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Letter: Room to reflect

I absolutely agree! Elementary and Middle School students absolutely need time for "balance so needed in their study schedules". Students who's unreligious parents that do not recognize this time away from video games and soccer should be provided in school hours. School administrators are definitely in error in not recognizing this need. The school board who is already busy scrambling to overcome the destructive effects of the Btrownkoch administration in reducing school founding needs to concentrate on this critical need during limited school time.

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City Hall proposes tax increase to fund boost in city salaries, mental health workers in schools

Why not? We gotta pay for all those "traffic calming obstructions " that the city traffic engineers are currently working on. Those stupid roundabouts ain't cheap, you know. Wait till they get to 23rd and Iowa and the bridge approaches at 6th and Massachusetts street. It is coming!!

You know those innumerable projects where there are 4 guys working and 10 leaning on their shovels need financing. And the repairs on city projects that were built by incompetent contractors. Don't forget the legal fees associated with recovering that bill.

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Letter: Quitting Kansas

Ditto for me. But I am trapped here because of my family which was born and raised here. Several family members have found very good and useful jobs here. But I was not as fortunate.

I came to Lawrence out of the Navy in 1971 seeking a career in a field that I was very fond of.
In my blind stupidity, I failed to notice that nothing like that existed at the company I chose.

I spent over 30 years at that company, returning several times from periodic layoffs, and now as a retiree have nothing from them to show for it. I should have stayed in the Navy.

Add to that this community is savaged by a dysfunctional government who hires traffic engineers who got their degrees from a Wheaties box and have a program of anti-vehicle projects presently underway in the city. Commissioners who are elected "at large" and are not responsible to anyone except the 20 or 30 citizens who bother to vote.

And then there is the state "government" wholly owned by a consortium of fascist financiers who have direct control over the "government" land "state legislature". I have never seen any situation where such a slate of addled dolts has been elected anywhere.

It is most certainly a place to be seeing in your rear view mirror, but there are victims like me who have family ties here who cannot depart this fool's paradise.

And, no, I would not go to California either, there are a whole raft of other types of problems there, also.

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Brownback ponders religious objections legislation following gay marriage ruling

It is the republican mantra. The party of NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO .................NO!!!

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Brownback ponders religious objections legislation following gay marriage ruling

We want to make sure that people's religious liberties are protected," he said.

OK. How the "religious liberties" of citizens who follow the Islamic State with their "religious liberties" of cutting off heads, destroying ancient works that do not match up to their "religion" and killing off all who's "religion" has differing ideas?

What say you, Governor Brownkoch? How about those "closely held "religious" convictions" huh??
How about me? I have a strong religious conviction that the governor of Kansas is a fool and ought to be impeached. How about MY religious convictions???

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Brownback ponders religious objections legislation following gay marriage ruling

Greg!!!!!!!!!............."Brownkoch"........I LIKE that!!!! For herein and forevermore I shall refer to the Koch Industries head fool with this moniker!!!! Brownkoch..........It has a disgustingly rancid ring to it!!!

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

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New sushi along 23rd Street, new Chinese along Iowa Street; rumors of KC restaurant chain coming to town; figures show positive Kansas income growth

Sushi!!!!!!!!!!!........Chinese!!!!! unknown KC restaurant!!!!!!! Wow!!!!!!!!! a virtual explosion of low wage service jobs!!!!!! Lawrence is on the fast track to glory!!!!!

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All counties in Kansas allowing same-sex marriage licenses, but state not yet allowing name changes, joint tax returns

Brownback, Kobach and their hooligans in the legislature will fight this ruling down to the ground. They will spend huge amounts of money on legal fees to pander to their homophobic and racist base in the Koch Industries Regime. No mind that the state is broke and cancelling funds for education. Nothing will defer them from their "holy" crusade to shine to the great unwashed who elected these hidebound fascists.

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Letter: Kasold plan support

is a critical step in combating the growing epidemic of chronic disease in our community that has closely paralleled increasingly sedentary lifestyles among adults and kids. Huhhhh?????? Epidemic???? don't think so.

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Letter: Kasold plan support

"Additionally more cars brings additional air pollution which is considered a source of toxic poisoning." And just where did you dig up this little bit of self-serving crap?

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