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Do you mention to your neighbor when his or her lawn grows too long?

Thankfully, my neighborhood is free of hillbillies. Everyone takes care of their property.

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Brownback, two other governors tour Nebraska beef plant to see 'pink slime'

There's no such thing as healthy red meat. If you think you're doing yourself a favor by eating a strip steak instead of a pink slime burger, guess again. I don't care what Brownback's stance is. I care enough about my health to avoid red meat altogether, so the pink slime issue has no impact on me.

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Shameful tax

Fresh produce and meat should not be taxed. Junk food and soda pop should be taxed sky-high though.

November 25, 2011 at 8:01 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

NEA delivers bad news to Kansas Arts Commission

Shame on the NEA. It's time for Kansas art lovers to step up to the plate and give our local artists some support since the state and feds have chosen not to. For my future art purchases, I will seek the work of Kansas artists before anyone else. Let's take a moment to talk about federal dollars now. Since fed money is tight, I think NASA should be scrapped. That would save over $18 billion per year. Also, the government needs stop giving money to companies like Solyndra ($535 million taxpayer dollars now gone) and Fiskar Motors ($529 million dollars to a company whose cars are made in Finland).

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Protesters maintain presence in park

Protesters want to be arrested so they can post vids on YouTube and brag about it later. Good for the LPD for not taking the bait.

October 21, 2011 at 8:21 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Family-owned businesses a special asset for community

Didn't the writer recently sell a division of his family business to a corporation from Georgia. And didn't that sale result in numerous job losses?

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Kansas Humane Society begins charging its volunteers

If your decision to help animals hinges on not wanting to pay a $15 fee, then you aren't fit to volunteer at an animal shelter anyway.

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Lawrence school district looking at Finnish anti-bullying program

1. Identify milquetoast students.
2. Give them free karate lessons.
3. Tell them to karate chop anyone who bullies them.

Problem solved. Okay, what's the next item on the agenda?

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Lawrence Athletic Club owner says personal bankruptcy shouldn't affect business

I enjoyed LAC when I worked out there. Fortunately, I missed out on this drama:


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KU athletic director reviewing department's 6-figure salaries

Apology accepted. The factors you mentioned are part of what Lew used to negotiate the Orange Bowl bid: a guarantee of more traveling fans and greater ticket sales. I agree that the grass in Reesing's helmet was not a factor.

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