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New revenue estimate prompts debate over Brownback's tax cuts

The same thing is happening in Indiana under the same type of economic theory and government, and the GOP makes the same excuses. We had the second snowiest winter on record, and the local towns and cities ran out of salt in mid January. The state refused to provide more funds to buy more. The roads are a moonscape, but they'll be our cost burden. The state has a $2 billion surplus but won't part with it, not even during the recession. And yet, Indiana wants to rely on the casino money and can't figure out why it's declining too.

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Jenkins explains budget vote; tours local businesses

I have to say I'm amazed she discovered that Lawrence was in her district. Let's see if she takes a tour of campus and speaks to students.

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Political analyst predicts Republicans will reclaim U.S. Senate

The map may be against the Democrats but Landreau, Pryor and Hagan are in strong positions. They aren't hated and can't be pigeon holed as liberals. And if Brownback isn't vulnerable, then somebody has been putting something in the water.

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Removal of teacher tenure evaded usual scrutiny, but proponents say measure was warranted

By now, no one should doubt that ALEC and its affiliates write all of the legislation. The legislators just show up to vote. Given that the legislature had a pretty good idea what the Supreme Court decision would be, I wouldn't be surprised but that the legislature didn't have this as the game plan all along. When forced to increase funding, they knew that would be the time to tack on this other stuff that wouldn't survive the light of day on its own.

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City receives just one proposal to redevelop dilapidated East Lawrence property; rumblings of Buffalo Wild Wings, barbecue and a downtown diner

Didn't anyone look into the salvage value of these autos? I believe there are two '57 Chevy's and another mid 50's auto. I'm surprise some auto buffs didn't come across this yard many years ago.

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Kathleen Sebelius resigns from Obama Cabinet

She was the former insurance commissioner. Obama had her on the short list for VP. And the GOPs in the Senate demanded the scalp of Tom Daschle, the original HHS nominee. The GOP went after the ACA before anything was even proposed. They knew something was coming and that they were against it.

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Kathleen Sebelius resigns from Obama Cabinet

Considering that I have shopped the Illinois, Indiana and Kansas exchanges, I can safely say they you are dead wrong. Kansas is by far the least expensive, and cheap by comparison to what I've paid for years prior to ACA. Surprisingly, Indiana (another wacko state) is the most expensive, one of the most in the country. Why, it's a combination of demographics, general health of the residents, and competition within healthcare providers and within insurance companies choosing to do business in the state. So if you want to know why some rates are high, go ask the insurance companies. We are talking about a 50% difference in rates. Do you seriously think that doctors and hospitals in Kansas charge 50% less than those in Indiana.
Now, let me address your other point - stop being afraid of "others." They aren't stealing from you. They may be dumber than you. They may have made some bad life choices. They may even have kids that need healthcare. But this thing we call a civil society requires some cooperative effort, without too much judging whether everyone is doing their fair share. If you are living off the grid in your sod house out on the plains, great. Most of us don't. (Oh, and please make room for the Lesser Prairie Chicken - unless they too are a threat to you).

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Joel Embiid to announce future plans at news conference today

Don't want to put a downer on it, but if it's closed to the public, that's a tip-off.

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House, Senate pass school finance bill; awaiting Brownback's signature

Look, I now live in Indiana, and I listened to Romney's "education" talk during the election. This is pandering to the minorities in the worst possible way. Your primary goal is to weaken the teacher unions. If you really cared you'd bring the poor JOBS!

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House, Senate pass school finance bill; awaiting Brownback's signature

Your argument simply uses tax dollars in reverse. The government doesn't pay the private school, but instead so cripples the public schools that the individual has the incentive to use the largess of the corporation to put their child through school. The corporation in return pays lower taxes. You have simply done through the back door what you cannot do through the front and given the individual the illusion of your magic freedom and liberty.

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