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Report: Kansas government has 2 days' worth of cash reserves

Call the Kochs!!...........Quickly!!..........Your fascist idiot governor that you installed last election is drowning in debt and has no money to run his religious crusade!!!

You gotta bail him just gotta........!!.

Kansas might go for Hillary!!!!!...............(naw...........ain't gonna happen).

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Kobach ordered to tell Kansas voters that their fall ballots will count

One more question....When will the impeachment proceedings start for using public money to travel to CNN to stump for Trump and for disenfranchising a significant part of the citizenry??

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Kobach ordered to tell Kansas voters that their fall ballots will count

Wow, Richard you are beginning to sound like ME! You are gonna have Bainbridge flags waving in your face when dare to breathe the name of Hitler.

BUT.......I agree with your assertions. The fascists have taken over the Kansas government and sold it to the Koch Industries Regime. Kansas will vote overwhelmingly for the braying jackass in this election. Hopefully the rest of the country will make more reasonable choices free from the racist and bigoted attitudes against Mrs. Clinton for her association with the black, Muslim, non-citizen President of the United States (according to the braying jackass).

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Opinion: Trump’s foreign policy questionable

Well, I have dipped my oar in this topic several times, although this news rag pulls back from discussing national political issues. I guess their part in the massive Republican disaster with the Koch Industries Regime government In Kansas and the court case against the state Secretary of Obstructing Voters gives the management of this Republican Rag (now owned by out of state controls) some cause for concern in the board room.

Trump was soundly trounced in the first Presidential Debate, she ate his lunch in a fashion that I could only have hoped for. Hopefully this will continue with the additional debates, if he bothers to show up.

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What question would you ask the candidates in the presidential debate?

I would not waste 15 seconds with either of them. I will not be watching the "great debate". I have far better thing to do with the time like trimming my toe nails, grooming my cats, watching my video tapes on the Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, which I expect to see if Trump is elected. I do not have any bones to pick with Clinton, but for God/s sake, is there not any other slate of candidates that would reflect credit on the voters of the United States??

How do we get to this point in history? Are there not any voters who desire a shred of decency and civility??

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Opinion: Facing a Trump-Brownback ticket

Heckler, do you have a job? How much time to you spend dredging up all this stuff you post here??

I do agree with your opinion on the Rush Limbaugh style "conservatives" .

I call them ?fascists"

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Opinion: Facing a Trump-Brownback ticket

I have emptied by basket on Trump here before, so you probably know I detest that braying jack ass.

I want to talk a bit about Hillary. Some say she is dishonest and unreliable. Of course this is totally hogwash spread by the supporters of the braying jack ass.

But more important, she is collared (by some) with the racism, bigotry and disdain that some hold against Obama, that he is not a citizen, that he is a Muslim (what would be wrong with that??) and of course that he is black. The latter being a very important issue with some racist, prejudiced bigots in our society. Most of this, interestingly enough, has been spread by the braying jack ass.

Mrs. Clinton is by far the most superior candidate. She has experience, knowledge, and yes, a few human problems (as we all do) but no candidate for any office is perfect. For instance, the current Republican governor of the State of Kansas who has proven that voting the Koch Industries Regime party line is not the best choice.

Trump has shown his ability to appeal to the most denigrated, debauched and disgusting attitudes in our society. He is not even a legitimate candidate, due to the flawed Republican primary system that allowed a candidate to be chosen with only about 30% of the vote in a crowded field of prospective primary election candidates.

The issue of the state of health of both candidates is unique in this election, I do not remember it ever being brought up in past Presidential elections. Many past presidents have had health concerns. The press at the time conspired to hide the fact that Franklin Roosevelt had polio. John Kennedy had heart problems. Now we are presented with a barrage of reports from various 'health experts" regarding the health of the candidates.

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Trump names Kansas Gov. Brownback to Catholic advisory group

What great match!! The braying jack ass selected the vicar of the Koch Industries Regime for some goofy religious title. And the Kochs DO NOT EVEN SUPPORT THE BRAYING JACK ASS!!!!
What a dead!!!!! WHAT A DEAL!!!!!!!!!!!

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Stolen banner returned to ECM; Granada Theater posts 'Black Lives Matter' on its marquee

I am sick and tired of this.


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Opinion: Trump is a certain kind of artist

Trump has actually provided us a vision that is sorely needed in this country.

There is a dangerously large segment of the population that agrees with this kind of behavior.

Our country is in very serious trouble with the presence of this debauched, dangerous, individual who offers us visions of how the Third Reich was created. (Get out your Bainbridge Flags!!)

He is a patently illegitimate candidate having been elected by only about 30% of voters in a flawed system that failed to recognize that in a field of 12 "candidates", a runoff election is required to determine a "true" majority winner, not a simple plurality "winner".

Runoff elections are very common in races were there are more than two candidates to determine the true most desired winner in a crowded fiedl. This Republican blunder with 12 candidates and no system to weed out the real non-candidates was one of the most blaring events in this disgusting display of political foolishness in history.

Trump's candidacy is a fraud of the most devastating proportions in that he even was nominated by this flawed process.

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