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Lawrence to pay $29,500 for citizen survey on how well local government is functioning

Any government that would spend $30,000.00 on a survey to cover their asses is NOT FUNCTIONING!!!!!!!!!!!

They are, by their stupid actions, spendthrift and stupid fools.

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County commissioner: Justice Matters event 'inappropriate'

This is not too hard to understand. When I filed a complaint against the cops in regard to failure of two officers in a situation with my son, the then police chief (now retreaded to KU) responded that my concerns, clearly outlined in the police report, were "unfounded".

Complaints to the "city commission" received no response, although they are supposedly supposed to be in charge of law enforcement in Lawrence. Typical of the Lawrence "City Commission".

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Kansas hasn't processed thousands of income tax returns

I got mine today, about a month after I received my Federal refund.

It is my birthday!

Thanks, Kansas!!!!

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Kansas, Texas to back Florida lawsuit against Obama administration

"Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, who sued the Obama administration more than two dozen times while attorney general".......see......other states have their stunning idiots for Attorney General!!

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Kansas, Texas to back Florida lawsuit against Obama administration

How much state money is going for Governor Koch to "back this Florida lawsuit"??

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Amid budget crisis, some Kansas lawmakers question benefits of tax cuts

"New business moving to Kansas".

You think there are businesses champing at the bit to move to Kansas where the state is going bankrupt?

You think that businesses want to move to "Flyover Kansas"?

You think that businesses want to move to "Cornhole Kansas", as we were portrayed on a TV comedy show (Two and a Half Men))?

You think that businesses want to move to a state where the governor and legislature voted to arrest and prosecute U.S. government employees who are doing their legal jobs?

You think that businesses want to move to a state where the Secretary of State views his main job as creating legislation that is intended to keep people from voting for the "other" party??

You think that anyone would want to come to Kansas where the governor returned tax money to the Federal Government that was taken from our citizens by the IRS at the threat of jail and fines?

You think that any business would want to relocate to Kansas when the State of New York is offering a lot better deal than "Bleeding Kansas"???


Think again.

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Lawrence superintendent signals 'grave concerns' about budget situation

This is what you get when you vote for a clearly anti-education governor and legislature that is owned by the Koch Industries Regime.

Some of you voted for this guy. Are you proud??

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Editorial: Whose views?

I believe that law abiding citizens who drive a car have to get a drivers license and have insurance. To not have a driver's license or have insurance is a crime and driving a car without these requirements will get you a ticket and some time in court. Maybe even arrested.

Why then should a law abiding citizen not be required to get training and a permit to carry a deadly weapon. Ask that of your NRA buddies.

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Editorial: Whose views?

I talk a lot (perhaps too much) about the Koch influence on Kansas politics, but I am truly alarmed at the influence that these un-elected loose cannons have on the governance and management of out country. They have amassed huge fortunes and very dangerously this gives them access to public media that can be used to sway public opinion. This has happened before in the history of the world and it usually has not resulted in a favorable situation.

The courts have given them unfettered permission to use their wealth to influence the outcome of elections and this has been historically very bad for a country. No one ever thought that the initial promises and explanations of the Nazi party in Germany would ever result in what was called the "final solution". (Yeah, I said NAZI'S, short for the National Socialist German Workers Party. Cool name, huh? But not what it eventually turned into.)

Do you think I feel there are similar movements afoot in the United States? Yes, there are splinter groups of Nazi supporters, Klan members, and other extremist groups. If one of these ever gets hold of the strings of power or of influence looming in the shadows......well...."If we fail to remember the lessons of the past, we are doomed to repeat them."

Am I calling the Kochs Nazis? No, I do not think they are devious enough to do this. But...

It happened.

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Poll: Kansas Legislature far to the right of most Kansans

This is NEWS????? The governor and legislature BELONG TO THE KICH INDUSTRIES REGIME Do you GET that?????

You saw the despicable and vicious attack ads. The billy bobs and sally sues saw them and believed this trash. They voted for these fools.

When will Kansans get it through their skulls that they brought this upon themselves by voting for these hand-picked Koch Industries Regime candidates.

Yo bought this on yourselves. Live with it.

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