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Religious freedom bill stirs controversy in Kansas Statehouse

It was peyote and nothing more. It had nothing to do with public money or recognition. The goal is to keep a complete separation between those things public and any form of religion. Recognizing the chess club or even the adult movie fan club are not the same as allowing the Baptists to conduct Bible groups on campus. The Founders saw religion as a highly personal endeavor, each man left to his own conscience. They had seen the mischief caused by governments and organized religion.

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Kansas set for 1st ban on a 2nd trimester abortion procedure

Strange, since when is it wise to have a legislature legislate proper medical procedures for the medical community without expert medical opinion saying the a procedure is either unsafe or unnecessary, as opposed to simply being "unpalatable?"

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Opinion: Do voters want more Clintonism?

I couldn't care less about her accomplishments or lack. What I care about is defeating the oligarchic and repressive policies of each and every GOP candidate. That, and to restore the federal court bench to some semblance of balance and non-partisanship. At this point, the GOP could run Ike, and I'd still have to vote for Hillary.

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Kansas officials hope budget puzzle pieces drop into place

I must be missing something - Kansas charges 3rd parties to manage the Medicaid program? Kansas foots the bill to the actual services. What's in it for the insurance companies? What is the gimmick for the "privilege" of administering the program? Does anyone know?

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Shockers end KU's season in Round of 32

No he was pounding something every chance he got. Unfortunately, he had that nervous look (not exuding confidence) that I first saw a the end of regulation in the Michigan Sweet 16 game when Self called a timeout I think before the 10 second call. That said, their guards were better than ours. If you recall, they out played the Harrisons last year until one started hitting 3's. Imagine these two with Ellis and Willy-Cauley Stein, all Kansas products. It blows the mind.

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Kansas Senate passes bill requiring university prospectuses

It's not a fair fight unless businesses publish their pay and current employees' credentials. Yes, when we were in school much of what we thought of the working world after graduation was obtained by word of mouth, parents, friends, urban myth, etc. We all sort of had to combine what we liked, what we thought was our calling and was realistic. Many who chose journalism at KU knew full well it would never pay well and would require jobs at a many backwoods papers. Pharmacy school graduates in the late 70;s only barely saw the on rushing world of the corporate chain store pharmacy that would greatly restrict the graduates' future pay. And who foresaw the collapse in the field of law where the pay closely parallels the inequality in the general population? A few lawyers at the largest firms representing the corporate clients earn outsized salaries; whereas the majority of attorneys whose practices rely on the middle class and small business legal needs, struggle to survive.

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Kansas Senate passes 'religious freedom' bill for campus student groups

Let's see if I get this right: tax dollars to pay for abortions = bad, but tax dollars to support an exclusive religious group or charter school = good. Who will be the first to form a chapter of the Muslim Brotherhood?

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Kansas Senate passes bill requiring university prospectuses

Nothing is done without an ulterior motive. The schools have to spend money they don't have. I didn't hear the legislature funding this separately. And now the schools are really being asked to do research that the legislature may use to justify cutting programs and reducing funding overall. If KU's School of Ed graduates earn no more on average than those at Emporia State, why should KU's professors be paid more or the school receive more?

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Kansas lawmakers move to change bargaining, civil service

If it's anything like real private industry, we will have well paid (political appointee) managers, and then a bunch of under paid, under educated underlings. I've joked that the truth in many private sector service industries (think hospitals and private schools) there is the well paid, educated director of whatever department, and then a bunch of high school grads (or well under paid liberal arts majors) pushing the paperwork. No way to move up because the business model only accounts for one director in each department. No one has argued that state workers are mostly overpaid. This is a naked way of lowering pay for many in order to pay more to the favored few that will owe their jobs to the politician, not to the people. Do we really want a private sector model where on any given Friday your job can be ended for any reason or no reason at all, simply because the boss wants to hire someone for less? Who is alleging any inefficiencies or a plague of lazy, uncaring state workers? The sad thing is that these guys believe this stuff. These are the same guys who hate and don't trust elected government, yet have no historical perspective as to why we have a civil service system. There was a who era of presidential elections fought over adopting civil service reforms to prevent patronage.

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