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Kansas lawmakers look to narrow debate over raising taxes

Every state is a bit different, but Indiana makes due with 3.4% state income tax, 1-2% county taxes, 0% on food, (Illinois does 2%), property taxes capped at 1, 2 and 3 for residential, rental and commercial. Overall sales tax is around 8%. This nifty thing with that is, no math, double the sales tax, that's your tip at a restaurant. Property taxes fund only the schools' physical structures. That state's general revenue funds the schools teachers, etc.

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Vouchers and tax lid part of latest budget package

To paraphrase former football coach, Jim? Mora - Vouchers,! You want to talk about vouchers! Why don't they just back an armored truck up to our public schools and carry the money away?

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Tax bill fails in Kansas House; lawmakers to try again Friday

This may be just one of those situations where you have to see the thing blow up. A few years ago there was an independent movie out called, "A Day Without a Mexican." Maybe what the stubborn Kansans need is "A Day Without a State Worker." Topeka (in bad enough shape already) and the college towns, Lawrence and Manhattan will be hard hit once the worker payrolls stop. That might at least get Shawnee and Riley in line with Douglas to vote a little more Democratic.

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Kansas Senate will not debate budget, majority leader says

My bet - budget with across the board cuts and tax increases passes and is signed 11 PM July 2 (or even July 3), but no one notices because everyone left town.

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Kansas GOP senators propose taking break amid deadlock on tax talks

Maybe if they didn't spend so much time on Kobach's agenda, guns, guns, guns, restricting women's rights, and that all important putting the thumb screws to the university, they'd have had the time to do the really hard work - like actually running the state.

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'March to zero' likely to produce future budget shortfalls, GOP lawmakers concede

Instead of the elephant, the GOP should adopt the lemming as its symbol. They see the edge of the cliff and yet they follow.

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Threat of furloughs looms large as Kansas tax debate continues

Great, you sobered up before the other drunk, but you still left him with the keys.

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Kansas Senate rejects repealing sales tax exemptions

It becomes more obvious everyday that these are just "pod people." Their brains were taken long ago and now they just spout gibberish. Taxes are theft. Sales taxes are "just consumption taxes" so much better than income taxes. Like any of us can cut down on some base consumption - or that consumption is bad. Let's see what happens when we have organized "shop Missouri weekends," or "pay the sales tax, don't buy the fries/drink."

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Brownback outlines new tax plan to close budget gap

Here's a protest idea - have organized "shop in Missouri" weekends. Decades ago, the shopping malls sprang up on the Kansas side because of the Missouri "blue laws." There could be "no fast food fries" to offset what patrons have to pay in the increased tax. The best thing would be to stop paying the "fool's tax," by not buying lottery tickets. Force the GOP to realize that there are far more "little guys and gals" and if they go on a buyer's strike, there will be real problems in Kansas.

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'Companies Cannot Buy State Employees,' says KU in open records case involving teacher with Koch ties

Sites like RealClearPolitics see this as universities opposing free and open debate, and diversity of views. The problem that we have to come face to face with is that corporations, businesses and some individuals have become large than the nation states/countries where they reside/do business. Corruption and politics is nothing new, but are we prepared for our public policy to be so heavily "influenced" by business interests?

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