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Law enforcement seeking Lawrence man accused of abducting son from custodial parent

Oh wow,I've known Steve for years. What a dumb***. He just got out of prison not to long ago. Looks like that will be his home away from home when they catch him. DAMN

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Editorial: Guns and bars

I'm a CCL holder. Have spent many hours in training. Everyone should have training before handing a firearm. The coarse is very simple and informative. I've had more training than most because of family that have been trainers for years . I carry my weapon wherever I may go. No one but my wife knows that I have this cannon on my personal self. I would rather have this weapon on myself and never have to use it, then not have this weapon and need it. I pray that I never have to use my weapon, but I will too protect myself and my family. So please get training before you decide to carry any weapon.

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Editorial: Pending plans

A casino in Lawrence Ks. Are you kidding me?With the crime we have here,an so much in North Lawrence already. Hell,we have buses in North Lawrence. One of our tires were slashed. That's $700. What next,stereo system stolen. That's ok,armed guards will be next. I like to gamble once in awhile myself. But not in Lawrence Ks

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Longtime media executive Ralph Gage retiring from The World Company

I worked with Ralph from the early 80's to the late 90's as a maintenance man. We butted heads on a few occasions. He reminded me a lot of my father,he was a hardass but fair. I have the utmost respect for this man. The years that I spent around Ralph changed my life forever. Thank you Mr. Ralph Gage.
Jon E. Bierig

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