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What's your favorite brand of laundry detergent?

I make my own! It works great. I will never buy another cleaning product again.

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Boy saving up to buy rare lorikeet bird stolen from Lawrence pet store wants it returned

$900.00 is not going to make it or break it on a college fund are you kidding? A bird will live20+ years and will be the best friend you have ever had. How does that equate to Money?
Besides it was NOT theirs to take. I think it is sad that a great pet store that allows children to interact with their animals and teaches them so much about animals would have to worry about people taking any of the animals!
Just bring the bird back!

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Buddy the Beagle, who roamed Kanopolis Lake for 2 months, has a new home

1029 really? We are talking about a beagle here... I don't even think a beagle ever knew it was a wolf. LOL. You wouldn't want a beagle in your neighborhood. Laughable.

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Forgive loans

I am 55 yrs old but if you can go to college by borrowing money and then not have to pay it back Well then sign me up. I could use a free college education. Get real.

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Marvin and Norma Jardon

Such a good looking couple!!!

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How do you plan to beat the summer heat?

I need the heat to thaw out my bones after working in a 62 degree office all day. It sucks.

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Circumcision ban to appear on San Francisco ballot

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National Day of Prayer observed at Capitol

Really CL? Shut up the weather is beautiful go find something to do.

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Former Eudora resident provides all of city’s drinking water — for free

How unfortunate that for something so wonderful that this woman does for the city that they turn around and about kill us on the price for water??? Not only that but charge us dearly for the disposal based on the usage of the water as well. So if you water your yard in the summer which is a joke no one can afford to do that, you are charged a percentage of that because they assume you are flushing that water down the toilet. I am thinking of removing all the grass and putting in rock like they do in AZ. then I wouldn't have to water or have a brown yard. I am sure the neighbors would really complain then.

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