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Editorial: Political agenda

The LJW likes being the conservative paper in the liberal town. It's very livable. If I didn't know better, I'd bet this is an ALEC/Koch move. Dems have failed to realize that the GOP is taking territory at the local level. It was cute when some irate tax payers would run for seats on the school boards. But now these are concerted, organized, financed efforts by ALEC and Koch groups to overwhelm local and state politics. The citizens are promised lower taxes, but what is the real cost of the bargain with the devil?

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Brownback administration seeks personnel policy changes

Presidential elections of the late 19th Century were fought over adopting "civil service reforms" to prevent cronyism in government. Now over 100 years later, cronyism is acceptable. A president was assassinated by a deranged fanatic thinking he could stop civil service reform. You can reform civil service to maintain the job protections and yet give flexibility to changing job descriptions. And what job descriptions are there? Everybody is a just a clerk in one way or another.

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Brownback administration seeks personnel policy changes

He's on a mission from god.

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Lobbyists looped in about Kansas budget earlier than disclosed

And remind me again, why do we even bother to have and pay a legislature under the current conditions? The Democrats have no power to influence anything and the GOP are just rubber stamps for what the governor, ALEC and the lobbyists have already drawn up. It's not like there is any real legislative investigation and fact finding. It's not like there is any real open debate.

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Opinion: Senator seeks to simplify education

Pray tell me Mr. Will, how do you evaluate the teachers if you don't test the students. Much/most of the standardized testing push has less to do with measuring where the students are, and more to do with judging the schools and the teachers. By the way, why throw in the complexity of the federal higher education loan process? It has nothing to do with K-12, other than to further besmirch the federal government. You want less complexity - lower tuition costs by funding higher education at the same percentage as it was before 1980.

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Kansas House committee introduces plan to expand Medicaid

Curious to see where this goes given that the Koch affiliated groups torpedoed the Tenn. GOP governor's attempt to expand Medicaid along the lines of IN GOP Gov. Pence's model.

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Kansas governor announces cuts to public schools, higher ed

Looking at the pic, it's a tough call for Sam. Does he trade the cinnamon roll for the chocolate milk? I'm guessing the single tomato is the vegetable/salad. And what looks like chicken nuggets - best not to ask. McDonalds bio-engineered those long ago. I think there are 3D printers that now churn those out.

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Kansas governor announces cuts to public schools, higher ed

Kansas needs to ask itself some a very hard question - why are we becoming the black hole of the Great Plaines? It's not politics or taxes - look to Oklahoma to the south, Nebraska to the north, Missouri on the east, and Colorado on the west. We should be seriously wondering why Lincoln and Omaha are job magnets compared to Wichita barely holding on, Topeka stagnant and the KC Metro area simply rearranging deck chairs from Missouri. Why Oklahoma City and Tulsa? If anything, it is radical, liberal Lawrence that is showing real growth in Kansas.

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Kansas governor cites school's $47K piano in announcing cuts

Some of this may in fact be R&R. But some of it is professional networking. Teachers are people too, and workers just like the rest of us. We have to be careful thinking that because they are paid with "tax dollars" that we can overly dictate their jobs. In the private sector, lots of employees go to conferences at company expense. Some are just subjected to endless phone conferences. Some must slave away in the salt mines with not hope of seeing the sun or a pension. But again, just because they are tax dollars doesn't mean you should critique everything. That's what a school board and principal should be doing.

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Kansas governor announces cuts to public schools, higher ed

Nothing like doubling down on stupidity. You'd think that now that Brownie has gone with a full frontal assault on local schools, that the citizens of those towns with those schools (that should be 95% of Kansas) would storm the offices of their elected representatives. Sadly, though they may discover that those representatives that they voted for are not accountable to them. They were bought and paid for by others.

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