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Topeka church planning to pray for 42 hours straight

Kentucky fried Chicken- barrel cornbread Mash-potato's and gravy-
and that Iron skillet...

Kansas low quality preaching of the word of God-- "God dont like no ugly" such accusation
is not found in the word of God..they overlook Isaiah 53..

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Topeka church planning to pray for 42 hours straight

"Jesus Said Not everyone that saith lord lord will enter in the kingdom of heaven
only those who doeth my will..

prayer is not the Key in this situation but returning to the first works that were ordained
since the foundations of the world began...

childern of God are in rebellion and disobeyed the first works; this in tact makes mercy
come more slower then expected.

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What do you do on a rainy day?

"Get a rain coat and still walk outdoors and overcome being weathered"

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Native grass seed in short supply after drought

When this happens you are to plant deeper in the earth for harvest ..harvesters think
about money and forget horticulture skills

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Costly bridge

Until now the bridge and the lanes are complex which hinders stimulation of outside interest
Of Lawrence it's the most ignorant design thanks to the city it will ignite some interest.

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Horoscopes for November 1

November is the time for innovations and occupied savings make room for improvements
To prevent loss and theft get what you need before midnight...

Lucky numbers 2. 3. 4 78 79 80 10. 20

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Faith Forum: What should Christians make of all the devil, demon and ghost talk associated with Halloween?

"hallows eve" a season for Miracles, healing and acts of God" unfortunately saints are too complacent and too grounded with work, family,ect so that its replaced with the devil,Ghost,
wickedry that we lost our true meaning of Halloween.

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Have you ever been to a career fair?

"Career Fairs ingnite your possibles that unlock potential worth on your journey to
your lifes work."

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Fall stir-fry uses a different starch

Drain boiling Water When Noodles are set to Cook 5-10 min in pan
then remove pan off the stove and set pan under heat resistant cover
Noodles are firm and bouncy.then add hot water to season pouch along
with starch and stir to consistency is desired..

200 Cal. 35mg of sodium 5mg protein 4mg of fiber 15grams of fats.
noodles consist Vitamin-E and Postive fatty-acids from ( egg whites).

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Fall stir-fry uses a different starch

Traditional Ramen Noodle once was said to be not-Healthy its now a lie,Ramen is cooked
unproperly without ( Eastern way) that salty package with sodium you mix with Starch,Starch
helps break down sodium use part hot water to one full package of flavor mix together after
noodles are set to cook by boiling point then removed off the stove then empty noodles
in pan and set for 5-10min then add flavoring mix this will make flavoring mix like gravy
consistency with less sodium 35mg and only 200 cal per package.

" Ramen is Fabulous Eastern Fast Food"

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