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TownTalk: Signs that Olive Garden is still likely in Lawrence; city, county taking applications for land program; The Jackpot Saloon changing hands, focus; new Dunkin' location now open

if there were only 30-40 people there then i would guess the jackpot really isn't too small for those kinds of bands.

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Dori Villalon named executive director of Lawrence Humane Society

i saw the board of directors listed on their website but sue hack isn't one of them. why is her name being brought into this? not trying to defend her, just trying to figure that out.

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Heard on the Hill: Florida woman looking for Big 8 Championship ring's owner; Legal Services for Students offering free tax preparation; Kansas attorney general to speak at KU Law

there was an article in the topeka capital journal just the other day about the ring and they talked to him about it. i thought it was being sent to him from what the article said.

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Wheat State Pizza reopens under new ownership after property seized

how many employees just got screwed?

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Vacant apartment building catches fire

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Mother feels unfairly singled out at local drinking establishment

who at the LJW red-lighted this as a "news" story? walter cronkite could still defecate on this style of reporting years after his passing. sounds to me like carrie wanted to try to " call in the big guns" but was pretty much shot down by the readers commenting. awesome work, carrie. what's next? calling a KC tv station about the same stuff? oh yes, you did that too. way to make yourself look look even more petty and dumb. methinks you will lie a bit to make it sound better for the KC piece.

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Victim’s friends urge driver to ‘man up’ to hit-and-run

would you posters who just want to make this young lady out to be at fault for what happened please just stop posting and leave it alone. this is an actual person being talked about and she's a mother of 3. show some decency for a change.

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