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Editorial: Biased media? Think again

I am used to it. I have crossed swords with these guys before. No matter.

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Editorial: Biased media? Think again

We need a dossier?? With the statements of the candidate about the workings of Nazi Germany, we need proof?

The media has been the target of every talk radio show who is hawking subscriptions to their propaganda machine. Rush Limbaugh has lambasted everyone who disagrees with his fascist garbage as being a "liberal" a term you see in this forum to bash all of us who do not agree with the fascist takeover of the U.S. government by a disgusting pervert.

In Nazi Germany there was no free media, they had all been killed or taken to concentration camps for giving true information about the fascist government of Hitler. It would seem that with the candidate's knowledge of the workings of Nazi Germany, we are about to see a continuing crusade on the part of the candidate to defame, decertify, and shut down the free media which he so obviously despises.

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Freezing rain tonight may coat Lawrence with half inch of ice

Why s this news item still here 2 days after the "massive storm" has not appeared??

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Opinion: Hollywood elitists out of touch with reality

I agree with you Mike, I never regarded Cal Thomas as much of a useful voice for much of anything. I do not go to movies anymore, for one, they cost way too much for the entertainment value. And the good ones will likely appear on TV in a year or two.

I think the last movie I saw was "Titanic". That one was a bit of a disappointment from my knowledge of the real facts regarding the sinking of the Titanic. Nudity had to be inserted to hook the perverts into selling out their hard earned money for this production. You can find a lot of that for free on the internet.

I knew people at a place I used to work that would freely denigrate the sitting President of the United States with racial slurs. I heard a lot of the language that Mr. Thomas seems to have missed in the population.

Sorry, Cal, I bet you think that Trump is rosy and a shining example of the American spirit.

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Lawrence escapes overnight ice storm but Sunday morning accumulations possible

"Lawrence and Douglas County dodged the ice storm predicted for Saturday" Yeah, I sort of imagined this. The channel 9 news had predicted the end of the world in their coverage a week ahead of the "great storm"

Weather reporting and prediction is a dicy undertaking at best, but the habit of making such overriding predictions a week out are really poor reporting. The weather reporting needs to take a chill pill and hold off on the predictions of doom.

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Opinion: Godspeed, Mr. President

Sorryfully, we are seeing the end of decency, civility, and credibility in our nation. The non-election of this disgusting entity has heralded the beginning of falsehoods, lies, misrepresentations and a whole hosts of denigrating situations.

Just today we are told that the news media may well be removed from the White House. The war between Trump and the national news heralds a situation that Hitler and Stalin had in their countries, destruction of the presentation of news. How much longer will it be until news reporters are jailed for presenting the sad news about the Trump administration?

Trump talks about credible news sources as "fake news" and denigrates their reporting. He seeks to control the news media, tactics employed by the dictators I have just mentioned. He seeks to hide his collusion with elements of the Soviet Union. He seeks to establishment of a government that moves unabated in violation of the law and Constitution to cover his own fraudulence in office. We are truly in for a difficult and dangerous future.

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Opinion: What happened to the honeymoon?

REAL news flash....Trump's Exxon choice for Secretary of State already has China threatening war in the western Pacific due to his stupid and obnoxious comments about blocking the Chinese from the military bases they are building in the South China Sea.

Before the jack ass is even "inaugurated" his man is starting to threaten our security and position in world affairs...........Nice!!

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Opinion: What happened to the honeymoon?

well what is done, is done. We will have some time to see if we will survive. I have my concerns.

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Freezing rain tonight may coat Lawrence with half inch of ice

The channel 9 news had predicted for three days a near end to civilization from this "storm" (as most weather reporting services do)

I used to have a friend down the block who said if he had it all to do over again, he would be a weatherman (scuse me, "weatherperson").

You could be wrong most of the time and still keep your job.

Thanks, Roy, for the wisdom.

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Sale of Lawrence cable TV, internet operations finalized; new owner says changes in store

I had not heard about the refunds. That is good news. I don't think it has happened before.

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