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Kansas officials ready private school tuition program

Can anyone in the GOP explain to us how this is anything other than diverting tax dollars from public schools? And who makes up the difference? Surely these "private schools" aren't providing the education for gratis. They expect a profit to pay their staff, too. And if they are "non-profit" they also don't pay taxes, so it diverts public tax dollars to private institutions who in turn pay no taxes.

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Former ambassador calls Roberts 'congenital liar' complicit in torture scandal

As much as I agree with Joe Wilson, I don't know that it helps. There are still Kansans mad as hell at the fall of Saigon, and blame the Democrats. To these GOPs there is no bad war, and no means too extreme, so long as we win.

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Debate highlights differences between Kansas 2nd District candidates

If I didn't know better, I'd think that border fence the GOP keeps harping on is a fence meant to keep their GOP members from crossing the aisle to compromise.

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Budget chief: Kansas identifies $101 million in savings

Savings in healthcare? So managing how your employees use their healthcare saves money. But where's the employees' freedom and liberty? All healthcare is managed, and almost never exclusively by the patient. Lower drug costs - I'm all for taking on the Big Pharma and the drug formularies. But again - you lose some freedom in the process. Then lastly, the Governor's plan is to turn off the lights, turn down the heat, and issue state workers sweaters.

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Kansas attorney general wants to have a say in Senate dispute

This will be an interesting test of how fast GOP government works when it wants to. In WI, a federal court reinstated the WI voter photo ID law. It is estimated that 300,000 registered voters lack photo ID. The WI BMV/DMV would have to issue 6,000 ID's per day which it said it cannot. Slightly over a third of WI counties have BVMs that are only open weekdays and only 2 days a week. They will not extend their hours. Now if Kansas courts rule that a Democrat must be named - I wonder how fast Kobach can print ballots.

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Kansas GOP questions event hosted by justice's husband

How any lawyer anywhere votes GOP is beyond me. But even in Kansas, it's probably pretty evenly split with GOP and Democratic lawyers, despite the GOP's constant attack on the practice of law and the courts (unless you are a law and order prosecutor or work for the Heritage Foundation).

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Prosecutors concerned by Kansas Supreme Court felony ruling

I fail to see the news worthiness. Adverse rulings by courts are often a source of grumbling by lawyers on one side or the other. However, prosecutors hold a special place in the code of ethics. Grumble in private and get the law clarified/changed. You do not comment on the wisdom of the court.

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Group launches new TV ad in Kansas Senate contest

I'm surprised that the local media outlets haven't pumped up the support for Orman and Davis. It would be a great way to suck in even more Koch money for their opposition ads. But sadly there is very little locally owned media left in Kansas. Much is in fact part owned by Romney's former company. The money spent here, doesn't stay here. It should occur to those voters with half a brain that in 2 years Obama won't be president. Who then do you want as Senator, someone with a demonstrated unwillingness to compromise, or someone open to other ideas?

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Report: Paul Davis was at rural Kansas strip club raided by police in 1998

Guess what? There is no story. Otherwise the Coffeyville paper would have already printed it. It's their police records.

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Kobach to add disclaimer to Kansas Senate ballots

The only disclaimer that Kobach should put on the ballot is an asterisk by his name with the footnote - no representation is made as to qualifications of this candidate.

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