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Brownback will not disclose names of applicants for court position

I remember. He said it was because he wanted the system to be more transparent and not in the hands of just a few special people. If you believe he did this in your interest, you couldn't be more disillusioned. He did it so he could have more control over the courts. Trying a smoke screen bringing in the Federal card is laughable. Stay on target!

I think most people are starting to realize what a mistake this Kansas administration is. How it's been hijacked by an ultra right wing horde, the new GOP.

I also remember the big promotion during the midterms about Jobs, Jobs, Jobs and why.we should put them in power. The lemmings bought it and they got in and then what the did they say their number one priority was? And how many times and how much money have they wasted trying to overturn ACA? And what is their program? I don't recall hearing an alternative solution do you?. And where are all the jobs bills they promised?

Just look around you and how all these GOP Govenors are parroting themselves in similar legislations. It's almost like some one told them what to push. Break the unions, voter fraud, abortion. Where are the Jobs bills? Where is their solution to ACA?

I'm just glad they are letting me out of state taxes now. A couple of years and I can afford to move out of this state. Yep, that making businesses want to move is working Gov. I'm considering packing my business up and moving out of here. Our neighbor state has 2.9% sales tax, Oregon is looking a free tuition program to get more a educated population.

What do you have to offer me Gov?

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Gov. Brownback said he won’t disclose the names of applicants for judge on the Kansas Court of Appeals. Do you think he should?

Well, there's part of the problem. Half of the pool..."don't know what's going on" and "don't really follow politics".

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