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Brownback unveils Urban Opportunity Zone plan

A governor with a smoke and mirror economic policy intended to line the pockets of future important campaign contributors, such as outside developers and business owners.

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Wichita senators seek to eliminate food sales tax

Once living in a State where food was not taxed, it was easier to budget and know exactly what I was paying for. The current tax system allows approximately 200,000 individual business owners to not pay a state tax. I am really liking the forward thinking that is coming out of Wichita. In Topeka, the city wants to increase sales taxes. Their reasoning is that 30% of that sales tax increase would be paid by outsiders. So, I guess those of us in Topeka would only be paying the 70% of the proposed tax increase. Is that like getting a "free" I-pad if one signs up for a two year plan for only 40$ a month?! If it does not pass then there may be a property tax increase to make up for the shortage. I think it is time to assess our budgetary need and spend accordingly. Something along the lines of what Leslie said, should be taken to heart by our elected officials. Looking for more revenue one might look to our western state and review how much new monies they have collected and the profit margin.

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Report: Paul Davis was at rural Kansas strip club raided by police in 1998

I remember a saying about glass houses and throwing stones. Anyone ever ask about a house in Manhattan, Kansas where in 1977 the basement had rented rooms. Perhaps, just perhaps, a young unmarried lady might have spent a weekend or two in that basement apartment visiting her boyfriend?

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Should Charlie Weis be fired?

September is not over. Coach Weise asked for September. And the opinion is Coach Weise should be fired?! Really, fired. Are you kidding me, fired?! We're talking fired? He might win a game.

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'Embarrassing' road trip

Corzart ranked 107 out of 108 qualifying quarterbacks for passing.

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Editor's note: What issues are important to you in the 2014 elections?

I guess I should have stated enrollment fees. Two kids and an extra $$ for 501 in Topeka.

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Editor's note: What issues are important to you in the 2014 elections?

I think the biggest issue is that in certain areas people have to pay a tuition to send their children to public schools. I know how much I pay in property taxes, sales taxes, state income taxes, it should not cost a parent a tuition to send their child to a public school.

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Roberts: Drug cartels behind US border crisis

Remember when we were told that if you tell a big lie long enough, people will start to believe it.

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Roberts: Drug cartels behind US border crisis

Don't forget to support Legal Weed.

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Brownback discusses efforts to fight federal laws

The dozen or so people Sam spoke in front of must have money. Because as a State Governor he is promising to take the "fight" to the Federal level. So, another four years and he will be running as a presidential candidate? Counting eggs and hoping for chickens. Yes, get your voting packet together.

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