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Ralliers want to preserve current system of providing long-term services to those with disabilities

Just listen in on the KanCare Rapid Response Calls every Thursday morning at 9am (phone #877-247-8650 and use Participant ID Code #79687456) to hear the so called "accountability" with the MCOs under KanCare. You will hear accounts from providers who have repeatedly attempted to get a problem resolved only to never hear back from the MCO(s) about their issue. Providers who still have not been paid for services provided in January. Claims that have not been paid at the correct rate. Other providers who were mistakenly overpaid and cannot get the MCOs to assist with with RETURNING the over payments back to the MCOs. Providers not given the care plan information from the MCOs they need to even provide services. All of the extra staff time it is taking to spend hours on the phone week after week to sort through problems, and the list goes on and on. Any family having trouble with getting the services or medications they need under KanCare should call to report their problems too!

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Editorial: Ongoing concern

Whenever the Brownback Administration is smacked in the face with facts, the response is to dismiss it as misinformation. The Administration has actively worked over Legislators to support gutting the Developmental Disabilities Reform Act and all of the protections that families and advocates worked so hard to establish in law. Their goal is to dismantle the DD service system right along with all of the other social services in Kansas that have been hacked away since Governor Brownback took office and trade them in for the traps and failures of commercial managed care. The 3 KanCare corporations are in the business of making money for their shareholders and execs by cutting costs and services to people in need. The CEO of United Healthcare is the 8th highest paid CEO in the United States, making $48.83 million in 2012. Wellpoint is the new owner of Amerigroup, the second KanCare company, and their CEO earned $9.49 million while the CEO of Centene, the third KanCare company, made $10.5 million in 2012. KanCare is taking away locally driven services and turning them over to out of state multinational corporations and will be taking away local jobs. As for the so called "successful" transition of the other Waivers, just ask a provider or a person served on one of the other Waivers and you will get an earful about providers not getting paid for services from the KanCare companies or getting paid the wrong (lower) rates than the state requirement, services being cut, workers not getting paid so they cannot continue to provide care, and corporate case managers cutting workers against the client's wishes.

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Aging secretary responds on KanCare

What Secretary Sullivan failed to mention, or possibly failed to educate himself about, is that Kansans with developmentally disabilities already have person centered care coordination under the current sytem in Kansas. In fact, the Administration keeps saying it does not plan to even change the current system of care coordination for individuals with developmental disabilities under KanCare. So the only thing KanCare will accomplish for Kansans with developmental disabilities is the State writing a check to the private insurance industry for $330 million and absolving itself of all responsibility for the quality of and access to care and community supports.

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