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Thanksgiving travel safety tips; Community discussion Tuesday to address human trafficking in Lawrence

Thank you, Caitlin, for sharing this important community discussion!

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Will you buy a 2011 Red Shoes calendar, featuring local male celebrities and officials wearing red high heels?

To alm77: Local celebrities include Coach Bill Self, Jay Amyx, Mike Dever, Gene Meyer, Dan Chandler, leaders from Baldwin City, KU, and Haskell, Mark Bradford, Tark Khatib, and many more...
To Mr Right Wing: we would be thrilled for you to wear a ribbon. I have plenty of free ones I'd be happy to get to you. Call our number anytime and we'll arrange it. 331-2034 or 843-3333
To Alceste: Every one of the members of the Willow team - paid and unpaid - would be elated to be out of a job if it meant that the economic, emotional, spiritual abuse would end for the survivors we work with. Advocates are available to answer any questions you have about our services or about the realities of domestic violence. Please call our number anytime if you'd like to learn more. 331-2034 or 843-3333.
To raerae: you are right, raising awareness is just the first step...but an important one. The Willow provides a range of services to survivors of domestic violence including shelter, advocacy, support, and referrals. Anyone can call our 24hr hotline at 843-3333 or 800-770-3030.
Whether we meet our fundraising goals or not (don't get me wrong, we will work hard to make those goals) we are ecstatic at the level of public discussion this calendar has helped to create. Thank you to all involved, including those who have provided comments online, for being a part of the discussion and eventually part of the solution.

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