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Letter: Energy policy

I second that motion.

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Kansas House bill targets sexually oriented businesses

Yet another example of some group attempting to add more cereal filler to the spicy Kielbasa of life.

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Sound Off: Roundabouts

As a kid, I had a couple of slot car tracks. My favorite layout included an intersection. I'm thinkin' playing with slot cars on a track with an intersection and a roundabout would be fun! Of course the Lola would destroy the '57 Nomad on a track with a roundabout.

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Editorial: Looming disaster

News papers in communities next to the ocean write tidal information in their daily paper. News papers in community's next to rivers used to mention water levels. Maybe the LJW would be interested in devoting a tiny square to provide more awareness. After all, most of us don't even see the Kaw anymore. We just drive over it and don't even notice it's there. Surely the Army Corp of Engineers or Friends of the Kaw could provide river water levels at several locations to post in the paper.

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Legislature considering delays in renewable energy standards

Am I reading this correctly?

"Our renewable standards are a failure,” said Rep. Charlotte O’Hara, R-Overland Park. “They resulted in higher energy costs, ... and are not the answer to our energy independence. It’s time to recognize this failure, repeal the RPS and be free from these crippling energy mandates.”"

Am I too believe the people of Overland Park are having difficulties paying their electric bill? What "...crippling energy mandates?" What?! Raising a family of octupuses in Sub saharan Africa is difficult. Lowering your electricity consumption in a world with readily accessible internet research and commerce.....EASY!!!

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Letter: Climate priority

I'm empressed you have obtained a patent. Many inventors experience difficulty marketing their invention. After succeeding in getting the invention to market, they don't make a fortune from it's sale or licensing fees. Generating electricity from waste is not as valuable to society as putting a bouncy ball thru a hoop.

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Letter: Climate priority

Should you be approaching the US Patent Office, Venture Capitalists as can be found at Kickstart or appearing on Shark Tank? Maybe, so you can stop eschewing obfuscation, the LJW could interview you so we can experience this idea of yours? Is it a big air filter? Does it capture electricity from lighting bolts? Gold from straw? Can someone else fill me in?

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Online petition drive asks city commissioners to put $25M recreation center project up for citywide vote

Why did the KUEA approach the city with this deal? Wouldn't it be better for all if they pitched this offer to say 24-Hour Fitness, Gold's Gym, Planet Fitness, Live Strong, Everlast, etc? A private gym would pay the city taxes or at least not cost the tax payer.

January 18, 2013 at 10:20 p.m.

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Online petition drive asks city commissioners to put $25M recreation center project up for citywide vote

Tax subsidized sports complexes do not enhance the local economy but do enhance the quality of life for those who use it.


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