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Lawrence City Commission approves pedestrian tunnel at 19th and Iowa

More expensive foolish "boon-doggles" from the disconnected city commission. But you voted for these fools............ (Didn't you??)

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Editorial: Tunnel plan a worthy project

LIBERAL??????????? The Journal0-World????????????The Lawrence Daily journal-World???????????..............LIBERAL??????????

Man.......!! What the hell have you been smoking????

"David........we know you are really "Bob" No one else would ever make such a damned fool statement about THIS news rag.....

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Editorial: Tunnel plan a worthy project

This is a stupid, expensive and un-needed project. Another "black hole" (with lights) for our tax money.

All for the benefit of people too occupied or stupid to realize that the proper crossing procedure is........!. Stand on a corner with a stop light 2. WAIT FOR THE LIGHT TO TURN GREEN. 3 Look and listen before stepping off the curb. 4 Walk carefully across the street.

What could be more correct? This wasteful and ignorant spending of our tax money for disconnected people is simply outrageous as the side walks to nowhere all around the city.

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Lawrence City Commission to consider $1.6M grant for pedestrian tunnel under Iowa Street

O goodie!!! We got some extra money!!!!!! Let's find a totally stupid way to waste ii!!

How about an underground sidewalk!!!!!

We already have built miles of unused useless sidewalks all over (and outside of) town.!!!

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Letter to the editor: Christian values


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Letter to the editor: Christian values

Thanks, Dorothy for the clarification. I do not know "Bob" (if that is his real name) personally, no would I particularly want to. But as you know, he is the source of a lot of political blather on this forum. I would not want to cast aspersions on him, although the urge to do so is great. I just like to call him out when this simplistic comment appears nearly every time he posts. Nothing substantial, just the "L" word. Amusing.

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Letter to the editor: Christian values

LIBERAL, LIBERAL, LIBERAL GOES THE SCREECH MONSTER!!!!!!!!!! (Over and over and over and l.............over......again..............)

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Letter to the editor: Christian values

Well, hooray for this!! I am glad to see this reply to the "Christian" who thinks that we all should be of one "religion" and should shun others. This is the main problem.

There are far too many people who think that "their" take on religion is the only "way"

My applause and accord to this letter!


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Already five years past due, state likely to miss deadline again for upgrade of driver's license system

"That report was delivered recently to the Legislative Post Audit Committee, a joint committee of the Legislature which supervises the Division of Post Audit, a state agency within the legislative branch of government"

Huh?? What???

This driver's license mess is the result of one thing. The stupid notion that there are hordes of illegal voters in Kansas for the Democrats. I it is an attempt by Kobach and his hordes of disgusting supporters to prevent anyone from voting that they deem are incompetent to do so and will not vote for Republicans. (Such as we have in the White House.)

Now we are witnessing the horrific mess that the new "system" has created.

Ain't technology wonderful??

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Man punched, robbed while walking along KU's Jayhawk Boulevard

Uh........"1.45 AM"........that is in the dark of night. So why the photos of the car casting shadows??

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