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Under scrutiny for Koch connection, KU director sues over records; judge blocks release

Yes, but for all it's corruption, Tammany probably only had an impact on two presidential elections, those of Grover Cleveland. Tammany controlled much of NY politics, but seldom NY as a whole. TR and FDR were more than able to stand up to them. While there certainly was corruption - it does seem in hindsight that there was some even handedness and progressive policies did make it through.

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Kansas jobs recover to pre-recession levels, but new jobs not the same as old ones

I must be missing something. Even assuming that there are more lawyers, which I seriously doubt, I'll bet that their pay is lower than the manufacturing jobs that were lost. The legal profession is saturated. If you are on your own or in a small firm and newly out of law school, your pay is closer to $15/hr when you compute it out. There is a world of difference between an engineer, a lawyer, a secretary, bank teller and teacher. They are in a sense all professionals/white collar, but that doesn't mean they are paid well.

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Under scrutiny for Koch connection, KU director sues over records; judge blocks release

We have to be very vigilant. Conservatives are using the canards of freedom of speech and the private sector to obscure there influence on public institutions and public policy. How is this any different that ALEC paying legislators to attend their closed door conferences and to then fund the legislators' campaigns?

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Jenkins blasts Obama as House passes compromise tax bill

Yes, it would be nice to have some stability in the tax code, but I seem to recall the Senate GOP filibuster essentially forcing "our way" or the highway on any legislation. It appears it's only tax reform if it's on the GOP's terms which noticeably exclude those at the lower incomes. So if it's so good, then Jenkins should muster the 2/3rds in both chambers and pass it. Otherwise, compromise or win in 2016, but don't whine or (you know what).

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Kansas lawmakers attend ALEC meeting in D.C.

Does it bother anyone that these "meetings" are closed to the media? Or that this is essentially a corporate lobbying group that pays legislators to attend (unless it's on the taxpayer's dime) and then also funds these same legislator's campaigns. What would we think if some OWS group, labor union, or radical college political science/women's studies department funded closed door "education" seminars for legislators?

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Kansas has lower private-sector job growth than U.S. as a whole

For all its long history in the area, Boeing was looking to consolidate. To them, Oklahoma was a better fit. I don't see why - but the story generally is that the big get bigger.

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Kansas has lower private-sector job growth than U.S. as a whole

Just where are the jobs going to come from? Hate to say it, but Kansas doesn't have the magnet metro areas like Oklahoma City or Tulsa, or Lincoln and Omaha. KC just seems to cannibalize jobs. Kansas is more like South Dakota and Wyoming, but without the tourist attractions. At best it might be like Arkansas, but that isn't a plus. The US economy is either metro/urban or resource driven, and Kansas just doesn't have those right now.

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Kansas could tap highway funds to fill budget gaps

Pass a "user fee/tax" for a dedicated project that no one objects to. Don't raise general taxes. Cancel/delay dedicated project. Divert funds. You just experienced an unannounced tax increase.

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Western Kansas streams endangered because of low aquifer levels

This can't be so. Farmers are the caretakers of their (our) land. Anyone who knows southwest Kansas knows some of that is marginal farm land. There is land in production now that wasn't even in production during the boom years preceding the dust bowl.

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Lawmakers worry KPERS may be target during revenue shortfall

Those damn public sector unions. Get a clue folks - it wasn't their greed, but rather legislatures across the country using the non-funding of pensions to balance budgets. Private businesses can't do that - the government shuts them down and sends the owners to prison.

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