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Opinion: ‘Other’ Christians need to speak up

Could you please cite the scripture where Jesus stated "I am God"? I've read several bible translations and have never seen that.

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Ex-KU coach Mark Mangino building happy, healthy life at alma mater

"Mangino who had an incredible win/loss record"

A record of 50/48 is far from incredible. Like him or not, Perkins' influence is what put KU in the Orange Bowl. Ineffective? Hardly. I can't think of a time when KU athletics flourished more (both financially and in terms of sports excitement) than the Perkins years. That having been said, all the best to Mangino in his new job. I'm glad to hear that he's getting his health in order, too.

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Chipotle files plans to build restaurant on 23rd Street

Try this Chipotle nutrition calculator. I'll bet you didn't realize that your favorite "healthy" burrito has 1,400 calories.

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Douglas County ranks as one of top 10 healthiest in Kansas, according to new national study

No surprise there. Drive through any nice neighborhood and you'll always see people jogging or going for a walk. In lower income neighborhoods you don't generally see people exercising or taking care of themselves.

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Lawrence man charged, three juveniles arrested, in robbery of pedestrian at gunpoint

He has numerous prior offenses. The slap-on-the-wrist approach apparently hasn't been working. If an adult points a gun at somebody and threatens to shoot them unless they hand over their money, that person should go to prison. What's the "something different" approach that you had in mind for armed robbers?

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Lawrence man charged, three juveniles arrested, in robbery of pedestrian at gunpoint

So what's your solution for adults like him who commit armed robbery? A time-out?

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Felon in KU tickets case asking for shorter prison sentence

Exactly. If Lew was involved, Rodney Jones and the Blubaughs would have implicated him in exchange for lesser sentencing from the very start. You can't reason with message board conspiracy nuts though.

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Why do you eat vegetarian?

I do it for health reasons. I started eating vegetarian after seeing "Forks Over Knives" last year. I've never felt better.


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Science Has Found God

So who created the Higgs boson?

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Number of meth labs in Kansas increasing, according to KBI

I disagree. Weed should be legal, but I don't think it's a smart idea to legalize narcotics and highly addictive drugs like meth, heroin and coke. I've never known a pot smoker to rob a bank to support his habit, but that sort of thing happens with tweakers and heroin users every day. If they get addicted, who pays for their rehab? Also, I can eventually see drug addicts filing lawsuits against the state government for making narcotics accessible to them.

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