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City moves forward with plan to make residents pay for sidewalk repair

Wow, an I ever late getting in here!!

You want to fix the sidewalks??


Case closed.

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Opinion: Trump has full-blown victim mentality

Dorothy,,,,"It would be nice with we could get some real reporting about the good things in our country. But I guess good is boring."

A double Men"!!

I get sick of hearing how "bad" this country is. If you make a great effort to manage yourself, adopt some reasonable attitudes, and cooperate with others, you would really be surprised at how much better the "country" would look to you. People with bad attitudes, slovenly ways and a just plain indifferent outlooks will never see the good things that our great country has to offer. Until you have traveled and lived in other countries,(as I have) you cannot comprehend just what we have here in the USA and usually fall victim to all this crap about how we need to "make America great again" We have never stopped being great except to those I mentioned above.

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Opinion: Trump has full-blown victim mentality

This by far is one of the best articles by Mr. Pitts yet. But I have yet to see the real "rigging" of this election exposed in print (except by me).

In who's universe is 30% of a vote of multiple locations is that a margin of victory or acceptance to the nomination to major public office?? Yeah, yeah, yeah, I have brought this up before but it still stands. The real rigging is where the primary elections are rigged for the candidate to get the "most" (in this case about 30% of the vote) to be elected.

This as opposed to the plain truth that 70% if the voters DID NOT VOTE FOR THE CANDIDATE!!

Rigged you say. Yup....the selection process was very flawed (rigged if you please) to accept the candidate with the "most" votes in a field of more than 10 candidates. What more examples do you need of "rigging" and failure of the Republican Party to establish a system where there would be a runoff between the top 2 or3 vote getters, not just the "most"??

This is a statistical reality that was completely ignored resulting in a candidate that is totally unsuitable and disgusting for the office of President of the United States.

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Opinion: Trump is Brownback on national scale

The problem, the elephant in the room, so to speak, is that Trump keeps saying that we are going to get a 35% tax reduction. Huh? With the national debt sky rocketing out of order every day, how is anyone going to manage this? And you have to remember. Trump is a liar. He is not the one who makes tax laws. The congress does the legislating and makes the tax laws. Trump is a liar. The do-nothing congress will likely ignore all this stuff about tax relief, it is highly likely that they will tell him to go rotate. And yes.......Trump is a liar.

Brownbackwards supports him. And look at the mess that the governor has made in the budget in Kansas. Birds of a feather. And Trump is a liar.

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Opinion: Trump is Brownback on national scale

Let me clear this up. There are many, many haters of President Obama in Kansas. They despise and denigrate the black, Muslim, non-citizen President of the United States (according to Trump) and many are willing to display this racist hatred openly on the street and in the work place. I heard this a lot at a former workplace where I no longer work.

Mrs. Clinton is in the same political party and these people associate her with the President.
The Affordable Care Act, about the best solution we have had for medical coverage is under constant attack from the far right. I did not say "not without it's problems" something that opponents have "Trumpeted " to the world. And the opponents of the Democrats have made much hay of this.

Republicans have made a grave mistake at running an illegitimate candidate (He only got about 30% of the primary vote) and will pay dearly for it if there is a God in the heavens.

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Kansas unemployment rate goes up for 4th consecutive month

Brownback was a lousy senator. He was elected by clueless Kansas voters who bought and paid for him with all the vicious attack ads by Koch Industries Regime. This is what you get when you listen to fascist entities like the Kochs. Live with it.

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WOW announces sale of Lawrence cable TV, internet operations; change may lead to gigabit service

I don't think I saw the word "robust" in the article. I think that this is the rats abandoning the sinking ship. The Lawrence economy has been less-than-robust for as long as I have lived here. The fools in the city government have made every effort to prevent businesses from locating here and providing more jobs for the citizens.

I am sorry I ever came here with a friend for a job we both enjoyed. He left Lawrence over 20 years ago. I should have taken note when I got out of the Navy and went with the civil service jobs that were available to me. Being laid off of that job every so often when business was floundering was an experience I will never ever get into again.

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Kobach calls Trump's stance on election results 'reasonable'

Hitler ran for election of President of Germany. He lost. He then commenced to obtain power by other means.


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Kobach calls Trump's stance on election results 'reasonable'

Hitler ran for President of Germany and lost. He then sought to overcome this defeat in a national election. Sound familiar???

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Kobach calls Trump's stance on election results 'reasonable'

Hitler was a fascist like Mussolini and others of his time. He DID start a war with Russia and got his collective butt kicked by the Russian winter and his deplorable lack of preparation for the war he started. That is the history of it. Look it up. Hitler rounded up the communists (you used the term "socialist") and jailed and murdered them. He was definitely not a "socialist".

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