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Editorial: Final insult

These commissioners are elected by a majority of the 25% of the eligible voters, which is about 150 people. And those who bother to vote, will select someone who is neighbor, a church member, of someone they have heard about in some old newspaper article.

What do you expect from a group of "commissioners" who tear up the roads to build more "roundabouts" at perfectly good intersections and erect "Yield" signs that no one ever does?

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City commissioners say the city erred in processing Rock Chalk Park payment

Why does this surprise anyone?? The city "commission" is elected by about 25% of eligible voters, and those that do vote select one of their neighbors, church members or some other person they have read about in the newspaper never mind if they are even qualified in the most minute way to govern anything. They spend money like water for unneeded road projects, like the current surge of "roundabouts" and perfectly functional intersections. This payment for an unsatisfactory construction is no great surprise to me.

Why do we expect any sort of reason or rational behavior from these so-called "public servants"??

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Blue traffic lights reduce red light running

"Blue traffic lights reduce red light running"..........Huh???....Where??.......You wanna bet???

Not at any of the places I see, there are still plenty of idiots that cannot get up early, leave early, and pretty much ignore stop lights at the corner. Kinda like the same idiots who ignore the" Yield" signs at the local plague of roundabouts.

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Lawrence marchers protest recent police killings

Hudson, I am 70 years old. I remember the signs I noted at the swimming pool where I went most every day in the summer at Doe Doe Park in Lawton, Oklahoma, the community where I grew up in the 1950"s (you did see my note in my post about the 1950's, didn't you?). My note was to reference folks that still think like this attitude of the 1950's.

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Lawrence marchers protest recent police killings

I don't know about you, but I am getting damned sick and tired of these "protesters" ragging on the cops. These fellows and gals put their lives on the line every time they don the uniform and go out on the street.

If some thug breaks into your house and steals your TV and money, who are you gonna call?

If some thug points a gun at you and takes your wallet, who gonna call??

If some thief steals your purse at the mall, who you gonna call???

If some crazy red-light running driver rams your car, who you gonna call????

A protestor in the streets setting fire to a building??

A thug who robs stores?

The thug who lives on the corner and breaks into your house?

The incompetent idiot behind the wheel of that car that T-boned your car??

Yeah, I thought so.

Police officers, like foot ball coaches, are not Sunday School teachers. They are there to enforce the laws and protect the public from the hazards I noted above. That's why we call them "law enforcement officers".

And as to the issue of race, yeah there are still a lot of folks who think that we should heed the signs posted at every business, like in 1950, that these facilities are for "white people only". Separate drinking fountains, restrooms, waiting rooms and so on. There might even be a few who managed to slip through training with these racist attitudes. But without causing any more grief towards myself, check out the statistical figures as to what races are involved in the most crime.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, we have economic issues, job availability, and education, but who's fault is that?

I am not a big fan of the cops, but I am also disgusted at the people who do not stop and think about the job hazards these officers face every day they go out the door.

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KU confirms hire of David Beaty as new football coach

Who? Never heard of him. Who is #39 going to be??

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Under scrutiny for Koch connection, KU director sues over records; judge blocks release

The Koch Industries Regime is getting to look like the Third Reich more and more.

They bought the election, they own the Republican office holders in Kansas and now own the courts that could reveal their misconduct and lawlessness.

Do you like living under the Koch Industries Regime?

Le t me tell you about Germany in the 1930's and the Third Reich.

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Editorial: Warning flag

It is pretty easy to see the effects of the spendthrift commissioners that are elected by almost 30% of the eligible voters.

"Old Fashioned" street lights being installed at every railroad bridge, corner and street in the more affluent neighborhoods, and roundabouts, the proliferation of those stupid, hazardous and dangerous "yield sign" roundabouts, streets torn up all over town (but not in North Lawrence) for "improvements", sidewalks on every lane and gravel road, and numerous other pork barrel projects. Is there any wonder with these morons in the city government that we have a serious problem with fiscal responsibility??

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Letter: Safety steps

The problem we have is really pretty simple. We have a drove of people who sleep late, do not get up in time and then rush around to get to work on time and drive like idiots.

Red light runners, stop sign and yield sign runners, speeders, in and out of traffic weavers, and those without headlights in the early morning, all pose significant dangers to the rest of us. Maybe you can see in the dark while barreling along a crowded street at 50 miles an hour, but the rest of us might not see your speeding vehicle.

We have always had problems with bad drivers, they seem to spring up like weeds, but it seems to me that the problem is getting worse and the danger on our streets is being heightened by these morons.

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WOW announces companywide layoffs

I agree with them leaving Lawrence, I had some difficulties with internet service and WOW people kept insisting that it was in my computer. After three trips to the computer store where I bought the machine, we determined that WOW was absolutely to blame, and their explanations did not hold water.

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