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Editorial: Opposing view

Rooker told the group that a majority of state legislators aren’t concerned with revenue shortfalls that resulted from the 2012 tax bill and are comfortable with funding cuts for public education. “They truly do not believe that government belongs in the realm of education,” she said.

There you have it. Kansas fascist legislators do not want educated voters. They might not heed the wishes of the fascist Koch Industries Regime and vote for some truly representative government officers and tell the Koch Industries Regime, who benefits most from the ill starred tax cuts, to get lost.

There you have it in a nutshell. Koch Uber Alles!!!!

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Saturday Column: Why don’t legislators see value of higher education?

WHY?? you ask?? Well, this is an easy one. The Koch Industries Regime DOES NOT WANT EDUCATED VOTERS?? Now.... . Was that so difficult??

Kobach is doing his damnedest to keep people from voting in the country. And the Koch Reich will do their best to prevent educated and informed voters. The state government is owned by the Koch Industries (who's TV ads you need to refer to) Regime and the Kansas government needs the paychecks from the Koch brothers to function.

Get it? I didn't think so.

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Kansas Senate approves proposed ban on abortion procedure

If you do not want an abortion, DON'T GET ONE!!!!!!

If you don't want anyone else to have one...IT IS NONE OF YOUR DAMNED BUSINESS!!!

The fascist Republicans are unendingly dedicated to denying our rights. You voted for these national socialists. Live with it.

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Opinion: Alabama on the wrong side of history

No, Alabama and other throwback states will not learn. There is an instinctive, inbred, and embedded notion in the minds of some clueless and hateful people that there are those in our society that are responsible for all the ills that make their lazy and ignorant selves forgotten and lost to the economy. These are the folks who for centuries held back and discriminated against black people, they would jump at the chance to go out and hang up signs designating places for "white people only". I remember these hateful signs at the only public swimming pool in our town when I was in high school. Alabama and Kansas are on the forefront of this disgusting movement and will fight tooth and nail to prevent gay right in their "religious" and bigoted fervor. Until most of these bigots are dead or restrained (are you LISTENING GOVERNOR BROWNBACKWARDS???) these people will continue to inject their hateful notions in Kansas, Alabama and a few other throwback states Hitler sought to cleanse and destroy the groups he saw as unacceptable with his death camps. The US will not currently not allow this method, but a lot of our rural and backwards folks would gladly like it to see these "unacceptable" minority groups gone.

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Sebelius calls Brownback's LGBT reversal 'distressing'

This one is easy. The great unwashed trash of Kansas re-elected a fascist dictator as governor. He would just as soon establish concentration camps for gays and lesbians to "prevent" them from infecting "straight" people with their "disease". This is the way of the folks at the Koch Industries Regime who own the Kansas government, and this move is in concert with their efforts to "clense" the state of the hated and despised LGBT population.

So what's to wonder about. Stay tuned to this issue, it is not over by far.

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Prosecutors question Kobach claims of voter fraud in Kansas

We used to have a "poll tax" in the country. This way the government could control the economic status of voters, those who could not pay the tax. That was eliminated many years ago.

Now we get a new fascist who wants to control the persons who will be allowed to vote. We have a new "poll tax" from this person who was supposedly elected to be Secretary of State, but who champs at the bit to be controller of all the voters in the United States. You know, a new method of controlling the persons who elect the government, sort of like, well.. in Germany in the 1930's??

Hmmmm. I wonder who in the past history of the world has done this. Can you think of anyone?? hmmmmmmm.

(can't say" Nazis"......gets too many people worked up to even think of having such a depraved person in office)

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Brownback rescinds protections for LGBT state employees

Wow!! Great responses!!

You know, Hitler used to send homosexuals to the death camps along with gypsies, Jews and others that did not "fit" into his grandiose vision of his "master race".

I think we have another public official who feels pretty much the same. I think that the "great unwashed" of the Kansas and Koch Industries Reich have elected a bigoted and predjudiced "religious" dud to the office of governor.

Whaddya think, you members of the GOP chosen ones in Koch Land??

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GOP lawmakers seeking to exert more control over local governments; Democrats say it's to stifle dissent

Darn, you guys all beat me to the punch. In the past when I mentioned Hitler and the Nazis, I got pummeled. Now you beat me to it!!! Face is, we have elected officials that are dedicated fascists. They think that they can legislate against dissent, make laws against their political "enemies" and wrest control of the government of the people and hand it gladly to the Koch Industries Regime. Just like the Weimer Government of Germany handed control of the German nation to the Third Reich and Adolf Hitler. Can't happen here?? Ya think??

It is happening right before your eyes. Who elected these fascists?

YOU DID!!!!!!

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Opinion: Religions must earn respect

The national frenzy for respecting religion is way out of line. By only quoting "religion" you can get away with most anything you want. You can deny your employees benefits to your employees because you are too cheap to provide them. You can stick your nose into the business of other peoples medical affairs because your "religion" is opposed to a safe and legal medical procedure (I am referring to abortion, if you do not get it). If you do not want an abortion, do not get one. If you do not want anyone else to have one, IT IS NONE OF YOUR DAMNED BUSINESS. You can hopefully elevate your worthless opinion above someone else because your "religion" is superior to theirs.... "My "God can kick the ass of your "god."

the TV comic "Maude" used to say "God will get you for that", a silly stab at someone doing something she did not like.

Religion should have no part in any national affairs or policies. Those who use "religion" to kill others are especially dangerous, as we have seen. Political figures who trot out their religious dogma are particularly offensive to me.

All "religion" is the product of man. Someone concocted religious doctrine, all the prayer meetings and revivals are just furthering something that no one can prove or understand.

And speaking of various public leaders that like to hold "prayer breakfasts", "prayer meetings" or any such gatherings, Jesus himself said that "when you pray, go into your secret place and pray to your God who also hears you in secret" (or something like that, please do not correct my paraphrasing Jesus). I cringe when I hear the name of Jesus used commercially, like "Christian Mingle" or "Christian School" or "Christian Lawyer" (I ran into one of these dolts once).

It seems to me that most use of religion is to separate your group of believers from all others who are all going to Hell.

Not my way of thinking.

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Kansas GOP turns focus to Moran in 2016

All Republicans in Kansas are right wing nut jobs, just some worse than others. you got it, Moran included. But the great unwashed of Bubbbaville will support him unflinchingly.

Stay tuned, the vandals are at the door and the Koch Industries Regime is putting out the "Welcome " mat!!

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