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Kansas lawmakers consider more restrictions on welfare recipients

This could be counter-productive. Other able bodied adults in the household will now just hide or move out. For these people, housing arrangements are often very fluid. What age for able bodied adult? 18? If they are part-time in school? Recently back home from jail or prison? It starts to become a micro manage nightmare.

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Kansas House GOP testing support for Supreme Court changes

As between the Kansas Bar Assn and the Kansas legislature who is the least partisan and with the most legal knowledge to evaluate judicial qualifications? Isn't the legislature more than implying that the process should be more political? It's really hard to argue that the legislature's proposal is more democratic. That's like saying that Stalin's USSR was more democratic. We have the same one party rule, and that one party doesn't want to share power or invite any non-partisan input.

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Tom Keegan: Bill Self busts out junk defense to top Kentucky

I don't know why it's called a junk defense. Every high schooler knows that's how you neutralize a team with a one or two-man offense. They used to triple team Wilt. And for all of Ted Owens faults, he was great at switching up defenses. Jack Hartman was the master of the 3-2 zone with Blackman at the point. Joe B. Hall perfected the 1-3-1 zone which prevented easy passes to the baseline. Owens used it very well in '71 with Pierre Russell running the baseline. Then you have Boeheim and Izzo' versions of zone. These aren't junk defenses. You use them to best match your personnel to the other team. Only Bobby Knight was too stubborn to ever abandon the man-to-man.

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Tom Keegan: Kansas isn’t the best bet in NCAA's

You are correct. There was a WSJ article a few years back that pointed out that professional betters bet on perhaps only 2 dozen games in the whole NFL season. They look for games were the odds are skewed because of overly optimistic or pessimistic fan base influence. In other words, too many bets on Green Bay when the team really isn't that good. With KU it seems to be an anomaly. By now, sadly with Self's tournament history, most bracket poolers know to short KU and go long MSU almost every year.

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Kansas secretary of state pursuing 3 new criminal cases, but none involving noncitizens

While I'd like to agree, the fact that the GOP moderates refused to 3rd party or support any Democrats is telling. They want their jobs more than they want to help the state. Waiting for the USSR to collapse was not a solution for the generations that had to suffer in the process.

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Kansas secretary of state pursuing 3 new criminal cases, but none involving noncitizens

Also, unless the Democrats have someone out there, we are looking at our next governor. Kind of want to see Kathleen run again. If for no other reason, it would be fun to watch a few GOP heads explode.

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Kansas secretary of state pursuing 3 new criminal cases, but none involving noncitizens

Curious - were the Sedgwick registers being altruistic about registering new citizens, or were they on a fishing expedition? Kind of discourages new citizens from legally registering if they mistakenly registered in the past. (Like maybe they registered at a group event with their friends, and didn't want those around them to know they weren't yet a citizen). Or like my foreign adopted kids who were legal citizens prior to 9/11 based solely on their American birth certificates, but who became only legal resident, non-citizens after changes in the laws did not grandfather them in.

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Jayhawks lose at Iowa State, marking third straight road setback

While Mason may be driving into nowhere, it often looks brilliant when you have someone at the rim to dish to. We are missing an inside presence for 2 years. Given that we only sort of had a "presence" with Embid and Black before that, you start to wonder about the whole scheme. I think Self has fallen into the Dean Smith/Roy problem of overthinking the player substitutions. Just play Michelson a whole half and then Lucas or Traylor for next. Odd man out gets the next game start. Same with Svi and Greene. Play them 10 minutes no matter what. If they guys who are playing are the ones that "earned" the playing time, then we are in a heap of hurt.

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Jayhawks lose at Iowa State, marking third straight road setback

If I'm looking at the Fox Sports graphics correctly, KU didn't make an outside shot (I mean even outside the paint) in the second half. And we have upperclassmen at all positions. Upperclassmen don't commit that many turnovers and allow that many steals.

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Kansas congressman ‘hopeful’ that Clinton will be charged over email server

And what is the GOP going to do when Colin Powell announces that he finds nothing wrong with Hillary's actions? Powell may stay neutral, but the more the GOP pushes the envelope and if it appears likely that their crazies actually stand a chance, I seriously doubt that someone like Powell will risk that happening.

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