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City allows Ninth, N.H. retail/hotel project to move forward

Maybe they'll finally produce a decent, well proportioned design for this building. Or did the City settle for the jostled aglomerations that have already been presented?

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Town Talk: Financial numbers are in on much-debated 9th and N.H. projects; this and that on restaurant rumblings

If it takes 20 years for the loans to be paid and the TIF funding to sunset before the City sees the rewards of its support of the development, I sure hope the buildings are designed and built to make it. If there's public monies used to support the project, shouldn't the City or some representatives from the City (not necessarily HRC) have some input?

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City, public need time to evaluate northwest plans

What's with the new parking lot on the 9th/NH spot?

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Revised Ninth and New Hampshire project still fails review

Nobody's commented on the horrendous design. It's an aggregate mashup of five or six incomplete buildings, each being small yet the whole is a monster. Worse than its cousin across the street.

The grass covered empty lot that's become a construction yard and parking doesn't seem to ever had any BMPs or stormwater management that's usually required by KDHE and the city.

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Town Talk: Former manager of the Pig to open North Lawrence tavern; key report on Ninth and N.H. project still absent; lots of street closings downtown, including for her Majesty

What's the published schedule for submittals to the planning office for HRC to add a project to their agenda and to allow for a new staff report, let alone a scheduled architectural resources committee meeting? Have the neighbors been nvited to see the work with a chance to comment?

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City commissioners cancel tonight's vote on Ninth and N.H. multi-story building project; revised design to go back to Historic Resources Commission

This also outlines the schedule for getting onto the agenda. December cutoff is in November.

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City commissioners cancel tonight's vote on Ninth and N.H. multi-story building project; revised design to go back to Historic Resources Commission

bravado and chest thumping swirls around and down to a waste of time and energy . . . how is it that the project can be on the Dec HRC when submitted so late?

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New building to combine Kennedy, N.Y. schools would face a complicated path

Wilbur, sixth street is a sad "new urbanism". It's boxes of consumption in drag with a bit of decoration.

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City commissioners to act on proposed hotel/apartment development at 9th and New Hampshire

This shows everyone that HRC and city planners may easily be disregarded and ignored by going straight to the City Commission after an unfavorable review by HRC.
The development team should be encouraged to acquire a lot to develop at this height that is not across an alley from two story residential lots. The west side of the block to the north is a great candidate for this development.
I'd encourage the development team to cite specific successful and similar developments where there are happy neighbors adjacent to new projects that are added to neighboring lots. Show the neighborhood and City that precedent projects have worked. The developer's permanent structure and financial gain/risk should not become a liability for the community and its neighbors.

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Vertical expansion of downtown Lawrence draws more than shadow of a doubt

Chicago has very strict zoning regulations. In the neighborhoods, the height of residential structures is pretty modest and maybe reaches four stories. Our downtown's scale is similar to the business areas of many of the neighborhoods in Chicago (Lincoln Square, Wicker Park, Lincoln Park, etc). The boundary or space between six or seven story structures is clearly defined and not just the width of an alley.
Be smart about this density thing.

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