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KU to wear alternate adidas camo uniforms in Big 12 tournament

That would be great to emblazon the back with "Beware the Phog"

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Sound Off: Motorcycle mufflers

What's your antique bike?

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Sound Off: Motorcycle mufflers

Over-carbed? What's that mean?

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20-year-old Ottawa man charged with kidnapping, robbery

Ottawa, the new Topeka.

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A family tradition endures

Nice family piece. I wish they had put in that Mrs. Carttar is one of the greatest educators this city has ever had. I still remember the day she had a set of cow lungs brought into class and she filled the lungs up herself by blowing into the esophagus.

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Zebra mussels found in lake

They are already here alco.

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Mailers on Kansas tax cuts go out ahead of election

Mr. Grumpy,
I didn't say they did, and if you had been wearing your reading glasses you might have noticed the last part about sending paper editions to those businesses that do not have email, this infers that the state does not have all the email addresses. Further I said scripting an email to those businesses 'from public records'. I get the sense that you do not know what scripting is, showing me technically what millennia you mind is actually living in.

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Mailers on Kansas tax cuts go out ahead of election

Why didn't they just email them? In this day and age virtually all of these businesses have email.
It would not have been terribly difficult to script an email from public records and save us 35-50K of the 52K, and sent out the paper versions to the few businesses that do not have email.

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High-speed chase ends with crash

It has been for a very long time.

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