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Latest Big 12 road loss leaves Jayhawks searching for answers

Perry Ellis is and will be one of KU's all time greatest players and from the State of Kansas. He is a class act that represents the heart and soul of KU basketball. Thank you Perry Ellis. I am sure the rest of the team will figure it out and develop the chemistry it takes to be a well bonded team.

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Lawrence man, father sentenced for selling synthetic marijuana out of Lawrence-born business

Cows are freaky when they are looking at you. When they start

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Pregnant runaway dog now safe after community rallies in search for her

Three Paws up for all the good work. I am fairly sure neutering takes place when possible at rescue centers. Remember, penny was in a bad situation.

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Kansas governor cites school's $47K piano in announcing cuts

Well, if the Governor can get all upset about a high school girls text, calling him a stupid head?, I assume he can get really upset about a high school making a purchase for the development of musically inclined children. The Governor has weakened every aspect of public education. That is why the Kansas voters wanted him, correct!

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Two dogs wait for their owner inside a truck in downtown Lawrence, Monday, Jan. 5, 2015.

"And what was wrong with that tree?!"

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Column: Jayhawks tap into inner Yankee

Once again, ole, Bill finds a way to get the opposition to defeat themselves.

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Liberty Memorial Central student disciplined for bringing pocket knife to school

Times have changed. I remember going to school with a rifle rack in the truck and most likely a box of shells in the glove box for the gun.

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Arrest made after Wichita woman raped, set on fire

Make him an eunuch.

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Lawrence man suggests 'crowdfunding' to fill Kansas budget gap

Idiocracy is coming way to soon. However, in the mean time Kansas should try and balance the budget as required by the state constitution. If that requires cutting social programs then we should start with education as it is the largest consumer of Kansas tax dollars at 34%. Next is to cut health care; cost to the state is 24% of our budget. We could save another 4% just cutting all welfare cost. Next is to take away those government pensions which is 6% of our state budget. Transportation cost is about 8% of the budget. Police and fire departments cost us about 6% of the budget. I don't know what "other" spending is, but it is about 10% of the budget and needs to stop. So, there it is. Will Kansas sink into a state of homeless, sick, and stupid people? Perhaps we are closer than we realize.

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Brownback unveils Urban Opportunity Zone plan

A governor with a smoke and mirror economic policy intended to line the pockets of future important campaign contributors, such as outside developers and business owners.

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