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Letter to the editor: Facts are facts

The veracity and reality of any "fact" is who's ox is being gored.

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Lesbian pastor, United Methodist Church agree to separation

I belong to the Methodist church although I am not very active. I can say one thing, it is a lot more acceptable to most Methodists that some of the other "religions", you know, "Love Jesus and do good things". Way too many "religions" today just condemn and denigrate.

I do not find much of the lessons of Christ in that attitude.

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Opinion: Fascinated and fatigued by Trump

I have a question that I have not heard yet on the campaign trail....

If Trump is elected, what is his job? Running the country or running the huge business empire that he claims to have? What is more important? Running the country or figuring out more ways to stiff his vendors and suppliers?

What is it going o be? I have not heard this question posed before.

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Opinion: Fascinated and fatigued by Trump

Yeah, I agree. I can hardly wait until the election and this issue is settled. I am tired of dredging up similarities of Trump to Hitler, they are there for all to see who bother to study the lessons of history.

I am anxious for the good old days, the murders, shootings, train wrecks, weather people going ballistic telling us it is going to rain. That is REAL news!!

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Opinion: Trump move further imperils GOP

It is becoming more and more apparent that Trump is going to lose, something that has been pretty likely for some time now. But now the TV news networks are formulating his plans for afterward, that he will try to establish his own "news network", maybe even in the mold of the fascist radio "personality" Rush Limbaugh. You will then have a choice, Limbaugh and his crap and Trump and his drivel!! What a country!!

One or two more "shake ups" in his campaign ought to put the final nails in the coffin.

I noted with interest that he mentioned Leni Riefenstahl who created the documentary "Triumph of the Will", a stunning piece of Nazi propaganda that at first won international awards until the true nature of the Third Reich was discovered. The names of Trump and Hitler have been intertwined sometimes even my me. The mention of the Nazi dictator usually brings guffaws and rolled eyes, but to those who have a knowledge of history, the association is disturbing.

I am not harboring the notion that we will see concentration camps or death camps with Trump, but the ideas he has that he has the answer to everything is closely resembling the same language that Hitler used to flummox the German people in the 1930's.

Those who fail to remember the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them.

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Letter to the editor: Protect Social Security

It seems to me that Bob has hit the nail on the head. In our modern society dripping with TV ads for high cost credit cards (What is in YOUR wallet??)(They charge FEES for those cards!!) veteran friendly loan sharks, and other financial scams, the Federal Government has taken the same tact, "Buy now pay later". But we as a civilization have taken the same tact in our personal credit management........."Buy now and pay later". Well folks, "pay later" arrives and there is no money to "pay later? THEN what do you do THEN?

Well a lot of Social Security folks are asking the same. When is the Federal Government going to stop the madness that threaten the very system that so many of us retirees depend on and get real.

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Trump campaign launches Kansas operation

Why is he wasting time with this? With the Koch Industries Regime ownership of the Kansas governor and legislature, with the solidly Republican support of rural and western Kansas residents, Trump is a shoo-in to win Kansas. This sounds like a stupid movement on the part of the candidate that is severely lagging in states where voters really care about who has the nuclear codes and command of the U.S. military.

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Your Turn: City’s action diminishes access to arts

Right on, Bob. And the question needs to be asked, "What does this do for my job opportunities, reasonable housing, public safety and a whole host of questions that have nothing to do with the availability of "art". What do the piles of painted welded up junk on street corners have to do with my well being?? Nothing. Who is paying for that??

Now as you load up to blast me on being a jerk and throwback, I do recognize that art is a part of our culture, good music, good paintings, other things that are classically recognized as art, But the things that are foisted off on the public at public expense as "art" are just plain stupid.
Junk should be left in the junk yard.

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Lawrence Humane Society plans for construction of new animal shelter

I do not want to give you the impression that I am against the Humane Society. I have several cats I adopted there and the free medical exams that come with the adoption are great to have, to see if your animal is healthy.

One of my cats Is Captain Jack, a big (I mean HUGE!) black cat who sits in my lap or on my shoulder and watches ball games or other TV with me , sleeps besides me and is my very best good buddy. He was a real gold medal find at the shelter. Yeah, I am the crazy cat person.

But I do have some issues with them and this fraudulent "no kill" policy is one of them.

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Datebook: Wings Over Wetlands, ConfabuLarryum and more events for Aug. 13

"Wings Over Wetlands, 9 a.m.-1 p.m., Baker Wetlands Discovery Center, 1365 North 1250 "

Is this forum going to address the fantastic wings that the mosquitos have and their ability to reach our back yards in the evenings making outside living almost impossible.

Seems these "wings" need to be addressed also. The "wetlands" prosper as we are continually advised to remove standing water from our property.

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