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Disciplinary action taken against Haskell employees after investigation of student-athlete test scores

Did you know that Haskell has a gym that is open to the community? I hear people grip about their "hard earned tax money" but how much of "your" tax money is actually going to Haskell? A few cents? Maybe a couple dollars? Let me also ask you this....do you have a gym membership? How much do you pay for that? Several hundred a year? Bobandhiswife also mentions "the towns people are sick of it" which is ridiculous because the university is federally funded. Haskell provides the opportunity of education to KIDS who would likely never have said opportunity. Not to mention the health aspect which I touched on earlier. What would you rather have Bobandhiswife? a hundred uneducated Native kids drawing unemployment and welfare or 100 educated Native kids who pay taxes? If making sure your tax money is going to good use you might want to reconsider your opinions on Native American education.

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Disciplinary action taken against Haskell employees after investigation of student-athlete test scores

Hey before you start slandering a families name you might want to educate yourself. Furthermore, when was the last time you set foot onto Haskell's campus? Do you know the Gipps? Something tells me you do because most people without an ax to grind callously through accusations around without ANY factual evidence.
If you did have any sort of education on the matter, which you obviously don't, you would know that the Gipps have been one of the most positive members of that university for years. Oh and by the way the article said that the people involved were no longer at the university. Again if you had any idea what you were talking about you would know that the Gipps are still happily employed at the university, which is lucky to have them. As far as abolishing the athletics program I don't believe you could make more of an ignorant, or at the very least uneducated, statement. Have you looked at the numbers for diabetes and obesity amongst young native Americans? Again obviously you haven't. Coach Gipp has literally changed lives by promoting health and fitness to a people that would have otherwise not been exposed. Furthermore, many of the athletes come from reservations without proper health or education. Because of what Coach Gipp, his wife, and several other members of that wonderful family have done, dozens if not hundreds of grateful Native American adults can call themselves not only healthy, but college graduates. Oh and I haven't even mentioned what that family has done to try to expand the universities degree programs. I typically don't cater to the ignorant but this message is not for you "anonymous" it is for the rest of the City of Lawrence so they don't believe this nonsense. The Gipps are a cherished member of both the Native American community and the City of Lawrence. Shame on you sir for hiding behind words of slander. My name is Josh Scotten. Who are you? Something tells me you don't want people to know that...

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