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Kansas Senate passes bill that would move local elections to November

I am curious about Sen. Francisco's reasoning on passing on this vote. It seems that the opinions of many in Lawrence have very little impact on what happens in Topeka these days. And our influence is certainly not enhanced when our senator "passes" in voting on an important issue, especially one in which our locally elected bodies have officially stated a strong position against the outcome of this vote.

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Fearing resigns as Southwest Middle School assistant principal

Mr. Fearing has served the Lawrence Public Schools for two decades in several different roles. My experience with him was that he was a loyal, dedicated employee who was willing to assume additional responsibility, conscientious in the performance of his duties, was very loyal to the district, cared about kids, and was an excellent teacher and athletics director. As an assistant principal he was a strong partner with Dr. Bransky, and believed in the mission that made Southwest Middle School such an asset to this community. I am not certain what prompted this immediate resignation, but I wish him the best in his future pursuit of service to kids.

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