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Lawrence school district addresses student Internet threats with caution, education

I think that students were better off without these damned smartphones. Why do you need a phone in school anyway? We never did back in my day (rolling eyeballs here) and we managed to get an education. I think they ought to be banned or at least left at home and not allowed in school. You are there to learn not gab on the phone.

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Editorial: Uncomfortable?

Man, I am getting a little concerned that there are folks here that seem to agree with me, at least in part. It is a little uncomfortable to see this!!

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Opinion: Trump may be wake-up call for nation

Yes, Greg, you have it right. "Who will the supporters go to?" ......I cannot imagine that all the support for the other candidates will coagulate behind Trump. There are a significant number of folks who buy Trump's line, but I cannot imagine that there are many supporting any of the other candidates.

Dorothy, I think the answer to your question is fairly simple. The one who sells the most soap and diapers among the sponsors get to select the candidates who get the most ink. The outrageous opinions of Trump attract the most attention, hence the most revenue from the commercials. Pretty simple, huh? Sales is at the bottom of most of the trash and garbage that spills out of our televisions today. If nobody bought it, well, it would not be there.

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A Thousand Voices: Effort to restrict plastic bags in Lawrence gets mixed feedback in latest survey

There is CO2 in every bottle and can of pop you open. That is what makes it fizz and bubble. Let's ban POP!!!!!!!! (That is "soda" for you Easterners)

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Opinion: Trump may be wake-up call for nation

Donald Trump is one of the greatest frauds the media has spawned upon us.

20-25% LEAD????? In WHAT universe???? He has the ear of 20-25% of the hateful, despicable, intolerant, bigoted segment of the population. 20-25%.........that is no lead.

Who do the other 75% or so of the citizens favor??

The media, CNN, Fox, and others have created this disgusting figment of reality,.

What to the rest (75% or so) REALLY think of this crazy, disgusting fraud creation of the TV news??

Do you like the spectre of Nazi Germany?? YES....Nazi Germany. Look it up. It happened.
The clueless German people in the throes of the devastation of WWI bought THAT jerk.
Are we going to make the same mistake?? Huh????

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A Thousand Voices: Effort to restrict plastic bags in Lawrence gets mixed feedback in latest survey

So when is the Lawrence Watchdog Group going to go the city with their proposal to ban "fossil fuel vehicles?" I am sure there are those who are planning such a move.
And what is most alarming is that the city fools will give them time to present their case.

Don't like some aspect of life?? Just petition for a ban, that's the ticket!!!!!!

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Editorial: Uncomfortable?

Wow, finally an editorial that I agree with. Life can be challenging.

So why is the university coddling these students with the creation of "safe rooms" and other silly arrangements? Restrooms can be labeled "Restrooms: with a lock on the door and none of this silly crap "male/female" icons posted on the doors. This ain't the way it is in doctor's offices, repair shops or other public restroom facilities. So why the university establishing this stupidity??

Life after graduation is rough. It can be challenging and discouraging. Learn to live with it. Most of us have done this.

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Icy cold Black Friday in Lawrence a calmer affair than in years past; hopes high for Small Business Saturday

Yeah, it used to be "Merry Christmas", It used to be the celebration of the birth of Christ, no matter what religion you have.

Now the sanitized by commercial interests "Happy Holidays" reeks of the "spend, spend, Spend yourself into yearly debt"

Soon, it will start in July just after the 4th of July holiday. It is disgusting to see Christmas decorations before Halloween.

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Letter: Development denial

Wow, your realization of the obvious is gonna get you on the "sht" list with the Koch Industries Regime!! They gonna be coming for you!!

Great recognition of a lot of salient facts of reality in today's fascist dominated world.

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Kobach, public await actions by two courts on proof of citizenship law

We all know that this is has not been any sort of problem in Kansas or anywhere else in the country. This phony problem has been cobbled up by this fascist member of the Koch Industries Regime who owns the Kansas governor and legislature.

Hopefully justice will prevail and this jerk will end up in jail for contempt of the citizens of Kansas

We can only hope but I do not put much stock in it.

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