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Letter to the editor: A Trump hope

This paticular comment section proves that the elites' propaganda machine has pulled it off. Amerika is now officially an open-air asylum, complete with a fully militarized police force and a institute that keeps track of everything you say or write online and knows who and what you do on your phone. That way they know when to move you to a place where they can put you behind bars and lock you up there for security of the State. Please tell me it ain't so. I really - really want to believe this is all just one big miscommunication...

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Letter to the editor: A Trump hope

With Trump, the ruling class will be accelerating an extremely anti-democrtaic orientation (it's the neo-liberal agenda/anti-worker/anti-social safety net/pro-wage slavery/anti-environment-type thingy) that has been under way for more than a quarter century. Obama stated that the "Trump vote was a vote against globalization". He was and is and shall always be CORRECTO-MUNDO with that perception . The Hell with the New World Order thingy. Try raising a family on what they are going to pay you. Try dissenting if they succeed and see what happens. You think you can't find work now...

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Kansas and middle America still a puzzle for national Democrats

Bill Clinton, G.W. Bush and Obama have Successfully replaced the democracy in the States (and continue to do so in most parts of the world) with a corporate run government. Democracy is dead. If you are anti-corporate/anti-Wall Street you better get together and take care of each other. They've taken away the social safety net and have obliterated the middle class by legalizing a slave-like-wage system. They don't give a damn about us. Consciousresistance.com. If Obama can con the left like he has, do you really think Trump is going to restore democracy? Watch what happens. Let's see who his Treasury Secretary is. Remember who Obama's first one was?

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How to fill a $350 million budget hole in six months

The elites have won. Kriss Kobach didn't get a promotion because he had been doing a poor job, far from it. The destruction of a democratic society is completed. In 20 years the U.S. will look like a 3rd world country and not because of incompetence but rather by design. As Kansan's we should congratulate Kriss Kobach and admit defeat. That way when our son's and daughter's are begging in the street's, he will have pity on them and grant them a couple of bucks now and then.

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Local candidates make last-minute election pitch

I wonder if I could get elected on this type of post-capitalist political heresy... "Dont vote. You're only voting for your enslavement. That being the current reality... If I'm elected I can show you how to break off in groups of twelve or so, and because of the wonderful advances in technology,show you how to take care of each other and thrive like the human race has never thrived before." (sounds like a good way to get myself assassinated...)

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Letter to the editor: Not affordable

Watch your comments. "BIG BROTHER" now keeps a record of everything you say and everywhere you go on linlinewhen you're devising someway to rid yourself from this current tyranny. Don't vote. You're only voting for your continued enslavement. In these ridiculously troubling times, the only people I see with any sense of contentment are the Quakers. Small groups of folks not drawing any attention to themselves because they don't need to complain. They take care of eachother in everyway. What they give up in medical care they more than make up for in a far less stressful, and therefore a much more contented, well lived, and rewarding "life style". We need to break off in groups of twelves or so, and take care of eachother. There is a desperation in the air... consciousresistance.com

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Area voters say Clinton email having no effect on their votes

Why in the heck would anybody working for "we the people" at that State Dept. want to jeopardize us by using an unsecured email thingy? Her staff had to go ahead and use hammers to destroy the evidence so "we the people" could feel safe again. Here in America, we've got so many different ways to do things and so many choices to make that your bound to do something that your really not supposed to. If voting REALLY mattered it wouldn't be allowed anyway so I'm voting for Trump because he's gonna give us one day a year to print our own $20 dollar bills.

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Kansas considers lowering KPERS rate of return

No such thing as a safer investment. Not untill after stock market collapse and the consequential reset for the dollar. China's admission into the SDR recently, sets the stage for it. The dollar is beyond hope.

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Letter to the editor: Court smokescreen

Never met an activist that was a sadistic murderer. I can hear the prosecutor now saying...(question) "Have you now or ever been a member of, or attended any activist activities, or voted for any activist judges?" (answer) "WTF??"

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Spirit Halloween store under fire for Native American-themed costumes

The white mans "suit" or "coat and tie", has harmed more people than any other uniform in the history of uniforms. America. Land of FEAR. I"m recalling johnny Schnapps & I going to see Scareface @ the Varsity & we cried. Say Scareface & Chief Sitting Bull in the same sentence and if you don't vomit... your an American.

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