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Bar owners want outside drinking OK'd

And with that, we return you to our regularly scheduled postings. Back to the topic at hand: what is the city to do about bars & outdoor seating?

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Verifiable ballots

I think a more important question (going back to the whole "paper vs. e-vote" topic) is whether the margin of discrepancy is lower using electronic voting machines or paper ballots with all their issues.

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Bar owners want outside drinking OK'd

You're correct, Marion; I misattributed the quote. Johnson said "I shall not seek, and I will not accept, the nomination of my party...."

Mea culpa.

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Two men charged after shots fired on K-10

Notice, however, that LC did bounce them.

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Bar owners want outside drinking OK'd

monkeyhawk wrote: "Marion's predictions have come true. Maybe the city should hire him."

I tried to convince Marion to throw his hat in the ring after the Commission eighty-sixed Wildgen. He made some obscure reference to President Lyndon B. Johnson, and as far as I know he never sent in his resume.

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Office politics already an issue for Six

Well, first, bondmen, Judge Six is no longer a sitting judge. He has to resign the bench to accept the
AG's position. Second, the system our State uses requires candidates for public office raise funds. Third, although some officials are undoubtedly "bought" by donors, to make that accusation against a specific incumbent/candidate without evidence that the individual in question is making backroom promises requires specific evidence. Fourth, these individuals typically recuse themselves when a case involves a potential conflict-of-interest. Fifth, to help all of us understand where such a conflict may arise, candidates and incumbents are required to disclose their donors and sources of income. Sixth, I think a discussion about reducing the opportunity for graft and corruption is healthy for democracy--but the conversation ought to include all offices of significant policy-setting nature.

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Hometown pride runs deep

When I saw that particular "Sound Off," it struck me as particularly stupid and petty.

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Verifiable ballots

Oh, yes...because the "verifiable ballots" were shown to make all the difference in Florida in 2000.

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In-state tuition fight may head to high court

Receive lower tuition than whom? The out-of-State kid with the Kansas uncle? For the same reason any other resident of Kansas would receive lower tuition: because they graduate from accredited Kansas high schools and meet the admissions standards set forth by the University(s).

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Former Kansas University basketball player Jeff Graves stretches before a game against the Colorado

Uh, yeah...the photo caption and the story both place him with the Kansas City Knights team.

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