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Women's wear 'distracts' state lawmakers

Lawmakers are distracted by most anything that resembles actual work on legitimate issues in the state. The Koch Industries Regime crowd (our governor and legislature) just loves to take any occasion to deflect attention from their miserable record in managing state affairs and concentrating on attacking the federal government and the non-citizen Muslim President of the United States. What more should we ever expect of these fascist dolts.

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Grand jury indicts anti-abortion activists behind Planned Parenthood videos

Planned Parenthood is a good and needed organization providing great and need services to women in the United States. But he fascist Republican extremist right wing crazies will not relent in their on going war against women in the United States.

But this is a great victory and I hope that the felons who created this awful mess will get long jail sentences for their crimes.

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Three-lane 9th Street sees fewer crashes after lane reduction

Well, reduce the traffic flow and reduce the number of accidents, eh?? Makes sense to me.

Increase the driving time, increase the frustration, reduce the serviceability of the streets and we have less accidents. Seems reasonable to me.

But why not just tear up the streets, plant flowers, and you arrive at the city's ultimate goal of no cars, no streets, everyone on bicycles, and then you have the ultimate goal of the present group of city fools and the problem is solved!!!


Auto accidents are caused by stupid people driving stupid and ignoring all safety rules.

You can't fix stupid with any and all of your "road diet" foolishness.

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Appeals court: Kansas Constitution protects abortion rights

Yes, yes, yes a thousand times YES!!!!!!

This is a personal medical decision.

Bottom line.......If you do not want an abortion, DO NOT GET ONE!

If you do not want ANYONE ELSE. to get an abortion, IT IS NONE OF YOUR DAMNED BUSINESS!!

YES, YES, YES!!!!!!!

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After 149 years, Kansas lawmakers still grappling with 14th Amendment

Sorry, but I do not see any (Koch owned) Kansas legislator "grappling" with the 14th Amendment. They are all in the corner of the Koch Industries Regime along with the governor and there is not much "grappling" going on. They are all in opposition to the black, Muslim, non-citizen President of the United States and will do anything and everything to oppose the Federal Government at any issue. "Grappling" indeed!!!

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Critter Buzz: Be prepared for your pets' medical emergencies

I cannot emphasize more the need for this information. About a year ago my big beautiful white cat Walker suddenly started acting strange. I took him to my then-veterinary clinic (No I will not tell you who). They told me the only thing I could do was to put Walker down. With great regret, I agreed. I still have nightmares about that doctor putting chemicals in my beloved Walker.

About a year and a half later, another one of my cats started to show the very same problems. I took Blitz to a different vet, one I had known for years. He took Blitz and kept him overnight, gave him fluids and medications, and Blitz is alive and well today.

Moral here is make sure that your vet has references and is competent to their profession.
I still miss old Walker and what I now know was possibly an unnecessary put down.

Note to Dr. Stone..........I have had the "free insurance" that the Lawrence Humane Society gives with pets you adopt. Your "free insurance" is worthless. I could not find out how to use it, who at the Humane Society could give me information about it, and did not get one red cent for Blitz. This cat was diagnosed as hyper thyroid by another veterinarian a d we have spent close to &1,000.00 for his care and medication in the last year. So much for "free" insurance.

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Letter: Godly parents

Glory! Hallellujah!! Praise the Lord!!!!!! Pastor Carl has spoken again!!

Aw, come on folks, I do not have any problem with Carl. I have never met the fellow and he might have some good to suggest. I am sure he is a fine fellow.

But these folks that actually believe that the Holy Bible was actually written by the hand of some "god" are clearly fooling themselves. It is the work of man, although what it tells us is worth some thought and consideration.

That does not say that what the Bible says in not worth some consideration, but the notion that it is from the hand (?) of some "god" is not worth consideration.

Regarding parents, there is no religious test for them. My aunt in Ohio who used to work in the school system there once told me "When you have a problem child, you meet the parents and you know the problem." Truer words were never spoken!!

Common sense and logic are the key. Smoking, foul language, stupid behavior in the presence of small children is the real problem.

Thanks for the dose of religion, Carl. Maybe someone will be informed. Maybe.

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Judge strikes blow to Kansas proof-of-citizenship law

This is great for the citizens of Kansas. But the Koch owned Secretary of State is backed by the Koch billons and will undoubtedly come to the rescue with blizzards of legal crap to hold this legal decision in suspense until most of us are dead.

The legal system is not for the common man. It is for the rich and well-heeled and the rest of us are at it's peril.

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Plans filed for major soccer complex near eastern end of SLT; Kansas ranks near top of list of states people are leaving

I would bet that brownbackwards planned his speech to be at the same time the president was giving his State of the Union message. I wonder who won??

We can thank the governor for this. His incredibly stupid management of state affairs would drive most any sane person to drink.

But you need to ask........."Who elected this buffoon??"

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Letter: Governor’s fantasy

There were a lot more comments in the column yesterday.

What is with the censorship??

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