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Groups spent nearly $17M on Kansas Senate race

94% of the time, the candidate who spends the most wins. Still it can't compare to the NC Senate race. The equivalent ratio would have put Kansas spending at $23 million+. But hey, it's somebody's free speech.

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Kansas Democrats begin soul searching, and finger pointing

The Democratic Party at the local level in many states has been in decline for a generation. Does anyone remember that Jon Carlin was once Speaker of the Kansas House because Democrats held the most seats? It's not the policies that drove the change down. Well funded and well organized interest groups opposed to some of those policies are part of the problem. The disconnect between the national Democratic Party and the state parties is part of the problem. Campaign funding is part of the problem - traditional sources of Democratic funding have been cut off at the knees both in terms of money and shoe leather (unions). The biggest issue however remains - Democrats have to appeal to a non-urban, non-elite appearing constituency. How is it that highly elitist think tanks like the Cato Institute, Heritage Foundation and the Federalist Society are not perceived as even more elite and aristocratic than college professor type liberal/progressives?

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Abortion foes see efforts helping GOP in Kansas

It was still low voter turnout. 300,000 more by my count voted in 2012 in the non-consequential presidential election (no way Obama carries Kansas), than voted to defeat a crazy governor and an old coot senator. They re-elected a fellow crazy in Florida and re-elected a raving lunatic in Maine. It's not so much a sad commentary on our democracy, but on human nature as a whole. Anger and fear motivate. Reasoned consideration can wait till tomorrow.

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Kansas Gov. Brownback wins tough re-election race vs. challenger Davis

Yes, but where will the improved quality of Democratic candidates come from? After Brownback, the only direction for the GOP is up in terms of quality. The Dems have mustered a viable candidate in the 2nd Dist for years, except for the one term that defeated Ryun. We have to face facts that now in a majority of the states, the Democrats do not have a viable party structure and few up and coming potential candidates. Kansas has now run through all the Dockings.

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Reporting from the polls

It used to be that if you voted in a general election your registration remained good to the next general election. So what do they mean by "casual voter." Also, I'm surprised that there has never been a greater push to preserve voters registrations for those who move, but remain within the same city, country or congressional district. Precincts and wards are anomalies of the past, that now disadvantage non-homeowners and clearly students.

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Democratic Party mailer upsets some Kansas voters

Actually, it's a very good motivator. If your neighbors knew whether you bothered to vote or not, what do you think you would do? The idea is that we all should vote. You have the right not to, but it's then like not paying your parking ticket or skipping out on jury duty. We have civic responsibilities. We can choose not to exercise them, but we can't hide it from our neighbors. That's what being in a community means.

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Democratic Party mailer upsets some Kansas voters

The GOP does this in other states, New Hampshire, I believe. It's an awkward attempt to boost turnout, but studies showed it worked. Would you rather the paper just print who voted and who didn't? It's public record. That's how they know all they know about Orman.

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Roberts raises fears about terrorists in Kansas

On second thought, if the LJW stopped covering everything that Roberts says, he might have a better chance of winning.

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Kansas Gov. Brownback uses EPA rule to tie foe Davis to Obama

If every state had a big coal fired utility plant and the stuff just stayed overhead, then we might all be in the same boat. But the problem is that the emissions go elsewhere and some states are dependent on coal, and others are not.

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Kansas State football coach Snyder endorses Sen. Roberts

How many Roberts/Brownback news stories can the LJW publish before it's bias becomes obvious. Too bad about Snyder, but I'm not surprised. There are very few Democrats among professional athletes and coaches. I have a hunch why, but I don't want to start a fight.

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