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'Companies Cannot Buy State Employees,' says KU in open records case involving teacher with Koch ties

Sites like RealClearPolitics see this as universities opposing free and open debate, and diversity of views. The problem that we have to come face to face with is that corporations, businesses and some individuals have become large than the nation states/countries where they reside/do business. Corruption and politics is nothing new, but are we prepared for our public policy to be so heavily "influenced" by business interests?

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Westar Energy rates to increase to cover environmental costs

Personally, I'd rather spite Westar and turn down the thermostat.

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KU Art and Design Building named for former Chancellor Chalmers

Long, long overdue. Almost everyone you attended KU from that period to later who knew anything about KU campus history, knew who the building should be named after, and why it stood nameless. I'm surprised in the current environment that it came to pass now. I guess time heals grudges, even when minds may still be stubborn.

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Tax plans coming together, but business owners' taxes still a hot issue

Between the Founding Fathers and the late 19th Century we went from a land based, agricultural economy to an industrial economy. Wealth was shifting from what you owned, to what you earned.

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Kansas House advances bill giving Kobach power to prosecute election crimes

I hope he finds something to do. The state takes away the local level's prerogative to set local zoning laws (fracking) and the local prosecutor's discretion to prosecute. Nothing like big government. How much you want to bet he unleashes his dogs on Douglas, Shawnee and Wyandotte counties? I'd like to include Sedgwick in that mix, but something's just gone wrong there. Lose your job at Boeing, become a conservative and religious fanatic. I don't see the connection.

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Tax plans coming together, but business owners' taxes still a hot issue

Who are the two guys in the front row? Were they promised sandwiches? Where did we ever get this crazy notion that income taxes is stealing? Who perpetuates nonsense? Wm. Jennings Bryan fought that battle in 1896 and as a Democrat carried Kansas in the presidential election. It's part of the US Constitution having been adopted in 1913. We are being rather presumptive to think that our elders from 3 generations back were fools.

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Kansas governor says lawmakers working well on tax plan

Saw an article on RealClearPolitics this weekend from the WSJ about how Kansas is really succeeding. The GOP nationally is not going to let Kansas be the poster child for failed tax cuts. Be prepared to be buried in economist mumbo jumbo statistics that "prove" that all is well and Kansas is a much better place. The only things that you will be able to trust will be your own bank account and the condition of the road in front of your house. It will take years before you figure out whether your kids actually got a useful education.

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Kansas House rejects plan to raise sales tax to fix budget

The GOP is so stuck in their various dogmas that they are incapable of a solution. The goal of phasing out the income tax is neither necessary or prudent. Other states that don't have one are unique in their own ways - much higher natural resource tax revenues, larger numbers of out of state visitors. Further cutting spending and increasing efficiencies are meaningless catch phrases if no study has been done to ID specifics. What some in the GOP hope/plan is that you cut something and then step back to see if the locals step up to take it over. Like community mental health - you can ship it home, but that doesn't mean the community can pay for it, and that doesn't mean that it wasn't needed.

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Kansas lawmakers gravitate toward raising state's sales tax

But YOU have the choice about buying up. Let's see YOU spend 50% of your income of housing and the rest on food.

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Kansas lawmakers gravitate toward raising state's sales tax

The GOP is so zealously/religiously opposed to income taxes, they've forgotten that this is not etched in stone, nor do they realize that their opposition is only dogma - no basis in fact. Climate change is more a fact than any long term adverse or positive effects from raising or lowering income taxes. How about a luxury tax? On boats? After all the state's lakes are silting over. Boats aren't a growth industry. How about silk suits and silk ties? It's not like regular Kansans wear such things. Can't tax the bowling alleys and movie theaters anymore. The first are mostly gone, and we stream what we want instead of going to the second.

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