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Lawrence-area Democratic senators face conservative challengers

With the implosion of Trump, it seems to me that Democratic candidates could use this disgusting choice by 30% of Republican voters to mount a great campaign against the ignorant and addled Koch Republicans. How hard can it be to be opposed to ignorance, stupidity, bullying, and blustering of their national "candidate"??

This ought to be easy, even against the die hard Koch Industries Fascist Regime voters west of Topeka.

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Lawrence Humane Society plans for construction of new animal shelter

I also thought they were a "no kill" organization. That just adds to me some more disgust I have for the operations of the local "no kill" shelter. But I am not going to get into that here.

There are no emergency medical services available either from local vets or the local "society" without taking a sick or dying animal to Kansas City. This need to change.

I would not give them a dime until the correct this misrepresentation of their practices to the public.

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Brownback: Tax cuts are working, but economy still needs help

"Brownback said he still supports the GOP nominee."

What more do you need to know??

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Clinton releases 2015 tax returns, urges Trump to disclose his

What really amazes me is the number of folks who embrace the "
"Clinton Crime family Foundation" that the fascist radio talker Rush Limbaugh seems to favor.

Trying to discredit Mrs. Clinton to excuse the total unsuitability of Donald Trump is a stupid and ignorant ploy. The Clinton Foundation has done much good and assistance to it's beneficiaries but the Trumpet Section just cannot seem to avoid chasing rabbits and creating diversions.

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Clinton releases 2015 tax returns, urges Trump to disclose his

Donald Trump cannot fine enough carpet to sweep his financial affairs under.

Although it is still months from the November elections (sorrowfully) Mrs. Clinton is way ahead of Trump in the polls and there seems to be no letup in this.

Trump is behaving like a spoiled child with all sorts of fantastic drivel, outrageous comments, and ridiculous accusations. I am pretty sure that decent Republicans (and there are many) are completely embarrassed and disgusted that this braying jack ass could somehow manage to steal the nomination with his less than majority "win" over many more qualified candidates for the office of Commander in Chief and Leader of the Free World.

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Fix-It Chick: Replace an electric oven element

I am a bit disturbed at this article. Any instructions to repair or service a high voltage appliance to a person without competent knowledge of electrical repair and service can be dangerous and deadly. The Journal World should not be encouraging this, you should have this sort of repair done by a competent service person fully trained in how to deal with electrical repair and service.

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Letter to the editor: Meaning of sacrifice

Trump is toast anyway. Only Kansas and other die hard Republican caves will vote for him now. He has threatened the opposing candidate with violence and everyone heard it.

But it is a long way until November............sigh......!

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Lawrence City Commission voices skepticism on Kasold Drive lane reduction

What is this?????Some sanity in the city "commission" regarding the anti-automobile crusade that has been the shout from the rooftops crowd policy???

Has the sun come up in the West?? What is up here?? The city traffic imagineers will not be happy.

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Letter to the editor: GOP winner?

And a political rally.......said that since Hillary Clinton could appoint Supreme Court judges that would "revoke" the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, the "Second Amendment people could do something about that". A clear and specific threat of violence against the Democratic Candidate.

And yet he left not in hand cuffs and is not in jail for making a terrorist threat against a political opponent.

Is there any question left about Donald Trump???

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Lawrence City Commission to review plans for another two-lane roundabout

"Public education and experience is vital for the continual improvement of safety".

Have you see a lot of evidence of that lately?

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