretty good team this year, they made quick work of Silo Tech (OSU) last time in the "Bedlam" series. Watch out for Buddy! Might be another road loss.

Seriously, I think this stupid process of "rating" teams, each of which has the capability of beating anyone else, is disgusting. The only thing that matters are the numbers on the scoreboard at the end of the game and the end of the season.

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Editorial: On the rise?

What the governor was actually saying in his political speak was that the Kansas government, which belongs to the Koch Industries Regime, will do everything to feather the nest of the already billionaires, to remove tax requirements, (who needs schools, they will only grow up to be "demonrats") and generally advocate for "bad" things like abortion rights, gay marriage, and a religion that does not cow-tow to the vaunted "religion" that the "governor" supposedly subscribes to.

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20-year-old Perry man arrested on suspicion of aggravated indecent liberties with a child

And they usually disable comments on these kind of news stories. I guess they don't want to spend the day censoring their comments column.

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Brownback budget cuts K-12 education, holds higher education funding flat

Brownback supports the kind of "religion" that "Isis" proposes. Believe what we tell you or we will kill you. But of course, is strongly opposed to abortion. Go figure.

Since he cannot legally do that, he will take all the money that the Koch Industries Regime will give him to run attack ads and make vast and expansive attempts to fool the great unwashed into thinking that this dolt is a man of the "true faith" and should be believed and loved. Any damned fool can profess "religion" and get a lot of the "great unwashed" to support him.

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U.S. Supreme Court will decide gay marriage issue this term

Well, this is some good news, I guess. But even if the Supreme Court rules in favor of gay marriage there will still be a host of "conservative" and "religious" nuts who will work feverously to prevent some from this right. Look at Kansas "Secretary of State" and his tireless efforts to correct a problem that does not exist and keep people who might vote differently than he would like from voting.

There are still hotbeds bigots in rural communities and other places that still feel black people should be run out of town on a rail and hung in a tree even after many years of the civil rights law.. Look at the inbred disrespect shown to the lawfully elected President of the United States of America. Change in the law does not guarantee that gay folks will have rights and it will be so until all the bigots and their grandchildren that they have infected die off.

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Brownback calls to repeal school finance formula in State of the State address

This comment section is being censored. My post is missing.

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Kobach seeks straight-party voting, prosecutorial power

So whaddya think, Kansans, whaddya think? Are you PROUD?? are you REALLY PROUD of this fascist you have re-elected? Are you REALLY, REALLY PROUD????

He wants control the vote to protect his Rush Limbaugh followers. He wants to prevent anyone who may dare to think of voting Democratic. He wants to re-establish the fascist ethic in Kansas government. He wants to coddle his stature with the Koch Industries Regime.

Does this remind you of anyone in history, say, the leader of Nazi Germany??? (I am not supposed to mention "Hitler", it annoys these folks) (But I just did, I guess)

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