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Lawhorn's Lawrence: A tale of an abandoned baby, a dime and a Lawrence laundromat

Amy, if you are reading this, I want you to know that I have lived in the Bungalow Laundromat neighborhood for about 35 years and consider it a good, benign place for you to have entered this earth.

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Renaming policy

I strongly agree with the sentiment expressed in this editorial, with one comment: To me, places named for prominent KU personages should be limited to the KU campus, except for those special KU employees who have also served the City of Lawrence with distinction. Throughout Lawrence's remarkable 158-year history, countless admirable citizens have made notable contributions to the city, and most of these have not yet been honored with place-names. As the editorial writer suggests: Honoring individuals with naming opportunities calls for "serious consideration." To correct the editorial's second paragraph, some who opposed the City Commission's actions did voice objections to the commissioners prior to their vote.

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Will rising gas prices give people an incentive to use public transportation?

I am a regular T-rider, not "poor," but careful with my budget. Even when gas prices were lower than they are now, it cost less to ride the bus than to use my car--taking into account the total cost of owning and operating a car. I am grateful for the T both because of financial reasons and the freedom from negotiating traffic and searching for parking places. My experience is that of very clean, pleasant buses and courteous, knowledgeable drivers. Thank you.

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