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They’re in! KU beats Mizzou, earns trip to tourney

“We’re gonna play tomorrow for anyone who’s ever worn a Jayhawk uniform in the past, and we’re gonna step on their throat. That’s our goal.”

stick it to the slavers

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Renamed streets honor memory of Fambrough


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Are there any summer movies you’re looking forward to seeing?

Wait isn't Batman coming out? I'd want to see that for sure. Nolan is an awesome director.

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No-smoking sign is no Star of David

because the tribe(s) that owns the casino(s) has sovereignty which supercedes the state in many instances.

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Will Obama Abandon Eastern Europe?

The whole idea behind the Russian Playboy/Cowboy/James Bond personna is to keep the people frightened. If he is stupid enough to attack the Baltic states, not only would NATO decimate his airforce, but China would make a major land grab in the far East. Siberia has gas, oil and no people. China has people, more people and neither gas nor oil. (well maybe some, but not enough)

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Will Obama Abandon Eastern Europe?

Belarus, the Mafia regime in Transdniester and hmm... that's about it, occasionally Serbia perhaps. yeah, the dude is crazy if he thinks Russia is going to try to roll her tanks all the way across Ukraine and over the Carpathians. It's not happening. Ukraine has tasted 20 years of independence, there's no going back. Sure they might be angry that their politicians are screwing them, but it's better for Kiev to screw you than for Moscow to screw you (and potentially ship you and your family to Siberia). Are you in Kiev?

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Heartbreaker in New Orleans

Rock Chalk for-ev-er ... great season guys ... good luck T-Rob and Tyshawn ... to the rest of the guys, see you next year!

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$620K repaid in KU ticket scheme

ahem ... $477? that's a car payment ...
nice win tonight Hawks ...

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