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Court testimony: Topeka feud led to 'mayhem' that left 3 dead on Massachusetts Street

And our problems here in Lawrence are coming from the west and east. This town doesn’t need outsiders help. We have enough crime with out any help

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Organizer apologizes for Confederate flag appearance at Old-Fashioned Christmas Parade

Really people. No pun intended,but can’t we all just stop beating a dead horse.

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Accident report: Both drivers, including police officer, suspected of drinking before fatal motorcycle crash

Well I'm not sitting at the service,I was there along with 500 other bikers. We have laid Jesse to rest. I'm not going to do any name calling or say what I think of the people on here wanting to have some one go to jail or loose there job,or even the LJW for not waiting for people to stop mourning on this said day. What I am going to say is this. I hope that if anything this heartbreaking happens to any one of you folks that you won't have to go through the ridicule and nay saying like all the family and friends of the Delcampo family are going through. With that god bless

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Editorial: Compromise on car show

Mr. Tony Brown says,"Sex sales,not in my house." For one,it's about old cars and motorcycles. Nothing about sex. And two,your house my ass. The people of Baldwin Ks runs this town. Not some butt head who doesn't have a clue. Look at all the revenue Baldwin is missing out on,there are other towns that would love to have this event and all the $$$$$ that this event brings in.

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Updates on a pair of high-profile demolitions in town; longtime restaurant on Iowa Street closes

Why we don't have more decent restaurants is because our city commission likes to run good restaurants off. Do you see a Red Lobster or an Olive Garden? I rest my case

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Update on doughnut, whiskey and fried chicken place; pingpong, cheap beer among changes at music venue

Hope that it's better than Harold's.That place was discussing.

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A sweet shop closes in downtown Lawrence, and the owner says the reasons why leave a bad taste

I'm from a town of 22,000 residents. Our downtown is thriving because the parking meters were taken out. And our town has a community college in it. The shops are great and reasonable priced. This small town does not have empty buildings. There's always a waiting list to get into our downtown to open a business. There's a lot of greedy people here in Lawrence. Food for thought,get rid of the parking meters and lower the rent and drop the high prices,and maybe this downtown (Lawrence Ks) will do better. I know people will give me crap because of what I have wrote. So instead of being a part of the problem,be part of the solution. Raise some hell and let these greedy people know that enough is enough

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Where to check out Fourth of July fireworks displays in Douglas County

I can remember when we as neighbor's would come together on the 4th holiday. Great fun times were had by all here in Lawrence Kansas. But not anymore. You have all these stuck up snobs that ruined it for the rest of us. Thank god for good friends in Eudora.

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Man shot outside bar in eastern Lawrence

I go to gun shows here in Kansas at least 2 times a month. I've always seen at these gun shows that the gun dealers always do background checks. I'm a CCL holder an have just recently purchased a pistol at a show. Everyone who didn't have a CCL had a background check. You still have to fill out all the right paperwork whether you are a CCL holder or not. The only difference between a CCL holder and not one is the time for your background check to come back to a FFL dealer. Most of the time,background checks come back within an hour. Shows in Kansas do not let non FFL dealers sell weapons at there shows.

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A list of past Thomas Fritzel controversies and the $10 million question that comes with the latest allegations

This Lawrence government is so gullible,we the people should be given back all our tax money that this commission has given away. I want my check in the mail please. That will never happen. Just a bunch of ass hats spending our money. Only money that we spend in this town are for utilities and these high dollar taxes that we all work hard for. We shop out of town for everything else

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