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Kansas may face $42M tax tab to former Pizza Hut magnate

Did the guy at least pay taxes in Florida? If he didn't, or considerably less, that should tell you something about the tax codes. If you are rich you can move you and your money always one step ahead of the tax man.

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Man in Kansas voter fraud case says charge surprised him

Wait - you mean that if you are rich and have property that can be taxed in multiple states, you can't vote in each of those states? I guess that's why the Kochs have to buy the politicians in each state. This is more underwhelming than a Lincoln Chaffee debate performance.

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Gov. Brownback reshuffles hundreds of state workers

This would make more sense if the new and old classifications were published and a sampling of how workers were effected. Also, this would seem faired if there was a civil service commission (outside of the governor's office) that oversaw the civil service classification system.

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Jenkins endorses Fiorina in GOP presidential race

Hitching the wagon early. Probably nothing to lose. No one is going to hold it against her. After all there are so many candidates to pass around and try out.

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Kansas education chief: It's time to redesign public schools

I'll give him the benefit of the doubt, but it's not the schools' fault by a long shot. Schools are a reflection of society - we don't know what we want for our kids. With two kids in HS now, I know the pressures. If you want to get into a Big 10 school or other major conference state school, your kid must be in honors courses and tutoring for the ACT/SAT. Long gone are the days when your state's HS diploma got your kid into its state's schools. Want to save money on college? Then you'd better have your kid in AP and dual credit courses. At what point do you realize that your kid isn't Div. 1 college material? Then what? Why should career tech training be for post HS and be at private expense? We are wasting a lot of tax dollars on college tracking students who never attend college or do so for only a short time. We want our schools to teach our kids to be good citizens and to be able to read and write. But what else, really? Critical thinking and communication skills. All well and good, but do we as a society even value those in our day to day activities? Wouldn't be able to tell it from the quality of our media and political discourse.

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Clinton, Kobach spar in social media flap over voting rights

Pantsuit in a twist? It never ceases to amaze me that Kobach and Brownback almost daily try to out do each other for the dumbest statements by a GOP.

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Officials don't want Guantanamo Bay detainees in Kansas

Doesn't Kansas need the money? Surely they can blackmail the feds.

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KU basketball notebook: Perry Ellis ranked 15th nationally; Tyshawn Taylor arrested

Just imagine what might have been had either Self or Marshall signed all four.

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Kansas launching campaign to boost child support collections

Guys have to have regular, steady, above the table, paying jobs. Nothing magic about that. SRS (is that still around) and local District Attorneys simply need direct access to Dept of Labor records.

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Kobach to start voter fraud prosecutions in September

Let's see if he has anything. My guess is that he's going to find students who registered and voted in Kansas, but were still registered at their parents' addresses elsewhere. Or he's going to have a bunch of similar names. Given that 2010 was a GOP blowout - he's likely only going to find GOP fraud. I'd like to see what he has, because he and a bunch of GOP Secrs of State are sharing his duplicate voter lists to strike voters from the 2016 election.

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