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City to consider limiting dogs in public cemeteries

Birds poop in cemeteries....and rabbits. Deer poop in cemeteries. Squirrels, skunks and racoons poop in cemeteries. You know why? 'Cause they're afraid of the bear in the woods.

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Agreement would narrow suit over state abortion law

Small potatoes Fast Eddie. Show me a govt agency, I'll show you wasteful spending. It's an easy accusation.

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Building code changes will give home buyers more numbers on energy efficiency

Then you should see a faster return for your money invested in energy efficiency upgrades.

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Building code changes will give home buyers more numbers on energy efficiency

My home energy audit with blower door test and a 60 page audit document full of improvement suggestions only cost me $100.

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KU officials regroup after Legislature put brakes on health education building

How long will it be before the Primary Care Physician is replaced by a computer database of questions? Perhaps it would be more wise to direct our educational system to teach students to create, install and maintain the computer software, hardware, robotics and automation technology which will be used by hospitals in the near future.
I've had several conditions which required me to visit my PCP many times. A series of diagnostic tests were performed in between visits. I could have answered the questions on my computer at home, the computer could have told me the name of my next destination and sent a map of roads and hallways to my smart phone. If we can reserve a ticket for a ballgame from home why can't we reserve our next visit to the doctor from our smart phone or home computer?

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State seeking proposal to develop resort at Clinton Lake State Park

With such reasoning wouldn't it make more sense to create another lake next to Clinton Lake?

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County takes no action on controversial rock quarry

Hey, let's build a resort there, just north of Clinton Lake.

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State seeking proposal to develop resort at Clinton Lake State Park

In the mean time, the fish in the Kaw River are too toxic to eat. Lets just keep throttling mother nature like a rented mule. Hey! Lets build a hotel overlooking the new wetlands area....

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Letter: Moral choice

This topic reminds me of the conversations about changing the name of Missouri Street in Lawrence because of Kansas-Missouri history. I think it was stemmed more from a college sports rivalry. Ergo, a self-referential child's egoic wounding.

The Polaris missile is there to commemorate a time in our history. Whether or not we can agree with the decisions and actions of their time, isn't necessarily the point. It's presence reminds us that some decisions are just tough.

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Letter: Earth’s not flat

Just how many humans are necessary for us to do whatever it is we are doing?
It's time to start depicting the human growth timeline with decreasing animal populations on the same graph. There was a time people would see domesticated farm animals in the city. People rode horses in the city. Now, people complain about the neighbor's cat in their yard or a dog at the farmer's market. We have become indifferent towards the extinction of animals we do not encounter our daily lives. The human race is a success at over 7,000,000,000 people on earth. Why do we have fertility clinics? There's victims living in squalor all over the place. Adopt one should you have the [need] to be a mom. Why wait until we're dining on Solient Green?
The dichotomy between access to energy sources and a clean environment will not resolve with an ever increasing human populace.

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