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Kansas Supreme Court blasts bill signed into law by Brownback

Thomas: Well questioned. I would give my opinion, however, there seems to be a freedom of speech limitation that I must abide by or face unforeseen, unknown, or known consequences.

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Kansas legislator proposes salary increase; 'we should be paid significantly better'

Peck's website lists him as, "Pro-Low Taxes, Pro-Life, Pro-Education, Pro-Business, Pro-Agriculture," and "Pro-2nd Amendment." He believes .in less government and lower taxes for all Kansans
So instead of a Peck he wants a bushel?

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Earthquake recorded in southern Kansas

No fracking way. Paul Davis will continue the money rolling into Kansas with continued energy policies. I only hope he has more love for wind power.

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Domestic dispute turns violent, two stabbed in Lawrence apartment.

Sword play is now all the rage. Okay sorry.... These folks seem to have some "issues".

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Earthquake recorded in southern Kansas

Ask Texas and Oklahoma why the frack their ground shakes.

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Proposed pay raise for classified state employees disappearing from agency budgets

Senior carpenter: State pays 14.30 an hour. General building Maintenance and repair tech. 11.21 an hour. I can't get a plumber to show up for less then $50 and then it is 120 an hour. Try paying a good carpenter less then $15 an hour to do anything. How much does McElroy's charge to fix a furnace during the hour they spend in your house. I know it is my tax dollars, but without internal maintenance, all this work will be farmed out to local or out of state business on low bids which may cost the tax payer more. I understand the liability of a building maintenance work force. I have also seen the results of having a deferred maintenance plan.

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Man arrested in car bomb plot at Kansas airport

Chicken or the Egg question.

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Editorial: Inspection bumps

Had my rental inspected over three months ago. I have as yet to hear back from the person or office that did the inspection. The renter replied to what the inspector said. But if an office is going to collect money then a timely report should follow.

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Stun gun, marijuana discovered in car abandoned after pursuit in South Lawrence

Then today a drug arrest at 3000 Atchison Way. Related stories?

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