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Editorial: Time to pass gun control

I have vented my spleen on this before. The Second Amendment was written at a time in history that there was no established military defense for the new nation under threats from the British Crown. There was also the need to have a firearm to hunt for food to feed your family.

These needs no longer exist. We have the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force as a means of national defense. And you do not need to take a gun to the supermarket.

If the founding fathers had any idea of the horrible situation their careless wording would be in a document that is now viewed as the unalterable Word of God they would have not put such loose and easily misinterpreted wording into this document.

Go ahead, bash and trash me. I have been attacked before for pointing out these facts.

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Over objections of law enforcement, Trump declassifies and House releases controversial partisan memo on Russia probe

Trump will do anything, say anything and connive anything to deflect his family's and other cohorts activity with the Russians in his attempts to attack the campaign of Hillary Clinton.

His guilt in this outrageous attempt is glaring, his part in this attempt is obvious.

Too bad.............It seems that you cannot be impeached, in the minds of his right wing crazies, for being a liar, a criminal, and a jerk.

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Opinion: Incredibly, Trump could be worse

Another great assessment of our current disaster in Washington. As the Mueller probe continues I continue to hope and pray for the revelation of impeachable offenses.

We as a country cannot continue to stand idly by as this idiot dolt continues to blather and boast of his greatness while all the while the country is going to hell in a handbasket.

Our reputation with allies will never be the same, our government will take many years to recover from the disease that is Trump. We will suffer the consequences of this disaster for many years to come if we do recover at all.

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The big question for Colyer: Can he shed Brownback's baggage?

We may never recover from the disaster that was Brownback.

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New framework for East Ninth Street art proposed

More public tax money down a stinking rat hole.

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Trump's attempts to prove widespread voter fraud appear to have stalled

'But, alas, the stupid rules say the team that scores the most points wins."

That is how it works...........except for the most important office in the United States of America.

Hence.......we have an un-elected "president" in charge of an illegitimate "government".

So what does it matter whether the illegitimate "government" is "open" or "closed" is simply "fraudulent".

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Trump's attempts to prove widespread voter fraud appear to have stalled


You folks wanted this unqualified, ignorant, retarded, racist jerk. You got him.

Congratulations!!!!!!! You lose.

President Hillary Clinton should have been inaugurated, She won the popular vote.

Don't scream at me about the stupid "electoral college. It should have been abolished long before this colossal fraud of who is the legitimate winner of the election.

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Federal government shuts down; Dems, GOP blame each other

To Richard's post.......AMEN!!!

"Conservative" is simply a moniker for the throwbacks jerks, and other obstructionists in our country. Their attempts to hold the DACA children hostage to their stupid and callous political crap are reprehensible. There should be a constitutional provision to deal with useless so called conservative throwbacks.

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Trump creates path for Kansas, other states to require Medicaid recipients to have a job

What else would you expect from the racist, bigoted, s--t head jerk that the electoral college has brought on this country?

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What has become of the art for East Ninth Street?

You mean that there is not enough junk in the junkyard for the local "artists"??

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