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KU newspaper's fee revenue won't be restored following Student Senate vote

Was once one of the top schools. Check the rankings. If I recall the last major Newsweek type ranking didn't list KU in the top 20. Mizzou and Columbia still at/near the top.

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Kansas governor vetoes American Royal, power plant measures

Some in the state want to privatize mental hospitals? Must have missed that story. Conservatives learn nothing from history. Care for the mentally ill, like public education, is one of the fundamental duties of a government. But then the current GOP doesn't really believe in the need for government in the first place.

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Kansas House passes amendment protecting hunting, fishing rights

I'm sensing an ulterior motive. This is precisely to protect private land owners and owners of private hunting preserves from interference by state limitations. Kiss the Lesser Prairie Chicken good bye.

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Kansas Republicans hold to hard-right stance; ACLU and League of Women Voters 'communists,' Kobach says

Check you history. Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter was a founder of the ACLU. Frankfurter was a moderate to conservative on most issues.

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Kansas Republicans hold to hard-right stance; ACLU and League of Women Voters 'communists,' Kobach says

And which begat which: the Kobachs of the world or the Trumps? Kobach is very much like Trump. Can he ever say anything that is so over the top that the electorate would turn away from him? So far it's a tough call for both. Idiots seem to be in abundance.

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Efficiency consultants recommend taking money from schools’ cash reserves, consolidating health plans

Wow, rocket science! Collect the taxes that the state is owed, and consolidate and standardize health insurance to cut administrative costs. Sadly, one of the "unintended" results of Obamacare is that it refocused employers to consider the cost of health insurance and for the insurance industry to change the traditional insurance benefit model. Anyone remember the days of the 80-20 plans? Some of this high deductible model is also a result of the industry pushing HSA eligible plans, which goes back to the Bush years. Now people are accepting the high deductible plans as the norm.

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Bill expanding tax credits for private school scholarships advances

We can send them all to Blue Valley schools. Most public schools function quite well. Many are on par with some of the best private academies. So we already have the model that works, and it's populated by god forbid union teachers. Copy what works, not divert funds. A friend of mine lives in Thailand. His son started school at age 3. Is that what we want? Has to be paid for.

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Kansas lawmakers consider more restrictions on welfare recipients

This could be counter-productive. Other able bodied adults in the household will now just hide or move out. For these people, housing arrangements are often very fluid. What age for able bodied adult? 18? If they are part-time in school? Recently back home from jail or prison? It starts to become a micro manage nightmare.

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Kansas House GOP testing support for Supreme Court changes

As between the Kansas Bar Assn and the Kansas legislature who is the least partisan and with the most legal knowledge to evaluate judicial qualifications? Isn't the legislature more than implying that the process should be more political? It's really hard to argue that the legislature's proposal is more democratic. That's like saying that Stalin's USSR was more democratic. We have the same one party rule, and that one party doesn't want to share power or invite any non-partisan input.

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Tom Keegan: Bill Self busts out junk defense to top Kentucky

I don't know why it's called a junk defense. Every high schooler knows that's how you neutralize a team with a one or two-man offense. They used to triple team Wilt. And for all of Ted Owens faults, he was great at switching up defenses. Jack Hartman was the master of the 3-2 zone with Blackman at the point. Joe B. Hall perfected the 1-3-1 zone which prevented easy passes to the baseline. Owens used it very well in '71 with Pierre Russell running the baseline. Then you have Boeheim and Izzo' versions of zone. These aren't junk defenses. You use them to best match your personnel to the other team. Only Bobby Knight was too stubborn to ever abandon the man-to-man.

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