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Gas prices approach record highs

Distraction of people should not be this easy. (If that is what you actually thought I was trying to do).

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As planners debate Menards project, new study finds retail vacancy rate at 7.2 percent citywide

Nothing is wrong with a 7.2 vacancy rate. The entire country has a 7.5 unemployment rate and nobody is complaining. Or are they?! In 2007-2010, Manhattan area had a 5.8%, average commercial vacancy rate; nearly five percentage points below the Kansas and National rates during the period.

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Gas prices approach record highs

The facts are facts and it is all George Bush's fault. Obama is supporting electric cars, therefore gas companies are having to make their huge profits now, before they go extinct. Come on people, the Tesla only cost around 65,000.00. Wait a year and buy a used one for 45. I know I have that much cash lying around since there is little else to invest in. Oh, wait... the tax man got it all. Never mind.

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Drug investigation nets 81 arrests in northeast Kansas

Now that Manhattan has cleaned up some of the Crack problem; I would think that the prostitution ring will be next to be purged. Don't they go hand in hand or is it hand and mouth?

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Lawrence ranked second-worst-performing small metro area, according to new national economic index

There is a fiber optic crew working along HWY. 24 from Manhattan to Wamego. Go figure.

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Sound Off: Roundabout lights


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Kansas Department of Agriculture preparing for move to Manhattan

Perhaps I can now find someone to car pool with. yeah.

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Planning commission votes to defer decision on Menards for one month

Menards went in just across the street form Lowe's in Topeka and both are just south from Home Depot on the north end of Wannamaker. I love it. check the adds and can shop all three within a couple of hours time. I do spend time just wondering around and looking but I love hardware/garden/grocery/clothes stores all wrapped into one. Got a good deal on peanuts yesterday. Best thing is that Walmart and Sams and Aldi are all located in the same area. Makes my shopping most easy as I make one big loop around to the stores. I guess what I am saying is good planning is location, location, location.

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Gov. Brownback signs Kansas drug test law for aid recipients

Well I have seen post of people asking just for this bill. Problem is they are only going to catch pot smokers. As hard core drugs leave the system within a couple of days.

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KU professor hopes to 'shake some people up' with novel that tells ancient story

Yes, I believe I have heard that DNA suggest that humans became very small in numbers at one point in time. This book sounds very interesting.

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