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New Kansas rules would limit spending of welfare benefits

What's the deal against swimming pools? Can't the poor cool off during the summer? Are they allowed to water their lawns? If that's allowed, I guess they can run through the sprinkler.

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Kansas spent nearly $7,800 to rid state building of pests

$26 million to renovate Osawatomie State Hospital vs. $7,800 to exterminate bugs. Why is the latter even a story, let alone a wasted FOIA request?

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Roberts: US Senate committee to consider food stamps reform

Question - does the food stamp program not reach the right people? Question - does it cover too few or too many? If it would cost lest to run at the state level - why? And why can't that simply be adopted in the national program? The answers are simple. Neither Roberts nor anyone in the GOP is raising these issues. They simply want to weaken the federal government and thereby allow those states that choose, to simply ignore their poor and hope they move somewhere else.

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State Hospital may freeze admissions due to renovations; $26M in funding at stake

$26 million, 206 patient capacity. What am I missing here?

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Kansas set to prevent poor from using aid for swimming pools, psychics

Is bowling OK? How about expanded cable? A/C? Refrigerators? Shoes?

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Pro-business lobby groups wielding big influence in Legislature, Democrats say

Anyone have a guess as to why Shawnee Mission and Blue Valley didn't openly oppose the new school funding legislation?. Indiana also adopted a new formula this year. Urban districts with higher poverty rates lost money. The two most affluent districts in the state gained money.

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Kansas Senate advances tighter rules for state services

The GOP slogan, "why can't you all just be more like us?" My grandfather worked on the county road crew and the WPA during the Depression, and he still hated FDR. Much of the decline in services could just as easily be attributed to Obama and the end of the recession. How many part-time jobs are out there that go begging? $140 or so a week while not nothing, isn't going to get you very far.

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Kansas legislators reach budget deal that spares KU, KSU from cuts

I'm missing something - why is state funded (tax payer) financial aid ever going to private schools? Did I miss something in that course that taught that government shouldn't pick winners and losers within the private sector?

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Kansas City Democrat target of GOP complaint for remarks on immigrant tuition measure

The GOP didn't abolish them - LBJ did. It was a coalition of northern Democrats and moderate GOP. Goldwater for example, voted against it. Those Southern Democrats almost across the board gradually became GOP - Strom Thurmond, John Connelly. George Wallace, surprisingly stayed a Democrat and reformed himself.

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Kansas Senate panel approves bill to overhaul civil service

Most private employers don't care about your politics, religion or lifestyle, but it's really hard to say the same about Kansas elected officials acting as employers. Most anyone can do the lady's job at the driver's license bureau, or act as a statehouse tour guide, but boy wouldn't it be great when an elected rep can promise to hire the less than employable son of a campaign contributor to those jobs? Not a single person has claimed that there is dead weight and hangers on at the state agencies and departments. Who is going to protect the SRS workers when they complain that their agency is under paid, under staffed and told to toe the line on how to treat the "poor?"

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