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Letter to the editor: Not entry level

I think that the only reason Trump was elected was because of the out dated fraud of the "Electoral College" It should have been scrapped with the slavery it was intended to prevent from influencing elections. Mrs. Clinton won.

But in the "Electoral College where her association with the racist hatred of the previous president was readily apparent, she was not inaugurated.

But even so. there is much to be said on the bashing and trashing of the previous President by Trump, the entrenched racial hatred of the black, non-citizen, Muslim president (according to Trumps crap). Mrs. Clinton who was associated with the demeaned past president won the election in any other election in the country (The winner is the one who gets the MOST VOTES!).

But because of the electoral college fraud, we are stuck with this degenerate, bigoted, perverted liar who "shoots from the hip" and is placing the country in dire peril with his stupidity.

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Opinion: Our trust in democracy is under attack

"Can we trust democratic institutions?",,,,,,,,,No,,,,,,We cannot.

Because of an incredibly out dated fraud called the "Electoral Collage" (presumably one of these "democratic institutions") the winner of the national election was not inaugurated as President of the United States and her competitor, a dishonest, disgusting, deplorable, incompetent shell of a human now resides (occasionally) In the White House. He conducts national business with a golf club in his hand and has a collection of the most incompetent fools surrounding him.

No......this particular "democratic institution" has placed the nation in unknown peril and we have become the laughing stock of the entire planet.


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Opinion: America’s well worth fighting for

"Frankenstein’s monster of ill-fitting parts." Wow!! About the best description I have heard yet about what has happened from the dysfunctional election. Way too many people voted their association of Mrs. Clinton with President Obama in a disgusting notion of racial hatred against the President who was painted by Trump as a non-citizen, Muslim (huh??) (and of course, black). The results of this horrible fraud (by the outdated "Electoral College") are becoming clearly apparent with the lazy, incompetent, foolish individual that flummoxed enough voters to "win" this election. Of course, we are now aware of how much use the golf courses owned by the faux "president" receive from their lazy owner.

As Pogo the possum once said...."we have met the enemy and they is us".

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Republicans hold onto U.S. House seat in Kansas' 4th District

And it appears that Kansas voters have still not got the message that the fascists of the alt right are not the solution for Kansas. I would reference Brownbackwards as living proof of the foolishness of supporting the far right "conservative" Kansas Republican Party.

Kansas will continue to earn the moniker "Bleeding Kansas" and "Flyover Kansas" Utterly clueless.

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Spicer apologizes for ‘insensitive’ reference to Holocaust

No, no, no! I need to stay out of this....... But the mention of Hitler by an administration official begs some commentary.

I will only say that his reference to "Sarin" gas is noteworthy misinformation.

Hitler used Zyclon B gas.

Sarin gas is a modern creation.

Such is the noteworthy "gas" we are getting from the press secretary of the non-president.

Geeezzzzz!!........when does this laughable charade end??

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Letter to the editor: It's all over

Bob.......y your damned foolishness is getting pretty shop worn. The state needs money to operate and the governor has sought to get votes from the rural population west of Topeka by cutting the available sources of revenue.. The attitude is that the state can operate easily on little or no money at all and this , of course, is blatant stupidity. The schools, the roads, other infrastructure require that the citizens financially support the state to achieve this end. Loose cannons like yourself with your "liberal" crap are not helpful.

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Senate confirms Trump pick Neil Gorsuch to Supreme Court

Donald Trump.....he said that all Muslims should be prevented from entering the United States. He tried twice to make this law by issuing sloppy rules that were shot down by the courts.....Twice. He attacked the courts.

He said we should have nothing to do with the dictator in Syria. And then he authorized military action in Syria, where there are Russian military personnel posted. Great way to start World War III. More "shoot from the hip" policy.

His daughter, son-in-law and a manager of a bigoted newsrag are on his staff.

And he can nominate judges to the highest court in the land.

There is more, much more, but I will not go on. You can think for yourself.

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Senate confirms Trump pick Neil Gorsuch to Supreme Court

The Constitution as originally crafted recognized slavery. There are still some people today that still think it should be allowed. But that was changed. End of discussion.

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Senate confirms Trump pick Neil Gorsuch to Supreme Court

One thing?? A Trump pick. End of discussion.

In case you are new here, I do not recognize Trump as winner of the election (As do many others). He is a fraud.

Does not make any difference, I know. But that is my position and I am sticking to it.

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Senate confirms Trump pick Neil Gorsuch to Supreme Court

Bob.....we know how the 18th century electoral college to prevent slavery from influencing our elections was intended to work......150 years ago.. Slavery is now only present in the minds of the bigots and racists in our preset day society.

Now we have the Russians doing their best to assist getting fascist, perverted, Soviet preferred bigots elected.

Trump is wrong....we already have a great country.....where the majority DOESN'T rule.

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