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Kansas has lower private-sector job growth than U.S. as a whole

For all its long history in the area, Boeing was looking to consolidate. To them, Oklahoma was a better fit. I don't see why - but the story generally is that the big get bigger.

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Kansas has lower private-sector job growth than U.S. as a whole

Just where are the jobs going to come from? Hate to say it, but Kansas doesn't have the magnet metro areas like Oklahoma City or Tulsa, or Lincoln and Omaha. KC just seems to cannibalize jobs. Kansas is more like South Dakota and Wyoming, but without the tourist attractions. At best it might be like Arkansas, but that isn't a plus. The US economy is either metro/urban or resource driven, and Kansas just doesn't have those right now.

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Kansas could tap highway funds to fill budget gaps

Pass a "user fee/tax" for a dedicated project that no one objects to. Don't raise general taxes. Cancel/delay dedicated project. Divert funds. You just experienced an unannounced tax increase.

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Western Kansas streams endangered because of low aquifer levels

This can't be so. Farmers are the caretakers of their (our) land. Anyone who knows southwest Kansas knows some of that is marginal farm land. There is land in production now that wasn't even in production during the boom years preceding the dust bowl.

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Lawmakers worry KPERS may be target during revenue shortfall

Those damn public sector unions. Get a clue folks - it wasn't their greed, but rather legislatures across the country using the non-funding of pensions to balance budgets. Private businesses can't do that - the government shuts them down and sends the owners to prison.

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New revenue numbers show $715 million shortfall through 2016

Please don't use the words "less intrusive" and GOP in the same sentence. It insults my intelligence - not to mention raises my blood pressure. To be a little crude, you will trade a little less business regulation to accept a little more vagina regulation. I was posting on a different topic last night when I realized by the responses that there are still 18th and 19th Century conservatives about who believe not only in fiscal conservatism but also that the core of conservatism is to preserve "cultural norms." I will however grant you this - each party should uphold the maxim, "tax fairly, spend wisely."

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Groups spent nearly $17M on Kansas Senate race

94% of the time, the candidate who spends the most wins. Still it can't compare to the NC Senate race. The equivalent ratio would have put Kansas spending at $23 million+. But hey, it's somebody's free speech.

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Kansas Democrats begin soul searching, and finger pointing

The Democratic Party at the local level in many states has been in decline for a generation. Does anyone remember that Jon Carlin was once Speaker of the Kansas House because Democrats held the most seats? It's not the policies that drove the change down. Well funded and well organized interest groups opposed to some of those policies are part of the problem. The disconnect between the national Democratic Party and the state parties is part of the problem. Campaign funding is part of the problem - traditional sources of Democratic funding have been cut off at the knees both in terms of money and shoe leather (unions). The biggest issue however remains - Democrats have to appeal to a non-urban, non-elite appearing constituency. How is it that highly elitist think tanks like the Cato Institute, Heritage Foundation and the Federalist Society are not perceived as even more elite and aristocratic than college professor type liberal/progressives?

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Abortion foes see efforts helping GOP in Kansas

It was still low voter turnout. 300,000 more by my count voted in 2012 in the non-consequential presidential election (no way Obama carries Kansas), than voted to defeat a crazy governor and an old coot senator. They re-elected a fellow crazy in Florida and re-elected a raving lunatic in Maine. It's not so much a sad commentary on our democracy, but on human nature as a whole. Anger and fear motivate. Reasoned consideration can wait till tomorrow.

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Kansas Gov. Brownback wins tough re-election race vs. challenger Davis

Yes, but where will the improved quality of Democratic candidates come from? After Brownback, the only direction for the GOP is up in terms of quality. The Dems have mustered a viable candidate in the 2nd Dist for years, except for the one term that defeated Ryun. We have to face facts that now in a majority of the states, the Democrats do not have a viable party structure and few up and coming potential candidates. Kansas has now run through all the Dockings.

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