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Opinion: Beheadings designed to provoke U.S.

Richard, I nominate you for the pacifist in chief!! The Red Chinese are already translating our street names into Chinese characters so that they can replace our street signs when they complete the takeover of our economy. It has already begun, you can see this in the signs that some of their businesses have here. You cannot buy anything much anymore, from clothing to model train products, that is not made in Red China.

Nikita Krushchev once said that there would be no need to defeat the U.S. in battle, they would continue to grow bloated and unconcerned, and they would fall like a ripe plum into the hands of the Soviets. Well, the Soviet union has vanished, (at least for a while,) and the Red Chinese are taking up the cause. They will not have to defeat us militarily, we are giving them our jobs, our economy, our money, and soon they will own us, lock, stock and barrel.

The only solution that will work in this problem is the one we followed on June 6 1044. Total invasion of the criminal country (like the Third Reich) and completely and totally destroying the criminals. Just like we did in 1944.

But with all the pleating pacifists like yourself, the lilly livered cowards in our present society, we will continue to allow criminal elements to take over more and more of the world until they will be don our doorstep. The then the "ripe plum" will fall.

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Some Kansas ballots won't have Democrat for Senate



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Kansas Supreme Court orders state to remove Taylor from Senate ballot

Kobach has clearly set himself as a chief organizer in the efforts to prevent people from voting in Kansas that may vote Democratic.

I can hear it now, the Koch Regime (aka "Koch Industries", the one running the rosy TV ad proclaiming every virtue on the planet) putting a political attack ad together accusing Orman of not being a citizen, being a muslim, donating to the terrorists in Iraq and Syria, beating his grandmother and hating apple pie. This is the way of the Republican Terrorists (aka the Koch Regime).

Hey Kobach!! How about nominating Donald Trump, he doesn't seem to be too busy these days!!

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Journalists comment on why Kansas races drawing national attention

It is funny to me that the Koch Regime is spending unknown amounts of money on attack ads aimed at Paul Davis and Greg Orman. But there are no ads promoting any Republican candidate There are plenty of ads telling us of how Orman is an Obama supporter. Is that illegal? It that a bad thing to support the President of the United States??.........oh I forgot, it is in "Bleeding Kansas"

But no ads that I have seen that support any of the GOP candidates.

Oh, there are the phony ads telling us about Brownback's "plans"..........plans that will vanish into thin air as soon as the ballots are counted.
But nothing positive. Funny isn't it, they can smear and do character assassinations. But nothing but vapid talk about imaginary and pointless "plans".

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Opinion: Congress must authorize ISIS war

If these "no-boots-on-the-ground" crybabies had been around in 1944, we would all be speaking German now. It makes me sick. Our spineless president and congress utterly fail to be aware of the threat that is presented to us with these Islamic criminals in Iraq and Syria.

The only way, THE ONLY WAY we will "defeat" isis or whatever they are called is to destroy them, lock stock and barrel. This will call for an effort way more than the current "pin-pricks" that are currently planned by our leaders. The combined efforts of the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps will be required to completely destroy, demolish, and kill those towel-headed freaks. All this politically smooth yammer about "help from other countries" needs to be stopped and an invasion force comparable to the force that invaded Europe in 1944 mounted and this latter day image of Hitler's Third Reich wiped from the face of the Earth.

We can't do this, you say? Well, then you better get used to learning their language and facing Mecca and praying at the point of a gun.

This cancer on the Earth needs to be dispatched forever and it is not ever going to happen with the current "no-boots-on-the-ground" philosophy that we are hearing from our "leaders".

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Must-win: Weis says CMU game ‘critical’

Hmmmm.... When does the basketball season start? Has the university attracted any new one-year wonders from overseas? Isn't it time to start the yearly accolades for a team that has not yet thrown a ball in anger?? Come one, JW, do your stuff!!

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Kansas Supreme Court weighing Taylor's ballot withdrawal

There should be no doubt in anyone's mind that this is another example of the Kansas Secretary of State attempting to rig the elections in favor of the Koch Regime.

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Poll: Orman leads, with or without Taylor on the ballot

I am glad to see the results of this poll, I think it is way past time for Roberts to go.


This poll comes from North Carolina. I am very suspicious of it because of the heavy Republican presence in that state. This could be a sham to lull voters into indifference in this election. Do not be fooled. Polls are skewed on purpose by the "pollsters" to favor their own agenda, in this case, the defeat of the opposition candidate to the GOP candidate.

Do not be fooled. Get out and VOTE!

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Texas Gov. Perry to campaign for Brownback in Kansas

Hooray!!!!!!!!! An indicted felon supporting Brownback!!!!!!! What a deal!!!! What great news!!!!!

Birds of a feather flock together!! Wow, this is great news!!!!!!!

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Shoppers line up for opening of NE Kansas Ikea

I cannot believe all the hype and coverage that the channel 9 TV station is giving this. Who are these fools who are camping out in front of a non-American furnature store????? What ever happened to ABC's crusade for Buy American"???? You want to know what is wrong in this country?? Go out and see the fools.

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