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White House bars major news outlets from press briefing; 'Nothing like this has ever happened'

WOW!!!! you know the firestorm that you will create with your references to Hitler and the Third Reich?? " Bannon as Goebels"??.......have you been reading my mind??

I have been talking about this, and even provided recommended reading of William Shirer's books (He was there....He saw it.) to the clueless respondents to this forum. I guess the call of the unelected fascist is motivating and unstoppable, just like the calls of "Seig Heil, Seig Heil" were in Nazi Germany.

You are gonna catch hell for your knowledge of this disgusting situation. Hitler was successful in taking over the government and attempting to eliminate his opposition. (Google "Holocaust") But that would never happen here.........would it?? Would it?????

No one thought (reasonable people who did not bother to vote) that this fascist could possibly win including the many polls that Trump has ravaged and discounted) this would ever happen. Neither did the clueless people in Germany in the 1930's (Hitler ran for president and lost in a fair election)

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White House bars major news outlets from press briefing; 'Nothing like this has ever happened'

LIBERAL, LIBERAL, LIBERAL, LIBERAL...................The ONLY English word that Bob knows. Really, really disheartening that someone with this lack of any reason exists here.

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White House defends asking FBI to dispute media reports about Russia

We are starting to see the horror of the Trump administration emulating the Third Reich.

Trump wants to silence the media. Hitler killed people in the media.

Trump wants to find who is "blowing the whistle" on his "administration" Hitler directed the courts to identify the persons revealing just what Hitler was and opposing his bloody rule.
And then execute them by hanging them on wire nooses and filming their agony for Hitler to enjoy.

I could go on and on. But I know that there are those who fail to see the growing fascist dictator that has managed to get into the White House.

Go on, let's hear it........LIBERAL, LIBERAL, LIBERAL!!!! Rave on for as long as you are allowed to.

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Rollback of federal protection for transgender students won't affect Lawrence schools, superintendent says

I work for a company that has me in the public school buildings occasionally for my work. I noticed something on two restrooms at Cordley School. These 2 restrooms (presumably formerly "Boys" and "Girls") are facilities with locks on the door,. There is a sign stating these are " Unisex" facilities. Problem solved.

I do realize that this might not work very well with restroom facilities that are for groups of one gender or the other. But suitable changes in the configuration of these facilities could arrange for this system to work.

I would, however preferred if they had just signed the facilities as "Restrooms" removing this completely from the gender wars that are currently underway.

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Letter to the editor: Go, Kobach

Yeah, I had to laugh at this letter. The writer must be drinking some strange Kool-Aid or smoking some strange weed.

Kobach is just another non-performing politician who is seeking some sort of public notice.

It has been stated repeatedly by all the "fake" (sic) news sources that there is no credible evidence for any major voter fraud. But Trump and his cohorts continue to harp on this piece of popular fraud for his own aggrandizement. Like most of the fanciful and weird contentions of the non-president, it is just another source of imaginary competence intended for the brain dead supporters of the non-president.

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Letter to the editor: Pitts insightful

I dearly hope that the Journal-World continues to run Mr. Pitts articles. To those who do not like him, QUIT READING HIM!!!

Leonard Pitts has Trump in his crosshairs, deservedly so. Trump has proven himself to be a liar, a fascist, a pervert that belongs in jail and on the sex offender list. Instead, by a quirk of an 18th century throwback election fraud we find this fool in the White House.

Mr. Pitts has a "bully pulpit" of his own and the grousing and complaining by his alt-right detractors is evidence enough to his being right on the mark in all opinions.

I fully support freedom of the press (unlike some of the contributors to this forum) and wish to continue seeing Leonard Pitts fine articles on the mess we find in our government and in the White House.

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Letter to the editor: Keep Pitts

who was your Science teacher? They need to be removed from the classroom.

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Trump administration ends Obama-era transgender student bathroom guidance

There are signs at Cordley School here in Lawrence that are on two adjacent restrooms. Both bathrooms have locks on the inside of the doors. (presumably former "Boys" and "Girls").........These signs have new signs that say.... "Unisex". They could have completely removed any gender based indications by designating these privacy restrooms as......RESTROOM!!

Problem solved.

I would, however wish that whoever invented this "Unisex" moniker just used the usual label for bathrooms in every area where restroom facilities are provided in one room with a lock on the door with the sign ...."Restroom"...... What could be more non-confrontational??

No fooling around with "Unisex" or any other gender based label, just "Restroom".

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Body believed to be missing 18-year-old recovered from Douglas State Fishing Lake

People who are "in the know" keep preaching to folks about the need to wear a life jacket when you are out on the water. Even if you are a good swimmer, being in the water fully clothed can be dangerous. There are far too many similar incidents of accidental drowning with folks who just ignore this warning.

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Letter to the editor: Keep Pitts

LIBERAL, LIBERAL, LIBERAL!!!!...............Stuff it Bob. Your constant bleating is getting old and soggy.

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