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Douglas County Commission OKs permit for firing range; owners to vote Nov. 14

Suggestions have included putting up a berm alongside the pistol range at the 94-acre site, something county commissioners have indicated a willingness to help accomplish — possibly using county equipment, county personnel or even county funds.“Let us know how we can assist, when the time comes,” said Jim Flory, commission chairman. Someone please explain to me why the county would supply equipment,personnel or money for this. Let the FOP lodge pay for the work themselfs or open it to the public then you can use my tax dollars. If you have equipment and personnel just sitting around come to my house and build me a pond then you will have all the dirt you need for your berm.

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Lawrence city commissioners to consider developers' proposal to allow artificial turf for landscaping

The city inspector passed the Ored and gave occupancy to them why would you not think it was ok to do it somewhere else. People would much rather drive around town and look at ugly lawns with weeds and no grass and gripe when you use herbicides to control them. I say Put turf down and save my $4 a gallon gas for my taxes and the school to spend. Worry about something that matters.

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Douglas County commissioners to review architectural options for Public Works Department

Maybe they can buy wakarusa valley school it's in the center of the county I don't know how much ground is there but it should be plenty and the building is deffinetly big enough

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