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Kansas legislative negotiators agree on tax cuts

Oh, my, just listen to the squealing of the little piggies who feed at the public trough! They are in anguish at the thought of having less of other people's money to feed on. Squeal, little piggies, squeal!

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Lawmakers struggle with social services costs

Wrong. Quit spending money to expand the welfare state. Increasing taxes to grow the welfare state eventually leads to bankruptcy. Look at Greece -- and oh, how the little piggies who feed at the public trough squeal when a reduction of the flow of other people's money is threatened!

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Deep Purple — the map not the band — would place Lawrence in vast 1st congressional district

This plan is absolutely ridiculous. The idiots in the People's Republic of Lawrence should be excluded from ANY Kansas congressional district.

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Democrats to caucus Saturday

The true crazies will vote to re-elect the architect of disaster 2009-2012.

One would have to be crazy to vote for Barack Hussein.

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Salina Rep. Roth giving up Kansas House seat

Oh, you mean like the Wichita Democrat candidate for the state legislature a few years ago who claimed a boarded-up house established his "residence" in the district he wanted to run in, but actually lived outside the district? Is that the kind of liar you had in mind, hmmm?

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Brownback replaces former Gov. John Carlin on Bioscience Authority

OK, so let's apply your implied standard here. If it's wrong for a Republican governor to appoint a Republican, then it was also wrong for a Democrat governor to appoint the Democrat Carlin then, right?


Or are you just another hypocritical liberal?

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Arts advocates confident in proposal to start new state agency

Oh, listen to the little piggies who feed at the public trough squeal! Squeal, little piggies, squeal! And demand more of other people's money to pay for your recreation and entertainment! Yes, that's the ticket!

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Kansas House rejects proposed amendment on funding

Nope. Only 44, all of whom should be fired in November.

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Arts advocates confident in proposal to start new state agency

There is no justification whatsoever for squandering TAXPAYER dollars, whether from Kansans or federal and regional grants, which are also TAXPAYER dollars, to pay for the recreation and entertainment of the artsy types. Let them pay for their own recreation and entertainment.

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House approves bill prohibiting state funds for remedial courses at universities

1. High schools should be held accountable for graduating kids who are not competent in basic academic skills.

2. Kids lacking those skills have no business moving on to a university.

3. Taxpayers should not have their money confiscated to pay for these failures.


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