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Huelskamp's dissertation used against him in re-election bid

400 pages! Sort of proves the old joke of what MS and PhD stand for. Who'd you think sits on the Ag committees? Subsidies were intended partly to create price stability. The family farmer going back to the beginning of time was whip sawed by the boom-bust cycles while the speculators and futures exchanges generally did OK.

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Kansas officials' private emails to be subject to disclosure

I know we all want disclosure, but do we want every public official tied up with every Judicial Watch type group's inquiries? It starts to make government inefficient.

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Kansas Legislature narrowly passes unbalanced budget, ending 2016 session

And to think they did this all with straight faces. And yet they laugh at Trump.

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Brownback administration proposes massive cuts to cover Kansas' projected revenue shortage

Time to do what the British nobility had to do when they came up short, sell the artwork and open up the manor house for tours and other paid events. Wedding receptions in the Rotunda. Sadly, the art work wouldn't put much of a dent in the debt. Even the John Brown mural.

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Kansas faces questions about future of state mental hospital

There will be those that disagree, but one of the fundamental responsibilities of government is to care for its mentally ill residents. It is not a function that should be left to individual families to bear, nor is it something that privately funded, private industry can do. It is who we are as a collective people.

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New bill would radically overhaul how Kansas schools are funded

One of the primary purposes of a public education is social/cultural assimilation. It's hard to do that at a computer screen. A society with too much private schooling, home schooling or no schooling is not very cohesive.

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New bill would radically overhaul how Kansas schools are funded

Probably more because teachers are mostly young, female, who (god forbid) have babies. You are correct, it's a risk pool thing. A risk pool of young, single, non-athletic males is every insurance companies dream. A pool over weighted with child bearing age females is the worst.

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New bill would radically overhaul how Kansas schools are funded

I'll bite on health plan. It's the future whether we like it or not. But it also speeds the path to single payer as more and more realize that their employers no longer want to pay for their health care insurance. The state will simply lead the way because "it's the taxpayers" money don't you know." The voucher thing is the proverbial stick in the eye that the GOP has to throw in just to show who has the biggest hands. That's why their claim to public school reform is mostly insincere. Most and the most important reforms can be enacted without vouchers or charter schools. They are not related to any of the other reforms. I guess in the end, Blue Valley will have nice new schools and successful extracurricular, while the rest of the state will mostly be eating dust while writing on their chalk boards.

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Brannen Greene latest Jayhawk to turn pro

I must be missing something here. Did the number of NBA teams expand? There aren't enough slots for all these guys. But hey, nice work if you can get it. And unlike Antoine Walker, don't blow it (literally or figuratively). Alleged stories from Chicago, Walker had a habit for throwing parties and then leaving town before the parties ended. The party goers then proceeded to run up the bills.

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Speaker ousts two committee chairs after procedural ploy in Kansas House

Boy, this sure is complex. Is the goal to have more slots, more dog tracks, or more revenue for things like schools?

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