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Revolving loan program reducing county's energy footprint

"...than since than..."

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Lawrence man and juvenile arrested in connection with alleged armed robbery

Even more than returning home, why go to Mcdonald's at all? Why not just buy the shoes at the house?

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Internet outage on KU campus disrupts services; restored access expected by Wednesday morning

I think it affected more than just campus. I have Uverse and my connectivity is all kinds of messed up, and they (ATT support) are telling me there is an 'outage' in this area but that fear not, it will be fixed in the next 24 hours..

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Perry-Lecompton High School to begin testing students for drugs, alcohol

With the cuts in School funding, how the heck do they have that kind of money laying around?

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Do you think dogs should be allowed at the Lawrence Farmers' Market?

I think I am allergic to most of you, please stay at home.

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Man charged in downtown stabbing; victim believes motive related to sidewalk donation

I think your English teacher is to blame.

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Letter: Fluoride benefits

If you read the finding of the article you sited, you would find that "The Centre for Health Services, University of Kent has found a clear association " did not find that at all. That is yours or someone else's misrepresentation of what was written. It was a "cross-sectional study design using secondary data to develop binary logistic regression models of predictive factors for hypothyroidism prevalence at practice level using 2012 data on fluoride levels in drinking water," so no control, no actual test done, just analyzing some data. There is no correlation (association) within this study of flouride and hypothyroidism.
This is not much different than you sitting in your house unable to see outside, and hear the sound of a dog barking and then going outside and upon seeing a dog say "That was the dog that barked". You don't know that was the dog that barked, you can only surmise it might be, maybe there was another dog that barked, and then ran away before you went outside. Maybe someone was playing dog noises on a stereo, maybe a noisy car drove by, that somehow made a sound that sounded just like a dog barking, maybe someones Minah bird escaped and landed on your porch, and the only thing it did was bark like a dog. My point is unless a study, with controls is done you cannot correlate the findings of this report to be ones that show a cause and effect from fluoride.
The Study showed "We found that higher levels of fluoride in drinking water provide a useful contribution for predicting prevalence of hypothyroidism. " This does not mean that fluoride is what causes the midlands area to have higher cases of hypothyroidism, just that it was found to be an indicator. Maybe there is something else in the water, or maybe it is coal burning plant and they breathe in something that causes hypothyroidism, or some other activity that occurs there.

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22-year-old Lawrence man sentenced to 25 years to life for raping child he met on Facebook

If he had gone to trial, he would have had many more charges against him, a few of which together would mean he would never get out of jail, now he stands a chance of getting out.

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