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Editor's note: What issues are important to you in the 2014 elections?

I guess I should have stated enrollment fees. Two kids and an extra $$ for 501 in Topeka.

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Editor's note: What issues are important to you in the 2014 elections?

I think the biggest issue is that in certain areas people have to pay a tuition to send their children to public schools. I know how much I pay in property taxes, sales taxes, state income taxes, it should not cost a parent a tuition to send their child to a public school.

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Roberts: Drug cartels behind US border crisis

Remember when we were told that if you tell a big lie long enough, people will start to believe it.

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Roberts: Drug cartels behind US border crisis

Don't forget to support Legal Weed.

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Brownback discusses efforts to fight federal laws

The dozen or so people Sam spoke in front of must have money. Because as a State Governor he is promising to take the "fight" to the Federal level. So, another four years and he will be running as a presidential candidate? Counting eggs and hoping for chickens. Yes, get your voting packet together.

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Opinion: Human toll too great in Gaza

Ask the native American.

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Douglas County administrator proposes 3.85 mill levy increase, the highest in his career

Every year my mortgage monthly payment goes up due to insurance increase or a property tax increase, I pay more for goods and services purchased due to county and state sales tax increase. I can only ask why do my representatives need more of my money and what am I getting in return for having to cut back to the point to where I am dropping out of the American Dream?

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Kansas bioscience chief gets $150K in bonuses

What does cutting operational overhead mean? Does that mean turning down the thermostat on the building?

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William S. Burroughs artwork goes unsold at Arts Center auction

If only I had known about the auction. I would love to have on my wall three plywood panels spray painted, color unknown, and then blasted by a shotgun. Wait. I think that is what I will do this weekend. Can't wait to create some art. A friend of mine always calls his work "art that is truly sorry".

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Students use robots to attend prom

Didn't Sheldon Cooper do this on that show the Big Bang Theory.

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