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Kansas House committee working on plan to expand Medicaid

PS. As you know I am fond of refering to the bountiful billionaires as the Koch Industries Regime, a bit if tongue baloney on my part. But in today's news that is not reported in this newspaper, the announcement that the Koch Brothers have dedicated $889 million dollars (a small portion of their billions) to the 2016 election. This is a bold faced attempt to buy the government of their liking and a fearfully significant portion of the electorate will be purchased by this dirty money. "Hitler did not take over Germany, the people gave it to him".

Well we see the U.. government sold to the Koch Industries Regime????

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Kansas House committee working on plan to expand Medicaid

Ain't gonna happen....ain't gonna happen. As long as the Great Unwashed of Kansas continue to elect these representatives who harbor an instilled, hostile, and dedicated racial hatred of the black, non-citizen, Muslim President of the United States and the Federal Government, it ain't gonna happen. Brownback is so immersed in his hatred that refusing to create this Medicaid expansion is much more important than accepting this Federal money that was ours to begin with......It ain't gonna happen with these GOP Koch Industries Regime puppets in charge.

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Kansas governor proposes to backpedal on school funding

The guvernr don't want no ejimication in Kansas!! An "educated" electorate is the last thing that the "governor" wants. An educated electorate might NOT vote for the Koch Industries Regime slate of candidates. We can't have that in "Koch Land"!!

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Kansas courts now in center of partisan politics

If Brownbackwards gets his way and gets to enter politics into the selection of judges, the judicial system in Kansas will go the way of the other institutions in Kansas that have been trashed by the Koch Industries Regime state government.

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Brownback shifts blame for state budget woes on Legislature

P.S. I see that the Koch Regime is holding a war conference for all the GOP hopefuls, Romney, Cruz, Perry, Palin (yes, yes, "Moose Lady", again )the whole wrecking crew. This ought to be interesting!! And the Koch Regime has the temerity to say that they "support all sides".

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Brownback shifts blame for state budget woes on Legislature

So sayeth the glorious trumpet section for the Koch Industries Regime political doctrine committee. Keep on, keep on, no one is listening or paying heed. (Well, maybe the great unwashed that re-elected this slate of dolts.

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Kansas medical marijuana advocates see progress in legalization effort

Yeah, I know. I take a very jaded view of what passes for religion today. Thank God, (yeah "Him"). we are mostly rid of most of the "TV" preachers who preyed on the clueless among us. But as I have often said, if Jesus could see what has become of His name and Image today, he would despair. "Christian Mingle"......good God!!!

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Kansas medical marijuana advocates see progress in legalization effort

Me, neither. Leslie, but with all the past history of massive "coverage" of marijuana, I am not surprised. We are allowed to drink our selves stupid with alcoholic "beverages" and do untold damage in a drunken state. But to even mention the subject "marijuana", you have the whole force of the federal government to deal with.

Kinda crazy, ain't it, you are allowed to smoke yourself to death (a proven fact) but if you are caught with a few shreds of marijuana, it is off to prison for years. Our society and laws are really out of whack, and a lot of it comes from the imaginary practice of what passes for "religion" these days. Sad.

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Kansas attorney general asks court to clarify school finance ruling

The basic issue here is to cover up the butt of our dolt of a governor in his quest to further enrich the Koch Industries Regime. That is about all there is.

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'I'm a Kansas Guy': Thousands greet Obama during KU visit

Lynn Jenkins has NEVER supported anything that any other than her GOP cronies have offered. the GOP is STILL the party of.....not "no"......the party of ...........HELL, NO!!!!!

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