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Jenkins opposes action in Syria

Its true, Jenkins would support it when a fellow conservative was in office. Its none of our business. What I don't get is how the R's can say the liberals support anything O does when this list alone is full of the opposite? And wait, is this free? We have no money for schools, head start, school lunches, health care, teacher's pay, and on and on. Why can't we just say sorry, we can't afford to send million dollar missiles your way?

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Problems with jury questionnaires delay start of Jaeger trial

Glad you missed me. I have a job (not at the court house) so could not post during the day. Interesting things here though, I can see that some folks here take pride in having done helpful things for the victim. That is a good thing. Once actual evidence is presented I wonder if it will be different than some of you expect and if so how that will change your view, if at all. I had an uncle who was a lawyer who said the key to discussions was to disagree without being disagreeable. Also No I am not this other poster you refer to. My guess is that person got tired of being dogged here and left.

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Problems with jury questionnaires delay start of Jaeger trial

"Your standard defense attorney tactic of trying to raise doubt in any minute way possible is rather dispicable."
Really now, I thought the way in which he knocked or choked her unconscious was more than a minute or tiny detail. I am not defending the guy, just trying to understand.
I am trying not to make personal attacks (dispicable) because I thought this was for discussion.
Do others here think this is a tiny detail?
Or that not telling the cops to get her out of there would be a normal (meaning its what we would do) reaction?

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Problems with jury questionnaires delay start of Jaeger trial

I did say I was new so yes I could be anyone ( and actually am someone) but not family, friend, anything else. Just started reading LJ online because I get tired of paying for the paper which is overall a little lame. Saw this thread and thought maybe there was some thinking going on.
Clearly LadyJ has strong opinions. Curious to know what you think of the content of my post, not so much of me.

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Problems with jury questionnaires delay start of Jaeger trial

So thanks for letting me post and not immediately trashing me. I did some reading on the past articles and found something I am curious about, a couple of things actually.
First, what did he do? From the articles Oct 17: "She said Jaeger broke out a window of her second-floor apartment about 1 a.m. Once inside, she said, Jaeger punched her in the head, knocking her out. She awoke, covered in blood with injuries to her vaginal area."
Feb 23: "The woman said Jaeger strangled her in her bedroom. "I woke up alone and in my own blood," she said."
So did he knock her out as she originally said or did he strangle her and if the latter why didn't she say that back in October?
Also When asked by police what was going on she refused to answer? On Oct 17th she said shewas screaming as loud as she could but on Feb 22 the cops said she wouldn’t talk. Wouldn’t she be screaming for help to someone that could help her?
Like I said before I think if he did what the paper says she says he did, then it seems like very bad thinks should happen to him. But wouldn't it be good for her to explain why she changed that story or didn't ask the cops for help? Maybe she was scared but of who? The cops? They are supposed to help and I think most of us would have been crying out for help if things went as she now says they did. Again who knows, thats why the trial is so important.

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Problems with jury questionnaires delay start of Jaeger trial

Hey I am NEW to this discussion and to the LJ world site. But in reading whats here it looks like to me most of you think this guy is guilty, right? So help me out: I don't remember the whole confession part, where was that? Second, is there any reason to have a court system if we can all make up our minds based on the newspaper reports? Were any of you at the hearings to know what was said? Because usually the paper just prints what they think were the highlights. Sometimes those details can be important. Finally it seems right to me to be willing to express an opinion about how bad he ought to be punished, fair game really, but first shouldn't we make sure (by a jury) that he did what the paper says she says he did?

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