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Bids to convert former Farmland fertilizer site into new business park come in far lower than expected

Chad - How does the City plan to market and promote these industrial sites? Is it through Chamber of Commerce EcoDevo, or internally? If internally, who at City Hall is the 'expert' at marketing property?

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City asked to provide monthly funding for arts coordinator; new report recommends water/sewer bill increases; city set to approve longevity bonuses

Chad -
Two items: 1) did you ever look into how the city's utilities dept assesses a homeowner's sewer outflow to fairly assign rates? Presently, it's tied to water usage so if a homeowner exceeds a 10,000 gallon monthly average for Dec, Jan, Feb (called slow time by city) you get a lower sewer rate. What if you're a heavy water user but it doesn't flush down your drain but goes into your yard, or winter garden, etc.? All of their estimates are WAGs and we get penalized for flucuating volumes.
2) Did the city reorganize and create a marketing division? I've seen city quotes attributed to Roger Steinbrock and he's identified himself with the city's marketing division. What is this division and it's role?

Nice pix on the blog head.

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Town Talk: Financial numbers are in on much-debated 9th and N.H. projects; this and that on restaurant rumblings

Chad - how much did the city pay for these studies, and why? Are the developers charged for these studies, or are study fees incorporated into building permits, etc. so city can recoup cost? Who authorized the studies at city hall and under what motivation? Keep that tongue wagging . . .

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Town Talk: Neighbors win ruling in industrial zoning case near Lecompton interchange; airport sewer project creating concern; city to formalize agreement with SRS

Maybe you ought to mark your calendar to appear before the City Commission when they accept the newly created Master Plan for the Airport, and FAA has paid the bill. Now get your facts straight as the new price tag for improvements is approximately $30 million over the next 20 years. You're a dolt! Move on.

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Lawrence chamber president leaving for job in Steamboat Springs

The Lawrence Chamber of Commerce head job is just becoming a pass-through career stop anymore. For CoC to be effective in the future, the board needs to 'recruit' somebody with strong local ties that wants to be here for a long while, or else they'll continue to be a revolving door for other's career aspirations.

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KDHE Secretary Rod Bremby to leave health department in preparation for new Kansas governor

Mr. Rothchild -
Did you bother to ask why John Mitchell, a life-long bureaucrat at KDHE, was appointed acting-secretary over Deputy Secretary Aaron Dunkel?

This whole termination situation doesn't add up over declining a project. It smacks of political hijinks. Granted the whole administration will turn over in 60 days but it seems petty on the surface.

Perhaps some investigative journalism is in the offing from LJWorld's statehouse reporter?

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KDHE Secretary Rod Bremby to leave health department in preparation for new Kansas governor

LJWorld is only passing along Associated Press story. Topeka Capital Journal has confirmed that Governor removed Mr. Bremby after he declined to run Parkinson's side the transition team for a new Governor - a thankless and tedious task.

Mr. Bremby should be congratulated for remaining in that position for two months shy of two full terms. Something that has never been achieved at KDHE before his tenure. This termination was nothing more than a employee saying no to a work assignment to his employer. Maybe lesson for all of us to heed in this current economy.

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Should the city of Lawrence spend $1.9 million to extend sewer service to the Lawrence Municipal Airport to make the area more attractive to developers?

Welcome back BigW. I was wondering how long it would take to see a response from you.

At least we agree on one issue - sewer/water services are needed at Lawrence Municipal Airport. The Airport is located on city-owned property, and as with all other city-owned property should have the required infrastructure as do our neighborhoods, parks, etc. As Lawrence grows slowly to the North, the price tag has been reduced to connect sewer/water to the Airport.

I'm sure users of the Airport Terminal restrooms would much rather flush successfully than see a septic tank back up.

JLMFlies offered some interesting insight into your axe to grind with the city on another recent string of posts so I won't dwell on your issues with the city, but once again your desire to fan a flame with the locals burns from incorrect information.

If you bother to check your facts, you'll learn that the Federal-Aid Airport Program through the Federal Airport Act of 1946 started the funding of improvements to general aviation airports. Yes, this money was paid by the U.S. Treasury.

However, over time the program has been amended several times until we've reached today's Airport Improvement Program.

It's true that the city's match on qualifying projects is 5 percent but the FAA's matching 95 percent comes from aviation-related user fees and not the general treasury. So you, me and every citizen in Lawrence do not own the Airport 100 percent. You have a share in 5 percent if you truly live, work and pay property taxes in Lawrence.

Please get your facts straight before popping off again. And of the $11.5 million in airport improvements, the City has paid 5 percent of that investment - which is a heck of a deal and prudent use of money. With stiff competition for a limited pool of AIP funds, according to the FAA Web site, Lawrence residents should feel very lucky to have earned the confidence of the FAA to continue investment in our Airport.

On Dec. 21, the City conducted an open meeting at the terminal to discuss the sewer/water plans. Don't know if it was well attended or not - were you there - but in reading online documents at the City's Web site, if the sewer gets built the capacity will only be for the Airport and not development of property surrounding the Airport. This eliminates the Pine Family Farms, or other developers, from tapping into the flow.

BigW - perhaps it's time for you to go back to City Hall and mend some fences so you're in a position to take advantage of a growing Airport community and contribute to it rather than working hard to bring it down.

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County commissioner urges development moratorium to study FAA's position on land near airport

TheBigW -

I enjoyed that flick also.

So coach me - I see airplanes take off and land all the time from Lawrence Municipal Airport - isn't that aeronautical activity, or is this a broader definition?

Have you presented these concerns to the city commission or FAA? Your allegations appear to be serious so you must have some evidence? Have you been denied the right to take off and land at the airport?

I struggle with trying to understand your posts because you pound on the same theme without specifics so that draws a conclusion to me that you're simply whining about personality conflicts.

Also, research shows that individuals are perceived more favorably in debate when speaking correctly or writing appropriately - including proper spelling. Just trying to coach you.

You have a good day too, and good luck!

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County commissioner urges development moratorium to study FAA's position on land near airport

TheBigW -

I had high hopes for you that you would be the type to volunteer your service and work with the system to correct these serious allegations you suggest.

Alas, you're just a whiner who chooses to blame others and sully their good name without presenting evidence or documentation. Your ramblings present to me an individual who is angry at the world and believes they are owed something.

How sad . . .

PS - you might be taken more seriously if you learn to spell or at least buy a spell-checker.

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