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Kansas Supreme Court rules sex offender registry not cruel

"In an opinion written by Judge Caleb Stegall, the court said the registration requirement was not an unconstitutional form of punishment, but rather a civil regulatory scheme that aims to protect the public."

So the young man who had sex with his girlfriend and was placed on the sex offender registration list, and who is now married to the girl and they have children a threat to the public????? The children who have a father that was convicted of a "crime" that resulted in their conception and birth?

This "sex offender registration law" protects no one. It only assuages the psyches of politicians who use it to run for office. "Scheme" is a proper word for this stupidity.

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Court rejects religious challenge to Kansas science standards

This is a good start. This notion that somehow, some way that "religious beliefs" should be of any consideration at all in the business of government. It seems that all you have to do is proclaim some "religious belief" and voila, you are in control of someone else who does not necessarily share your "religious belief"

All "religion" is fantasy of some deity sitting on a cloud passing out blessings to followers (some of us) and thunderbolts to sinners (most of us) utterly devoid of any plausible or reality based fact.

The "Holy Bible", which I read and respect for the values given, was written at the direction of the King of England in the Council of Hampton Court in 1611. (King James Version, get it??) It is not the word of any "god" or any other deity. it is the word of the King of England provided by his subjects to prevent the king from chopping off their heads. The king's word was law, he was the real "god" in this work of literature.

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Republican lawmakers lose patience with Brownback tax cuts amid budget crisis

Do you see the ignorant, foolish circus that the Republican Party is supporting for being a candidate for President of the United States, Commander in Chief of our armed forces, leader of the Free World? Do you see the destruction that is on the horizon of this fool is elected?

Are you concerned for the future of our democratic process and the future of our country?

Now, does Brownback come in to clear focus????

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Providing own bus service could save Lawrence school district money, report finds

I retired 5 years ago and went to work for First Student. I am concerned that the people who are contemplating not renewing the contract with First Student are being short sighted.

All of the top management personnel are bus drivers. They know the job and it's problems and responsibilities. All employees are required to pass physical requirements, training in CPR, Red Cross first aid, and monthly safety meetings. We transport all students including special needs students and need to be ready to deal with the problems that may occur in our jobs. The people I work with are all dedicated to the safe transport of the students and certainly deserve more attention than seems to exist in the minds of the bean counters.

Am I worried about my job? You bet! In most all of my years of working at various jobs, this is hands down the best job I have ever had and I enjoy it greatly.

I would hope that the school system would recognize the professional and workmanlike attitudes of all of us at First Student and continue to have us transport the students of the Lawrence School System. It is a lot more than just hauling Jack and Jill to and from school.

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Letter to the editor: Trump threats?

It matters not who made the threat. It was a threat. A terroristic threat. This gets most anyone who make one subject to arrest for the threat.

You can make all the notions and suppositions for defense of Mr. Trump, but this individual made public threats of terroristic actions against legal delegates to the convention. This is a criminal act and should be prosecuted.

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Opinion: Mississippi attacking wrong target

This is a pretty accurate assessment of the State of Mississippi. I was there some years back sent to a job in a church that was a customer of my employer at that time.

I was rudely taken aback when I heard "good Christian folks" using terms like "fag", "queer" and many other derogatory terms such as the "n" word which I cannot print here (gets you thrown off the site). Christ came to earth, if you are to believe the "religious" people, to teach us love, compassion and how to respect one another. But I failed to hear much of this in this Mississippi church.

There are a great many folks who choose to justify their prejudice, bigotry and racism with telling us that they are "religious" and therefore should be accommodated.

"Religion" is one of the great problems we have in government today. It is the only thing that vicious people can hide behind to support their outrageous attitudes. And the government allows this without any hesitation. If it is someone's "religion, well, then, it is O.K. to discriminate, offend, and deny rational and legal rights to folks they have a problem with.

I do not think that Jesus would approve of some of the idiots who claim His Name to defend their prejudice and bigotry.

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Letter to the editor: Trump threats?

Richard, no I do not have the direct quote. But it has been featured on CNN about 21 times, check it out, you can't miss it.

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Opinion: Campaign testing limits of free speech

"Free speech" is about the last thing that we have to worry about with Donald Trump.
His rantings and insults clearly reveal that he is unalterably incompetent to be elected Commander in Chief of the United States. Yet, the great unwashed is falling over themselves to rush to the polls to vote for this jerk. We have much to fear from the uneducated, ignorant, racist, bigoted elements in our society who find Trump appealing.

There was once another "leader" who won the people by telling them "he had the answers, he could solve the problems, he knew who to blame" It was Adolph Hitler. He did not take over Germany. The clueless people gave it to him.

Trump mirrors this event. He rants and raves that he can solve the problem, which by the way, he creates with his irresponsible ravings in his own mind. He has all the answers, the knows who to blame, he can solve the imaginary problems with the "establishment, the Muslims, the Mexicans, yada, yada, yada,............He will FIX IT ALL!! And build a WALL!

If today's citizen fail to be aware of the lessons of history, if they continue to support this fascist Nazi wannabe, we are truly in for real trouble at the top.

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Opinion: ‘Conservative’ has lost its meaning

I have a question, where is it written that it so cotton picken' correct to be "conservative"??

I have actually been yelled at for not being "conservative" by someone who felt that it was a holy appointment to be "conservative".

There are other views, as pointed out by the writer, and we are out there. But so many of these political wannabes make it a point to point out that they are more "conservative" than God. (Who determines that "God" is a conservative???)

I think that most of us have "conservative" views on some issues, very "liberal" (dirty word) views on others. Most "conservatives" tend to make me feel something else......(can you spell "fascist"???).

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The ABCs of school finance: How we got here and where we go next

Easy......we elected damned fool fascists that were approved and pushed by the Koch Industries Regime and the Kochs got tax relief. What more is there to say????

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