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Kansas congressman ‘hopeful’ that Clinton will be charged over email server

And what is the GOP going to do when Colin Powell announces that he finds nothing wrong with Hillary's actions? Powell may stay neutral, but the more the GOP pushes the envelope and if it appears likely that their crazies actually stand a chance, I seriously doubt that someone like Powell will risk that happening.

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Kansas congressman ‘hopeful’ that Clinton will be charged over email server

In a just world, Brownback would be a farm hand somewhere. In a just world most of the Kansas legislature would be selling insurance. You are going to have to face the fact that communication protocols haven't kept up with modern technology. I'm not surprised that short cuts are taken when time is a factor. The end result in all of this will be that future communications will all be driven underground. The goal will be to avoid future Eric Snowdens, Wikileaks and Judicial Watches.

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GOP lawmakers signal desire to overhaul Kansas' K-12 schools

The idea that privatization saves money is a misconception. It assumes one or two things: that the publically paid worker is over paid, and/or that the public institution hires more workers than are needed, or that the workers aren't really working. But no one seeks to test this. Instead, privatization becomes just a means to underpay workers, often making them part time with few benefits (no state pension worries), and funneling the savings to a political ally. Funny how the Conservatives are all about local control of schools, except when the Conservatives want to control the money part. Sadly, Kansas is going to go the way of many other states where the tax payers no longer see themselves as citizens who have an obligation to all of their fellow citizens to promote, foster and keep a public education to educate the vast majority of their members. The issue is whether a public education system is a necessity and bedrock to our democracy, or just some other government service - good for some, but not needed by all.

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Kansas contractors warn about impact of raids on highway funds

In a pure GOP world, we'd all be driving on toll roads. Except those around the country clubs - they'd be closed to "others."

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Kansas attorney general promotes use of naturalization test

Next up, the state approved interpretation of the 2nd Amendment, one person, one vote and who should get to pick the judges.

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KU professor who used n-word in class discussion is placed on leave

Except he's referred to Ted Cruz as one of the smartest students he's ever had. And Dersh can be a bit narrow minded on American-Israeli issues.

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Two Kansas lawmakers who voted against block grants removed from education committee

And the purge continues. Can't wait for show trials. I know most in the GOP are wrong on policy, but I didn't realize that so many were sheep.

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Lawmakers in favor of Medicaid removed from Kansas House health committee

And yet these people won't leave the party. We Democrats aren't that bad. Granted our political gatherings tend to be just beer and sandwiches, not the decked out buffets and open bars as the GOP.

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Cheick Diallo's legal guardian hires attorney as Diallo continues battle to become eligible

Tall athletic kids from Africa don't just drop out of the sky. Of course they come here to live with patrons. No different than the AAU kids that are picked up in 8th grade here. If these kids would organize like the students at Mizzou, they'd say screw the NCAA and all start to play in Europe and make that the true minor league for the NBA. I'm surprised that this hasn't happened more already. I'm guessing the AAU types don't want to risk loss of control sending these kids to Europe. I'm all for amateurism, but the NCAA is attacking the problem too late in the game. They've got to clean up the AAU and high schools.

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Cheick Diallo case remains ongoing

How is it that nobody knows anything? No leaks. No guesses as to what the problem is. Was this place a legit school? Wasn't it accredited by the state? For better or worse, some of these kids are playing at these basketball academies in order to get into a college and from there the NBA. That isn't a crime. Why doesn't the NCAA work with these schools in advance so that everything is transparent?

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